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The superstar team of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee continue the origin of the Justice League as The World’s Greatest Heroes face the might of Apokolips – and find aid in an unlikely hero, as Cyborg is created!

Plus, Andy Kubert returns an amazing variant cover – his first new work after the smash-hit FLASHPOINT!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS
Variant cover by ANDY KUBERT
B&W Variant cover by JIM LEE

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. If the preview pages are anything to go by then this issue will be full of action with Aquaman being supercool.

  2. Man, poor Hal. He might as well be a crash test dummy with all the abuse he takes. I love it.

    • i know right? first, batman straight up takes his ring away from him, then superman stompes his ass and it looks like aquaman gets sloppey seconds. hahaha

  3. If Aquaman was in more books, I’d buy more books

  4. This is just the right about of Aquaman for me. I love the art and story. It’s just a great cut and dry story. I’m also quite excited that Apokolips is coming so soon in the new DC.

  5. The classic bring the team together arc keeps moving along and I’m on the train.

  6. If this issue gets another 2 stars from me I’m dropping this.

  7. Maybe it’s because I could never find a Justice League run I liked before this but I am having an absolute BLAST reading this series! Dialogue, Story, and especially the Art all exceptionally well done! Easily in my top 5 ongoing comics!

  8. i hope an explosion happens at some point in this issue

  9. When the IFanboys were talking about the current issues to bring to the desert island, I was surprised when I realized that for me it was this book. You know, the Jim Lee art is simply amazing and every character in JL is a guilty pleasure. I really look forward to reading each issue. Is it the greatest work of art in comics history? No. But man, it totally scratches the superhero geek fanboy that lurks inside so many of us…particularly (believe it or not), the Marvel Zombie types…this book reminds me at times of classic Defenders. If DC continues to get Justice League right, look out!

  10. Does Apokolips have an ocean? If not… Aquaman’s screwed!!!

  11. I really hope this is the turning point where we are done “assembling the team” and get an action packed JL story.

    @misterckent Also happy with the choice of Apokolips/Darkseid as the antagonist for the first arc.

  12. I like his sideburns. They make him look less like every other Jim Lee male character.

  13. This book has had the perfect mix of comedy and action and has become a very fun

  14. Very curious to see if we see the entire Apokolips cast here. I love all of them, even that one who occasionally looks like a stupid Insane Clown Posse reject.

  15. The only thing that could make Aquaman cooler is if he had a sweet Ron Burgundy-style mustache:)

  16. This has been a knock out every issue since the begining and this week will be hard to make a POW for me. Although I am going to put my money on this title right here just like every week! The art, action, story and Darkseid and Apokolips being in the first story arc that brings them together nothing vould be better!! After this I hope they bring Red Tornado back and we have us a good ol’ fashion Starro takes over peoples minds story with the little stars and then maybe Amazo and than for good measure Despero! JL rules!! I can not wait for this book every month!!


    • So I gotta ask…….

      What happened to the “Just Saying”?

    • Well thanks for asking, I just figured you all were about to hang me. I think everyone knows we are all just saying so I figured I would just sign off with my initial. Although I still miss doing it, it saves sometime.

      Just Sayin’,


  17. where the fuck is this Aquaman!?!

  18. Every time this comes out it feels like a big deal like it’s the most important comic, which makes sense it being Justice League and all

  19. Hopefully over the course of the current Aquaman arc, Johns can introduce the sideburns look to the Aquaman series proper.

  20. I just realized something…technically, this entire arc is a Secret Origins mini. Kind of like what Johns did with Green Lantern and Superman.

  21. Wow, this had some awesome panels/spreads. Really enjoying this.

  22. Am I the only one that is highly amused with the cover they chose for this issue? I find it so amusing, that I bought the combo pack edition as well as the regular edition…

  23. this book has a lot of funny moments. arrow at batman, lantern lasso, aquafresh and my personal favorite: “then your not looking at me”. hahaha
    they’re doing a great job of earning aquaman cool points. mario style.
    this book touches all the right points in my brain

  24. Ha Ha… had to laugh out loud… ‘You’re touching my lasso’

    Hal is a perv!!!

  25. Ugh. Sorry everyone. I tried to fix the typos in my review and ended up with two reviews. Now I feel like a great big asshole.

  26. If comics were a symphony, Justice League would bust in through the back, march up to the stage as the attendee’s monocles popped out, kick the conducter in the head, whip out a cherry red Epiphone Dot and wail a killer solo for 78 straight minutes.

    Back at the top, JL. Right where you belong.

  27. Aquaman’s “Wall of Sharks” better be in panels of the week. fer serious.

  28. Justice League took a little long getting to the point but now that it’s there I’m finding a lot to like about the way this team is being presented. Little touches like the continuity nods when Cyborg’s tech was activating and the arrow pointing at Batman were nice. Also, this was a much more effective way of making Aquaman look cool than the first issue of his own title.

  29. Basically, here is John’s version of the what the Justice League summer blockbuster would be.

  30. Johns has a lot of love for Aquaman!

    Fun issue! Best of the 4 issues out, IMO.

    I wish Supes had a bit more to do and say, but I like enough of what is going on in this book to keep reading it – and reading it first in my pull pile when it comes out.

  31. “Greetings Auqaman! What a day for a fight!” It’s like someone said last month, this Wonder Woman is a lil bit special needs but, I kinda like it…

  32. This was a blast! It was a tough POTW choice especially considering how awesome Ultimate Spidey and Batman was this week but I have to say for the FUN factor this book sealed the deal for me. 5/5 POTW!!!

  33. My favorite issue of the 4 as well and made me appreciate the other 3 issues more as the team began to gel together.

    Some of the art was just ridiculous! 4/5

  34. This series needs to be retitled. It should be called “Hal Jordan Will Either Get His Ass Kicked OR Shown Up By Someone On His Side.”

  35. POW for me easily, just read it and you will see right gang?


  36. I’m struggling to get on board with Justice League, I think telling the origin right off the bat like this has been a massive turn off for me. Nothing has happened except a bunch of action figures being moved into position like chess pieces. I would have much rather seen a modern arc initially an then gone back to this for the second or third, there is a lack of immediacy for me knowing that this all happened five years ago. Johns dialogue is spot on (as is usually the case) but Jim Lee needs to go back to the 90’s and stay there. The complete lack of facial expression is really jarring and the stiff figures do nothing for me. Hold this up to the work being produced currently on Wonder Woman, Flash or Batwoman and it just looks outdated. I’m glad so many people are enjoying this book, unfortunately I’m not one of them and I fear I may not be sticking around for much longer.

  37. Also the little we have seen of this Wonder Woman does not seem to match up with the one over in her solo title, I’m assuming a hell of a lot happens to her over these five years?

  38. Loved the scientist profiles in the back. Planting seeds for future stories.

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