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  1. this week is so lame, I might even wait til next week, this is one of the two books i’d be getting.

  2. I’m only getting two books this week too. I agree I’d love more books, but I can’t wait to read both.

  3. Yeah slow week if this is gonna be in my pile….But still…

    Penguin issue? Pretty good

    Poison Ivy? Pretty good

    Scarecrow? Pretty good.

    By my standards this whole Joker Asylum has 3 good issues and 1 terrible one (ironically it’s the Joker issue)…So this could be pretty good.

  4. Don’t know much about the creators. This series has introduced me to some new creators I now really like.

  5. Penguin I loved. Ivy and Scarecrow were good. Joker was underwhelming. And it’s always good to get new blood on Batbooks.

  6. I justt realized sort of got tricked into buying Two-Face Y1 when what I had in mind was this.

  7. i like this art a lot more than the previous issue except for the penguin so might as well give it a try

  8. I think these have been consistently entertaining. I really liked the penguin issue as did everyone else. The art in the scarecrow issue reminded me of Batman: TAS.

  9. This is DAVID HINE on writing – he has been amazing on SPAWN the past 3 years.  He is the reason alone to buy this book.

  10. I’m picking this up, but it has me a bit worried. I enjoyed the story of the Joker issue but the art made me want to vomit. The Penguin issue was spectacular and Poison Ivy still is as annoying as I’ve always remembered.

  11. Aargh, DC’s canny marketing tie-in plan to feed off of new Bat-readers (such as myself) because of The Dark Knight continues!  If I can restrain myself, I will hold off until a "Joker’s Asylum" trade.  I do want to read this story eventually, though.

  12. My flip of a coin came up tails

  13. I got heads. So did my wife. Excellent writing!

  14. i got heads and that is simply amazing writting!

    great series can’t wait until it’s colected and on my shelf

  15. Did I mention Two-Face is such a great villian, after the Joker of course.

  16. This was a great issue! That ending had me laughing. Especially, the part where Joker gets all mad and serious about me having to find a coin. No way was I going to get off my lazy ass and find one, but a few minutes later I did have a terrible vision of a Heath-Joker storming into my room to kill me. Brilliant writing!

  17. By the way, on a thumb up/down scale, this series was a 4 out of 5 with only Ivy being lackluster.

  18. Now that all the issues have been completed I must say Penguin was my favorite.

  19. I enjoyed the Joker having us flip a coin for the ending. My flip came up heads, and it was a nice twist to the ending. Maybe its a gimmick, but it was pretty appropriate in this issue. I felt a little regret or remorse for my flip making Holman blow his brains out.

  20. My flip came up heads as well….maybe we could take an iFanboy poll….what did you flip??

    Heads – 5/Tails – 1

  21. I liked this book. I’ve enjoyed all of them but the Poison Ivy book. I had tails.

  22. It’s a gimmick yes, but it works great for a one shot in this series. I’m really glad I picked up this series!

  23. I thought this was a good story, for a one shot. My ending came up tails. 

  24. Interactive ending! Awesome! I’ve never seen anything like that before. =D

    This was a cool issue, and was easily the second best of the series after the Penguin issue & a good ending to a solid series (only one bad issue IMO — the Joker one).

    By the way, I flipped heads — Kah-Blooie!

  25. I would’ve preferred a Mr. Freeze issue instead of a Poison Ivy one.  IMO he is more fascinating character over Ivy.

  26. @Wade: I think you and I have overlapping tastes.

  27. @Kory – C’mon, the Ivy issue had some sweet eye candy! I agree Mr Freeze is a pretty awesome character, and he’s been rarely used (in any stories with any real consequence) lately.

    @JumpingJupiter – Overlapping? You mean we like similar things?

  28. I got tails.

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