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  1. Whole lotta hype for this one, but I’m hooked. Must get it.

    ….and it better be good!!!! 

  2. 3 words: Crest White Strips.

  3. I’m sure Joker has had gingivitis problems since he went into that acid vat.

  4. Why so dental-serious?

  5. Serously, Im surprised the guy still has any teeth.  He doesn’t look like the "brush 2x a day and floss" kinda guy.

  6. Purchasing furiously.

  7. This was awesome!!!!!!!!!

  8. I think it’s the canker sore that groses me out the most. Blarg. Also, 4 stars.

  9. "The gloves are off Harveys … No more monkeying around." Heh.

    This was more awesome than awesome. One thing I didn’t get though … what was in the briefcase?

  10. @Wade

    Proof of Harvey having more than one wife, I believe.  Joker was gonna blackmail him with it.

     Amazing book.  So glad I got this.  Read it in one sitting.  10/10 work from everyone involved.

  11. Loved this book the Joker is the ultimate villian. He should be campy, he’s guy in clown makeup for god’s sake! But he is scary smart, psycho like you woldn’t believe and totally great read

  12. just finished it on my lunch hour!  brilliant!  if you’re on the fence with this book, don’t be!

  13. No spoilers but I just saw a page with Batman on it from this GN…

    My god I hope in the future Bermejo does either Batman or Detective comics in the future. Beautiful peice of art right there.

  14. Fantabulous.  Superb. And real bloody.

    I will go out on a limb here and predict this will be an Eisner nominee. 

  15. This and guerillas #2 were amazing this week

  16. @Sunnyvale – Ah, that makes sense, thanks dude.

    I’ll second what macdad said about this, if you are considering buying this, don’t hesitate, especialy is you liked Broken City, it’s probably the best comic I’ve read this year. Dark "realistic" versions of Batman’s villains mixed with BEAUTIFUL art & a grimey crime story makes this a winner.

  17. @Eagle6002- Wait Guerillas 2 came out?  Oh well guess my shop didnt get it…

  18. Man, I was so looking forward to this and then it turns out to be just ok. I’m not getting what was so amazing about it :/

  19. @Batstewie You couldn’t be more wrong. This was a very mediocre representation of what this medium is capable of. It shouldn’t even be nominated. I love Batman, this just didn’t have anything that I truly love about the Joker in it. But to each their own.

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