Prepare for Fear Itself when the acclaimed Thor series becomes Journey Into Mystery! Loki is back and the mystery surrounding his death is about to be revealed!

What can the Trickster God be up to this time? How will this affect Thor?

The Creators bring Thor’s dark, little brother back into the fray. It’s time for the Odinson and the Trickster to reunite!

Also – get caught all caught up on THOR since he made his return to the Marvel Universe in J. Michael Straczynski’s epic run.

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Doug Braithwaite
Cover by Stephanie Hans, Arthur Adams & Lee Weeks

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  1. Hmmmmm….. Maybe.

  2. Sweet, Kieron Gillen’s back on Thor!

  3. Mystery Fear? That title got garbled. I hope all the Marvel mainstays go back to their original titles. Iron Man in ‘Tales of Suspense’, Spider-man in ‘Amazing Fantasy’, and Incredible Hulk in ‘Tales to Astonish’.

  4. Excited to read Gillen back on Thor! He definitely didn’t have enough time on the series to really dig into his ideas for that universie like I’m sure he wanted to. However, his last run’s success was stifled by the fact that his Siege tie-in issues were particularly weak amongst his otherwise strong run. Hopefully jumping back in during another set of event tie-in issues won’t hurt him again. Fortunately, the drama established in Fear Itself is definitely ripe for Thor’s tie-in issues to be interesting in their own right. For all the hate event-tie-in issues get, a lot of the better writers out there can write in tie-in stories that don’t distract from the ongoing storylines of a title (Jeff Parker’s Thunderbolts Shadowland tie-in issues come to mind) Regardless, I’m really glad to see Gillen get another run at Thor as his Thor stories were vastly underappreciated in my eyes and having the nine realms back in play has set up the Thor Universe for some old-school Thor stories that we havn’t seen in marvel 616 for a loooong time.

  5. child-Loki is one of the best things Fraction set up in his last arc, hoping Gillen can take this idea and run with it.

  6. Pro: This is all about Loki, Gillen is writing it, and Breitweiser is the artist.

    Con: It ties into Fear Itself, which I won’t be reading; Gillen is once again forced to go onto a Thor book and tell a story that wasn’t his idea.

    But his run last time on Thor was great even with the Seige/JMS restrictions. So I’m sure he’ll impress us here. 

  7. @TheNextChampion  is Breitweiser the colorist?

  8. @Texas: Ah no…..I got the wrong person mixed up in that post. My bad…

  9. @TNC JMS restriction? What do you mean?

  10. @oops He is referring to the fact that Gillen’s entire Thor run was either cleaning up after the previous author (JMS) or preparing Thor for someone else’ big corssover event (Bendis and Seige) or setting up Thor to be where the next author needed him to be when they took over (Fraction). Despite all that, there were some really good issues. Better than most of what Fraction has done so far, anyway.

  11. @JimBilly4.. cleaning up after JMS? I loved the JMS run. What was there to clean up after??

  12. @oops: Again, JMS left his run abruptly so Gillen had to finish the storyline for him.

  13. @whoever oh. I was just getting back into comics at the time. I guess i just didn’t pay attention to the change. Did you like JMS’s run though?

  14. I really liked this issue. I always love Loki centric stories. Maybe I should check out the rest of Thor.

  15. I almost didn’t pull this book, I didn’t know they were renaming Thor to this! Way to go Marvel, I bet a lot of Thor readers drop off the book because they just didn’t know!

  16. Having never got into Thor, could I start with this?

  17. @Anthony  I suppose so being that it’s about Loki and it a good starting point. @IroncladMerc  The book was originally Journey into Mystery so if you’ve been reading Thor for long enough it probably wouldn’t have phased you.

  18. The art on this was fantastic, really good story so far as well.  Think I’ll be dropping Fractions Thor and just getting this.  Easy Pick of the week so far, as lots of OK books but nothing really standing out.

  19. This was my POTW for giving me joy on seeing Kieron Gillen on a Thor book again. He just gets these characters and even if his Thor is a bit flat the rest of the cast is so fun to read. I’m excited to see where this is gonna go with Loki and what scheme he has in mind. Also I think Gillen has the Norse mythology down to a T because I loved the magpie segment to open the book. Also, also, Braithwaite’s art is so gorgeous to look at. He is perfect for this series and I hope he continues to be on it.

    5/5 (POTW)

    (Also, also, also: This has no ties to Fear Itself in any way until the last two pages which made it even better for me) 

  20. @Anthony. Yes. This would actually be a great issue to start Thor. The last 5-6 pages is one huge chronological recap of the last 3-4 years of the book. Also, this issue was pretty top-notch. I think Loki is going to be a much more dynamic character from this point on.

  21. Who would I have to bribe or kidnap at DC and Marvel to get a Kid Loki and Damian Wayne team-up?

  22. This was simply awesome, 5/5 and POTW!

    but i’m only wondering what the “story” (or whatever) in the back is.

  23. Kind of amazing how most people who read this seem to also be making it their POTW- it definitely deserves the praise! Still amazed how much I loved it. Wonder if fraction revived lome cause Gillen wanted to write this story?? Seems so perfectly plannedand structured by gillen

  24. Asgard has missed you, Kieron Gillen.  An easy 5/5.

  25. Wow. So much better than it has a right to be.

  26. Incredible

  27. Gillen is a force to be reckoned with!

  28. I’m locked in to the story.  I’ll stick with it for a while.

  29. @oopsxlandmine Thanks for your help! Just picked this up and it was great, the recap at the back explained everything pretty clearly, was nice to have an overview of what had been happening.

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