Loki needs allies to hatch his schemes. But what happens when the Trickster God cannot find a single one in Asgard? Follow Loki to the very depths of Hel as he wades through the dead to find someone to join his cause. But Loki will soon see that the dead do not forgive easily…or forget!

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Doug Braithwaite
Colors by Ulises Arreola
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Stephanie Hans

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. If this issue is of the quality of the first two then this is almost guaranteed to be my potw. Are there really Thor fans reading Fraction’s work and not this??? This has the beginnings of a truly prolific run on marvel’s Thor mythos.

  2. My pointer finger is already hovering over the spot where the “Make Your Pick” button will be on Wednesday…

  3. Hopefully this will make sense of Fear Itself. FRACTION CAN’T WRITE ASGARD.

  4. agreed on all counts, this book has been outstanding

  5. Fraction isn’t that bad, at least not in The Mighty Thor, it might be because of surfer, galactus, and Coipel though

  6. Each issue so far has wow-ed me. I have dropped the Thor title and am just reading this.

  7. @Minion  To be honest, Fraction has NEVER impressed me. I’m reading the Mighty Thor for Silver Surfer and Coipel.



  8. So far this has been a very fun and consistant book. Possibly for not being tied into Fear Itself but more likely because Gillen and Braithwaite are killing it each issue. Glad they had another shot at this title.

  9. Love this so far.  How come Fraction was awful here, but his new Thor book is actually quite good.  FEAR ITSLF..well thats a whole other mess altogther.  The less it influences this great title, the better.

  10. Gillen is just killing it. I actually reread the first 2 issues of this run last night and I actually am loving this series even MORE than before. 
    I basically just start giving a slow clap as I start reading each issue and am applauding wildly by the end, every time.  

  11. I’m relatively new to the Thor-verse, but I’ve been loving this & Might Thor!

  12. @NathanNicdao – If you think his Thor work was bad you should have seen him on X-Men.  Literally painful.

  13. @kmob181  I got the issue where Kitty cannot be hugged. I got it for the artist, Whilce Portacio. And yeah.

  14. A little too much exposition if you ask me. But for the most part this was a great issue as always to read. Can’t wait to see some Mephisto/Hela action next week.


  15. I just cant get enough of this series,, easily a 5 star issue

  16. BOOM! Hear that? This book just officially became my favorite comic being published.

  17. This easily my favourite Marvel book at the moment. Just epically brilliant.

  18. I’m definitely enjoying the new incarnation of Loki and journey into mystery is one of the best comics being printed right now.

  19. “Quite a handsome fellow, isn’t he?”

  20. I enjoyed this issue.  I had a bit of an issue with the art though.  It just seemed a little muddy to me. 

  21. Last page got a bit squished. Only 20 pages of story + a fancy recap page. Feels like Braithwaite had to lose a page to meet the deadline

  22. POTW — 5/5

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