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The Justice League is united at last against Darkseid! The awesome consequences of this high-stakes battle will resonate within the series for years to come!

Geoff Johns and Jim Lee end their historic first arc with a bang!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS
Variant cover by ADAM HUGHES
B&W Variant cover by JIM LEE

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 15.8%
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. With such a strong “history” with Darkseid, I’m a little shocked he’s the first villain. There’s definitely bound to be more from him, but I’m excited to see how this ends and how it’ll tease future interactions!

  2. Well, at least it’ll be over. Can’t say that I’ve loved the first five. It seems more of a plot point based form of storytelling than really telling a story. 6 months in and DC’s 52 can be a success in sales, but there have been failures in relaunching some of their creations.

  3. Orion, Mister Miracle & Big Barda please.

  4. who’s gonna be the next artist (i assume jim lee is taking a break) and will it be monthly at that point?

    • i heard gene ha with do a couple with a backup from gary frank, if i’m not mistaken.
      it’s still mystery to me if lee will return. i’m not at all religious, but i’ve been prayn’ that lee will return with a vengence. he is the greatest.

    • Looks like Gene Ha will be on #7. Carlos D’Anda will be penciling #8. Gary Frank will be doing the Shazam backups starting with #7. Jim Lee is solicited as returning by #9. Fingers crossed.

  5. This has been thee best book from DC and it should be, being the flagship! I myself am surprised and pleased that this is out this week since the six week schedule on this confuses me. I really don’t mind so much it just gets me nuts waiting and waiting each month. I think the character interactions are very intresting from an early JL point of view. I wanna see what the Batman has got cooking in the oven, I don’t think he expected to end up another planet all together thats for sure. Darkseid is arguably the most dangerous and powerful villians in the DCU and for the first story arc I thought it was a great idea to pull this team together. They will be needed to fight the largest of Earths threats and beyond and I am sure this is only round one for Darkseid and the League. I hope Starro from the early 80’s late 70’s feel is next, the one with the little mind control mini Starros and really turn the league upside down especially after Darkseid.
    @adrianrigter- I agree, Orion, M.M., B.B. and the rest of the new gods would be very pleasing to see their return to the DCU as well.


  6. Can anyone explain definitiely Jim Lee’s status on this book after this issue? Is he coming back? I figured this book would be the warhorse for the New 52, but part of that was Johns/Lee at the helm for some 52-odd issues.

    Thanks for any info!

  7. Despite the ridiculous Bat-havior last issue, this book continues to be big ol’ fun.

  8. This initial storyline has felt fairly shallow. Just an introduction to all the characters with the tepid theme of “Teams can be stronger than any individual — no matter how super — if they pull together.” I think it works fine for an intro. Some of the interpersonal interactions, while not developed much, were fun and interesting. The action was high and most the characters got a moment. With all its flaws, it read better than any Justice League I have read for some time. If Geoff can now show us something new and maybe dig into some interesting themes this could get even better.

  9. I know there’s been some accusations of me being a troll of late, just like debate amongst the Australian labour party caucas, but what the fuck happened here? What a lifeless, flat introduction to the new JL

    • I agree I can’t simply keep reading this poor effort just because it’s supposed to be the flagship book of the new 52. This book is written for a middle school crowd. “We got This” as a battle cry, Bruce and Hal’s heart to heart being turned around in the very same issue. So much for any drama or character development. I do like the art but this book is no longer on my pull list. I somehow feel guilty but I just can’t lie to myself anymore.

    • I dislike this title because of Green Lantern’s characterization. Sure, he’s cocky, but he’s not the idiot that Johns makes him out to be in this book. The ring never would have picked him if he was this reckless and suicidal. And Batman reveals his secret identity to HIM? After knowing him for a couple of hours. Sigh. It just doesn’t make sense. My worst title of the New 52.

    • I agree. Too sterile.

      I gave this series a shot (I bought the first two and decided ‘no more’…gave it a second chance and bought issues 3 and 4 and still came away feeling jipped).

      I’d rather ‘powerstream’ through the entire run of the 80’s Super Friends, than consider decompressed storytelling as acceptable.

  10. I hope they do Starro next

  11. I want to go to here.

  12. I really haven’t been digging this book at all, and I think I realize why.
    I don’t like Michael Bay films, and this feels like a Michael Bay comic. This really lacks a story in favor of action. Plus what they did to Darkseid, reducing him to something like Doomsday, he doesn’t hold the same weight as a SuperVillainn the way he used to.

    I’m done with this book unless I hear other wise.

    • Just because darkseid hasn’t said anything yet doesn’t mean he never will. I think you’re just going to have to wait to hear him monologue

    • i like edward’s thoughts.
      but speaking for myself, this has been fast paced and action packed with lots of great dialogue. funny even. so the story seems fun to me.
      and i think it’s way too premature to say that he doesn’t carry the same weight as a villain. he has been in all of 1 issue so far.

  13. Best selling DC book — and also the most disappointing. It’s basically a junk food comic.

    • Agreed its like a Micheal Bay movie in comic form. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I can certainly see the appeal, but it’s just not for me. There’s too many great books out there right now for this one to stay on my pull list. Bye JL hello Wolverine and the Xmen.

  14. What happened to the cover with all the people knelling before Darkseid? That looked potentially more interesting.

  15. Aquaman is so badass in this series, i really hope Johns brings this aquaman out in his solo series soon.

  16. Well it appears that the best selling comic right now has divide opinions as of now. I am a pro JL’er and I hope my life time membership card is still valid with this; like the 7th league formed since the original I believe. Anyway, since that original group this title has become the second best in history for me. I know there seems to be some points in this title so far that make you scratch your head however; I think you should at least finish this story arc since this is officialy thier first time together as the JL. Then there should be some explinations to some of the things that have happened and as for Hal he will come around and I think the Batman has already got inside of his head and there will be some change as well as Barry’s influence on Hal as well. Superman and Wonder Woman will need some humanizing as well, they are used to doing things on thier own at this point and have probably not fought anything this large or strong before now. Getting used to playing with others that have powers and maybe more experience on how to handle things. I see Barry again as thier chairman and than Batman for tech advice and those should be the leaders of this group. Aquaman seems to be portrayed differently than his own title and that could be a problem since in this title he seems to be over zealous and down right egotistical.
    This is a fantastic character especially for those true JL’ers like me, everyone else who is just starting out; give it some time.
    If you still find yourself not liking this title that you probably never will and should probably try Suicide Squad or Teen Titans for a group book from the DCU.


    • careful flash. there’s already a lot of hate on this page. you start bringn’ up suicide squad and someone with women/mother or body issues might absorb some of the negative energy resonating from the thread and start ranting about what a huge, trashy slut harley has become. lol
      suicide squad rocks and so does harley \m/
      just sayn’

    • Ha! Good one!! Harley is insane and a little slutty and I love it!! JL and SS are my two favorite books easy.

      Just Sayin’,


  17. man, there is a lot of hate for this book out there. people who stopped reading 2 or more issues ago still have the urge to come back and let us know that they still hate it.
    i think we get it guys. i think we’re good…i think we’re good.
    strange how hate for something can bring people together. like supervillains or nazism.
    i want people to express themselves freely, it’s healthy. i just wish it didn’t hurt my ears and/or eyes sometimes, but that’s an impossibility and the price for freedom of speech.
    hate on!

    • writing pissed off reviews about this new Justice League is possibly my favorite thing to do in the world at this moment.

    • in the whole world? sounds depressing when i say it out loud. i would’ve guessed buying and modeling pink shirts in sushi bars. lol (i kid, i kid)
      so tell me ghostmann, what makes that so joyous for you? just love to hate things? do you like the reactions you get from people with the same or opposing opinions? did lee and johns break your heart? or just for the fuck of it?

    • actually it was “Breads of India” restaurant in San Francisco. But good one bro. =)

  18. Followed this one from the beginning, there was good there was bad can’ wait to see how this arc ends and how it will work going into the next arc.

  19. I am loving this series. I’ve never been a DC guy before the new 52 but this is easily in the top 5 comics i’m reading. It has sooo much energy and completely accessible to us new dc readers. I get it some of you die hard justice league fans that have been reading dc for 20+ years don’t like this new fresh justice league, sooooo stop reading it. I have 5 friends that never read comics before (much less DC) and now every month this comes out everyone of us are completely stoked to read and talk about it. It’s a great comic, spectacular art, new reader friendly, and it’s doing wonders for DC comics by getting people like me that wouldn’t touch DC continuity with a 10 foot pole to pick up and start loving this new amazing DC universe.

    • @thompsonlive – I have been reading the JL for nearly 30 years and I am with you. I love this title and it has been easily one of the best books on the racks lately. This new JL has been a breath of fresh air and it is new and mordern and it is about time.


    • I feel ya thompsonlive. I personally don’t care for this new JL but I do think it is a great gateway drug into the DC Universe. Sorta like in The Wire when Stringer Bell asks, “Do you put out testers?” and DeAngelo replies, “Most def.”

      So what I am saying is, this new Justice League is free crack!


  20. And you know what they say about belt buckles…

    Seriously though, did they delay this on purpose so that it would be the only regular DC title on the shelf? Can he do that just because he’s the boss?

  21. i like it…its been a bit slow with getting the team together, but its picking up now. Overall still pretty fun.

  22. Glad to see so much love from people. I love this book and am glad more people are starting to enjoy it. I can’t wait til we start adding more leaguers.

  23. this issue was terrible except for the pandora story. I’m dropping it now.

  24. I can’t wait to walk into my Local Comic Shop today holding a up preview of Justice League #6 and asking, “You guys GOT THIS?”

    and having them answer, “WE GOT THIS!”

    sorry, lame joke.


  25. I managed to get the Ivan Reis Variant, what a beauty and the A cover is a beauty as well.

  26. Love this book! Can’t believe the negativity towards it. It’s ten times better than the crap that was being put out by Robinson.

  27. Well this is my POW, I could not wait for after work so I stopped at a nearby comic shop from work and had a good read at lunch. It is early yet in the day so I am sure not everyone got to read it yet and I do not want to spoil anything so; I will just say Mr. Lee’s art continues to be so good!! Johns has done a fine job getting us to Apokolips and getting the feel for the new and super nasty improved Darkseid movement!! I have a ton of comments so I will wait till tomorrow morning so as to give everyone a chance to enjoy this issue and comment on it together.


  28. I’m surprised no one has been talking about the Back up today. It’s featuring a mysterious character that the whole comics Internet couldn’t stop talking about 5 months ago.

    Also, anyone know who the villains were at the end? Ras al ghul maybe?

  29. My only complaint was the page that showed the cover of the book that guy was writing. I didn’t realize it was a page from the comic, i glanced at it and assumed it was an ad and had to go back to find it. Also i liked the narrative of the man on the street writing the book but it probably should have been included as part of the story earlier.

  30. No joke about seeing Pandora’s Box?

  31. This will make a great entry-point trade for 13 year olds. And that’s not a bad thing, we need new blood in the comics market. The 13 year old in me loved this too.

  32. Good but not great. The back up certainly helped though.

  33. I’d prefer Ha or Frank to be the ongoing artist.

  34. Oh, it was a fun arc! Not the greatest thing I ever read, but it was cool seeing the JL’s new origin. I give it an 8/10 🙂

  35. I’m actually surprised by how much I disliked this. Previous issues at least had a few moments I enjoyed. This whole thing seems like a mess to me. No real meat to the story. No real explanation of anything. I struggled with the art. The action was muddled and hard to follow. Then everything at the end lost my interest more. Is this still supposed to be the accessible flagship title?

    I still believe Justice League has potential but I’ve been plenty patient with the first 6 issues and it’s time to move along.

  36. Wow. what a disapointment. Five issues of build up with them basically ending up pushing Darkseid into a boom tube. UGH. The only moment of pure delight was Wonder Woman plunging her sword in to Darkseid’s eye socket. the rest was so pointless.

    Where was the dramatic drive to the stary? Where was the villian’s motivation? In good storytelling the villian must be as complex as the hero(s), motivation creates conflict, conflict creates drama. What we got was 7 superheroes painted in broad strokes pushed through plot points. Darkseid did basically nothing but zap his beams at people. And that scene at the White House was lame, they were reduced to bicker behind the president’s back.

    This book better improve.

    • I won’t argue with the rest of your points, but I thought the way the “defeated” Darkseid was pretty solid. It gave Cyborg something important to do his first time out, and the lead-up was rather intense. I mean, what would you have had them do? Decapitate him? He’s fuckin’ Darkseid. I thought they held their own better than they should have their first time fighting him. But one could argue that he wasn’t prepared to face five superhumans. This arc has had its share of holes, but I don’t think Darkseid’s retreat was one of them.

  37. There were some problems with this book on the art and writing end. Certain panels were unreadable or awkward, while some of the lines made me cringe. Check out the Gene Ha stuff but after that I’m out.

  38. it was pretty fun all the way around. I like where things are going, and i like that they are a team now….kinda unwillingly, but still kinda cool.

    *spoiler* I was intrigued by Pandora and the Phantom Stranger in the back…she dropped a bomb about his character….she knows his name…no one does…he’s human?

  39. Ok, so it’s the next day, there were only three complaints for me, one it seems to be everyones; the whole White House thing was just, well..sorry Johns; not very satisfying. It seemed it was just put together to get the story over with and get them together as a group, I am in no rush for them to just be grouped together; could have spent a little more time with more back story building them up together as The Justice League! Dassad and Steppenwolf looked a little weak in the art department, sorry Jim; just kinda not really important and could not find a better look for them. Then there was the part where I think it was Cyborg was looking into something and his face was all distorted in the very bottom tiny panel, can’t remember the page but it was just so bad I did’nt even know who or what that was supposed to be; that really seemed to be just put there to fill a panel in. Well I know it sounds like a big deal however; this is still my POW because the fight scene was epic and oh sh#t one more thing, The Batman. The whole mask removing thing really has not been explained and really now just seems like a waste unless Batman was actually trying to motivate GL; then I get it.
    Like I was saying still my POW and the back up story with Phantom Stranger and our mysterious female has finally moved to the fore front. Is she also Darkseid’s daughter? I like where this is going and there will now be a real basis for a premier super team in the DCU; there are so many major threats in six issues brewing and some underlying inner conflict that will be fantastic. Also one other small note; the bickering and the facial expressions I think were over done because; it was a little rushed like I said to get this team together faster. Make sense? Well, thats just the way it seems to me on that. Phantom Stranger never looked creepier and to see him without his hat was an attention grabber!!
    I still gave this a 5 and made it my POW and the main reason is this title has really pulled me in and I can’t wait month to month to see what is coming next or what these characters are going to do. JL is at the top of the heap again and should always be there as well as The Avengers who just can’t seem to get it together; but one day I hope they both can share the limelight in the comic book world!!


  40. FINALLY back from my business trip, so I just made my pull list for this week. Was quite shocked to see that this was only one of THREE books books that I’m picking up this week. Pretty sure that this is the lightest week in my comic buying history, but it actually worked out nicely since I went on quite the splurge at many DC record shops (gotta get that DC hardcore!)

    The Michael Bay comparisons are quite astute, but not so absolutist as some people are making it out to be. Yeah, Bay movies are fluffy action packed entertainment distractions, but they are also terribly written as well. The first thing doesn’t always mean the second thing. You need smart people to make good dumb entertainment, which is something that I feel people don’t always get. Johns is quite good at writing blockbuster movie-type scenes in his stories, with all of the good payoffs. Sure, he writes a few eye rollers every once in awhile, but the fact that he’s not perfect doesn’t make him less of a comic writer. He knows how to properly structure a good blockbuster scene with a decent enough story behind it, which is the right tactic for this book. DC wanted this to be their flagship book, so of course they’re going to model it after Bay movies that drag in entire country populations into theaters.

  41. While this book is a fun ride, the big moments felt a little… unearned, I guess, due to the extremely thin character work.

    That said, the art and the backup gets this to a 4, easy.

  42. This was a GREAT first arc. One of the best of the New 52. I’ve never felt as justified spending $4 for a book. Beautiful stuff.

  43. And how is there so much hate for this book when its POTW percentage is 1/4 of us? *sigh*

    • Silent majority.

    • haterrade is a very popular drink.

    • Well, I can’t speak for everyone who posted a negative comment but it’s not as though I went to the store, paid for the issue and thought, “boy, I hope this is disappointing.” Unfortunately I thought it was a big let down. The more I think about it the more I dislike it. So much so that I un-pulled and re-pulled it to lower my initial rating.

      One thing that may explain the disparity between the PotW percentage and the negative comments is how high profile the book is. People tend to give more leeway to a ‘big deal’ book like this. They’ll stick around longer than they normally would, regardless of enjoyment, just to be a part of it. I know I was easier on Justice League for that reason. It was never among my favorites but I did think it was a solid comic with some nice moments (like Flash and Superman outrunning the Omega Sanction) until the end of #5.

    • Hey, POW’s not the BEST book of the week, just whatever you enjoyed most that week… for some reason

    • Popularity’s a weird thing. You can’t really define it, and it’s not cool to talk about, but you know it when you see it. Like a lazy eye, or porn.

    • @Kmanifesto: Comment of the week.

  44. I thought this whole thing was great. My only complaint is I would have liked to know more about Darkseids daughter and that whole thing. just a little bit more info, not the whole shebang

  45. A good issue, not great, rather like the whole series. 4/5. Hopefully the modern day stuff improves things.

  46. i keep rereading this and i’ve noticed that wonderwoman is nicely highlighted thoughout the fight.
    choken’ out darkseid with her lasso, deflecting the omega beams back into his face and then stabbn’ him in the eye. great stuff. my favorite scenes of the issue.
    wonderwoman is a bad motherfucka. have you seen her wallet? which one is her wallet? it’s the one that says bad motherfucka on it.
    lee’s depiction of darkseid is near flawless. there’s so much detail in his face. it’s sick. and he’s huge. wonder how tall he is.
    this has been fast and furious and i can’t get enough. johns/lee are killn’ this shit with a fuckn’ machete in the most awesome way. i’m almost sad that we’re skipping 5 years into the future. maybe i’ll get lucky and johns will do some JL year 1, year 2 stories and so forth. maybe as future back up stories.
    here’s hoping for many happy returns

  47. @sitara119 – You have a way with words my friend; a way with words…. Niccccceeeee!


  48. Solid 3.5 stars…Lee’s work was very on the mark, and I’m looking forward to the “current day” stories.

    My favorite Johns Eye-Roller™ of this issue: “You’re the world’s greatest super-humans!” believably chants a riled up bystander.

  49. My cons:
    – Could’ve used some Darkseid monologing.
    – I would’ve liked to have seen Bruce work a bit more to rescue Superman.
    – The choice to make Desaad have a lava face is odd (though points for effort).

    My pros:
    – Great way of making Cyborg useful (the last few seconds of the fight were breakneck)
    – Exciting to see Desaad and Steppenwolf.
    – Some awesome moments in the fight. (sword and trident in the eyes = rad)
    – The public embracing the heroes felt organic enough.
    – “That necklace has gotta go.” (I don’t care what anyone says, I still love Hal Jordan)
    – The book sure was purdy.
    – That backup … wow. So many questions! THAT’S good comics. I love a good Johns teaser.

    All in all, I have a lot more pros than I do cons. I’m not sure what folks were expecting from this, but I was expecting a gorgeous book with big action, some snappy dialogue, and a new JL origin, and that’s exactly what I got. Johns and Lee didn’t go cosmic, but they did go big. They set up the new flagship title successfully, and laid the groundwork for what looks to be an exciting year in the DCU. Was it a flawless grand slam? Not really. Did they succeed at their objective? Absolutely.

    Can I just point out what I believe to be the most important factor in what has turned out to be a rather polarizing title? PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT JUSTICE LEAGUE AGAIN. After almost a decade of wading through books that range from kindling to mediocre, this book is selling, getting high POTW ratings, and generating discussion. Whether ya loved it or hated it, ya can’t deny that the book is important again. And that gives me the special tinglies.

  50. How did Batman get his mask back? Why did he take it off in the first place?

  51. Witches, warlocks, The Third Sinner, The “Circle of Eternity”??? Pretty exciting stuff.
    Im happy that The Spectre is still out there somewhere.
    One question, I’m not sure if this has already been established but, did Pandora cause the events of Flashpoint….

    “““““““`Spoiler Alert“““““““““““

    PS: “The Cirlce of Eternity made it clear, Pandora: People like you and I are curese to watch what we have sowed. And yet we are forbidden to get involved”

    P: “You don’t know what I’m doing.”

    PS: “You rewrote reality.”

    P: “I realigned it. I Strengthened it.”

    Did she somehow possses Professor Zoom to do her will?

  52. I like the image of Darkseid being attacked then strolling away with a googly sword and trident sticking out of his eyes.

    and I’m not saying it’s bad but I’m officially too old to spend time thinking about what this is all meant to mean

  53. Anyone else think Hal Jordan needs a serious kick in the pants?

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