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  1. Last week’s Superman special was surprisingly great, and I loves me some Peter J. Tomasi. I’m really looking forward to this.

  2. I need to pick up last weeks Superman special.  I somehow managed to forgot about it when I got comics recently.  I too love me some tomasi, he manage to save Nightwing… to bad it’s going away.

  3. Well, a great writer would make me care about this Marine dude.  Let’s see what you got, Tomasi!

  4. I was going to skip this, but buy the other 2 one-shots, but last weeks one was, in my opinion, very fucking cool.  So I’m grabbing this for sure.  Plus, yeah, Tomasi’s been pretty sweet with Nightwing.

  5. I take my pull back!  no more 3.99’s!

  6. hmmm…. Maybe its just me, but I would actually prefer to get 48 page 3.99 monthlies over 32 page 2.99 monthlies.  It is true that I would buy fewer titles this way, but 48 pages actually has a bit of meat to it.  A month is a long time to wait for another piece of the story, and with 48 pages the wait seems almost worth it to me.  But jeez, comics are expensive – even 2.99 is expensive.   Yet every Wednesday…

  7. I hope this is at least 48 quality pages.  Even though Alex Ross’ sketches and stuff were cool last week, it really felt like "We want to charge $3.99 for this… let’s pad it out"

  8. Yeah, KZA- that’s true.  As much as I enjoyed last week special, I could have done without the extras.  I’m not the biggest Alex Ross guy in the world though…

  9. This seems intriguing to me. I like the way that DC has used JSA as a back door to the Kingdom Come world. I should have bought the JSA/KC Superman special last week (which I shall remedy), but I find Magog to be an even more alluring character at this point.

  10. @TheKZA – I thought exactly the same thing about the Superman special.

    I’m not paying $3.99 for regular size comics, so if this is half boring back-up shit, I wont be buying it.

    Tomasi is kickin’ ass right now, like you guys said, so I’ll be suprised if this isn’t a solid read.

  11. At first I thought the only reason Geoff Johns introduced Magog to the DCU in the JSA monthly was because Kingdom Come was cool…


    But now that I think about it, Magog is really the antithesis of the Justice Society. Instead of inspiring “better heroes” Magog give heroes an excuse to act poorly.


    If you take a fatalistic view to DC continuality, Magog is going to cause a civil war style fractioning of the heroes

  12. Nice analysis Edward! I didn’t think of that.

  13. I’m pissed that JSA has fractured its most interesting storyline into a bunch of $3.99 books. Its not happening.

  14. not as good as last week’s kingdom come superman. pretty average book.

  15. Interesting bit of backstory on a character with a considerable amount of potential.  Having never been in the military (or any life-threatening situations) I can’t say how I would react in the situation he faced in this book.  I would like to think I would show some restraint, but I fear I wouldn’t.

    The backup story was very interesting (in my opinion) and was packed with foreshadowing.  It looks like Starman may play an important role in a number of stories going forward.

  16. First story was awesome! The back-up was OK, but the last page was a bit of a head scratcher … what’s up with the job & the shovel??

    I totally agree with leonard too. This JSA story has already been over SO MANY issues, then DC puts out $3.99 specials, that you need to read if you want the complete story … that’s not cool at all. Poor form DC. Tsk tsk.

  17. @edward While what you say is true that is essentially the plot of Kingdom Come. Superman and Magog have differing ideologies and form opposing Superhero factions. I don’t think DC would or could do a version of Civil War in the DCU and still be DC Comics. (Hence why Kingdom Come is an elseworlds.) I believe during Civil War a lot of people complained that it was pretty much a less-thoughtful knock off of some of the core concepts of Kingdom Come.


    I enjoyed this issue. But for those complaining about the storyline being moved into the specials…. I wouldn’t have wanted to see this issue (well, maybe the Starman back-up) as JSA #21. It was a good read, but slow-paced and thoughtful. It doesn’t jibe with the rest of the tone of the Thy Kingdom Come/One Nation story. But overall helped contribute to my understanding of the character for when #21 pops up next month (Or is #22? I can’t recall at the moment). They’re every bit as much the Sinestro Corps War specials for Ion, Parallax, Superboy-Prime and Cyborg-Superman for the JSA stories. Some were fleshing out events, some had important parts to add to the overall story but that one couldn’t spend an entire "real" issue on.

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