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What menace lurks within the midget submarines of Crater Fjord? What is the shocking secret of The Dying Boy? And what part must Joe play in the prophecies of the threatened Kingdom? All this and Smoot, the world’s biggest dwarf, in the latest chapter of this epic adventure of a boy and his rat.

Art and Cover by SEAN MURPHY

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  1. I’m loving this comic sooooo much!

  2. cover of the week.

  3. So far, so good.

    I’m not going to say this is the greatest thing ever or get over excited because nothing has really happened. It’s been very slight on the story side of the things. there’s actually very little personalityin the bok as well.

    I’m not saying it’s bad. Just that it needs time to develop…. so keep your pants on

  4. When you have a character with the title ‘world’s biggest dwarf’, then you have me.

  5. That is an excellent cover.  This book is oozing creativity.  I’m looking forward to it.

  6. There is so much potential for all kinds of awesome. The second issue really rocked my socks off. I hope it keeps the momentum

  7. I want Sean Murphy to draw Batman

  8. I LOVED the last issue of this and that cover makes me feel eight again.

  9. I’m with mikeandzod21. Put him in there for three issues.

  10. he should draw every book I read each week

  11. Sean Murphy has just entered the realms of my favourite artists. Beautiful work.

  12. Its good.  But its tough not to compare it to I Kill Giants which I thought was better.

  13. this is my favorite book i’m reading right now i think. After issue 2 i was dumbfounded with how awesome and creative it was. So much imagination! Can’t wait.

  14. In all honesty Im dropping this book till the trade comes out. Not that monderful to get for the next six issues

  15. thanks for being honest

  16. It’s almost as if Morrison writes this to make Murphy the superstar artist he deserves to be.

  17. Loved the first issue, didn’t love the second, so hoping for better things from number 3.

    I just always find it difficult to enjoy a Grant Morrison book.

  18. Boo, my store didn’t get this.

  19. wow. When i finish these books that all i’m left with. Another amazing issue and this time it actually has a cliffhanger. Great stuff. 5*

  20. Fantastic! Pitch perfect comics. 5/5.

  21. Good good stuff.

  22. Waiting for trade might’ve been a good choice at this point.

    Don’t get me wrong, solid book all around and I have no complaints…..Other then I think this is moving a bit too slow for my liking. But I am committed to stay with issues even if it isn’t the right choice. It’s a Morrison book with an epic fantasy, so either way you really can’t go wrong. 

  23. I’m sticking with issues 2

  24. I’m sure this will be a good trade but I’m enjoying the serialized pace of it.

  25. If this continues at the quality of these first three I’d have to say this is an early Eisner competitor.

  26. I made this my POTW because it’s a Grant Morrison book and I understand what is happening.

  27. Am I the only one that found the story boring and unimaginative? And the storytelling is cluncky and at time don’t even make sense. Best exemple, for this issue, is pages 16 and 17. The art is beautiful and the idea is there, but I’m very unimpressed by this series.

  28. Not with you on that one bro.  By the time I was done reading my stack, this was in my top 5.

  29. @vada-what do you think about pages 16 and 17??? Is it me that don’t get it or what?

  30. I must be missing something because this whole series feels bland to me.  I loved Seaguy and some other crazy stuff Grant Morrison has done, but this just feels empty and dull.  I’ve never been a fan of Sean Murphy’s art, to me it’s just too scribbly and brown.

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