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I know this is going to knock me off a lot of people’s Christmas list, but I didn’t like this book.  In fact, I didn’t even finish reading it.

By the time I came into work on Thursday, the comic book chain that I work at was nearly sold out of it, and already had a huge waiting list in most of our locations.  So I picked up our browser copy and prepared to be knocked off my chair.  I mean, I love Azzarello.  100 Bullets is one of my favorite Vertigo titles, and both his Batman and Hellblazer runs were fantastically paced reads.

I just couldn’t get into this.  I didn’t care about the guy who picked The Joker up out of prison.  And by the time Harvey Dent appeared, I was just too bored to keep reading.

So many other people appear to love it, so I’ll pick up another copy at work tomorrow, and try and give it another go, but, on first read, it was just one big meh.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I agree with your review. Though I think because of the look of the cover, we were expecting the Heath Ledger Joker.

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