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  1. 99c issue and a 9.99 trade, cmon u cant beat that. Mark Waid you are one demented genius.

  2. dont forget peter krause  🙂

  3. I wonder what the platonian will do once he is done killing everyone.

  4. retire to palm beach?

  5. peterporker,

    Are you saying I’m a demented genius as well? 

  6. i prefer eccentric than demented but a genius none the less

  7. lol….okay, I’ll accept that!

  8. SportsNight is one of my favorite shows!

    ..oh, wait…

  9. do you two want to get a room?

  10. your a genius too edward. there you happy i payd attention to you  🙂

  11. "you’re" "there are you" "paid"

  12. fell better butter cup?

  13. "feel"

  14. we know your identity now edward.  You can’t just put a mask on and full any of us.

  15. hes a snarky bitter lantern.   -he’s-

  16. ha ha. oh wow. i’m going to like this thread, i can tell

  17. That’s a cool cover. 

  18. @edward did you catch ‘full’? that was for you

  19. @vadamowens: yep, i saw it. it was very funny.

    here’s another funny thing; i made a mistake in a differient thread when responsing to peterporker that he hasn’t caught on to yet

  20. Can’t beat that price.

  21. Will be catching up with this series, with this & the $9.99 trade. Great value & great idea, you gotta support that! But, knowing my luck, my LCS wont have the trade … or this issue. lol.

  22. I wish all my issues were 99 cents.  I’d really have something going on then.

    This might even be my pick of the week, unless Final Crisis Aftermath RUN! really cracks me up.

  23. All of my books were 99 cents once. In 1988-1990.

  24. Is this the one where "Superman" has already turned evil? Or is it the otherone where you’re not sure if he’s good/evil.

    Is it worth a look?

  25. If you don’t pull this I will have to assume you also eat babies.

  26. @Zeppo – its worth a look. This book has potential and its been really fun so far.

  27. Zeppo,

    Oh, he’s already turned.

    Glad to see edward in the house!  Woot! 

  28. I would love it if the ending is totally anticlimactic where he destroys the world and he is all alone and  there is no point to the story.

  29. jk

  30. like the story, but can’t get down with the art.  no offense krause, just not my style.

  31. Wow, what a great move by introducing a new arc with a $.99 issue. And a $10.00 trade! I’ve enjoyed this book and it seems to have a lot of popularity, but I think if they keep up with this format, it could really be a monumental hit. Jeebus. Super excited.

  32. Thanks guys

  33. yetihands,

    No offense taken.  Seriously, I’m pretty hard on myself with the drawing, and I continue to try to improve.

    I’d actually be a bit nervous if everybody liked it.  Then I’d KNOW something was wrong! 

  34. It’s cool how so many more people are talking about this series now.  i’m glad it’s catching on!!!

  35. I am so pumped for this!!  YES!!

  36. I personally find the art very bland. Maybe additional rendering or a different colouring scheme would help.

  37. I just like the idea of PeterKrause coming in here and reading the comments. It’s like:

    "Oh wow, these guys really love the comic I work on. It’s been a big deal on ifanboy for months now. Let me go straighten my tie and read more of these delightful comments"

    and then he gets to this discussion 🙂

  38. so we have to censor every thread just in case a creator decides to google himself ?

  39. Thanks for the enthusiasm, all.

    And while it may be bad form to talk about issue #6 when #5 is just out, I will say the art gets a bit "bigger" next issue.  I tried to push the dynamic a bit more, and the script does have more action.  miyamotofreak, you can tell me what you think about it next month! 

    I’m just happy you all care so much….*sob*…makes me a bit weepy. 

  40. ….that said, my stuff is very informed by the Silver Age of comics.  I’ll always be closer in taste to Curt Swan than say, Mike Turner (for example).


  41. this is hands down my absolute favorite book right now. I can’t wait for each isseue and every time it’s the first book I read

  42. question!!! I was unable to get the trade of the first 4 (my store continually is missing issue 1). Is it safe for me to start here then go back and read the first 4 when I’m able to get all of them?

  43. SteenAR,

    If your LCS is out of the trade, you can order the book directly from the BOOM! website (

    It’s listed under the "Series" category, then click on the Irredeemable cover. 

    Hate to have anyone miss this that wants to read the book. 

  44. thanks Peter

    I bought this issue and really want to read it but I’m afraid I won’t know what’s going on. is it safe for me to read it? 

  45. It’s highly likely that this will be my POTW. It’s simply the best comic I’ve read and it has always been the first on my stack to read.

  46. @peterkrauss, thanks dude. I went to two LCS and niether had any copies left!

  47. I’m waiting to finish the first trade before I read this issue. I bought them both yesterday.

    And for the record, the art is amazing!

  48. I also am really enjoying this book and I think the art is great!

  49. Anyone who may be wondering…

    this is a perfect jumping on point to a great series that keeps getting better!

    Killer issue!

  50. This is really turning into something. Each issue reaffirms it for me. There hasn’t been a bad one yet and the Plutonian is becoming one of the most interesting/scary villains around.

  51. Just jumped on w/ the trade and issue #5. very cool book.

  52. I thought this was the weakest of the series thus far. The art wasn’t the greatest it’s been, and although some pretty important stuff seemed to happen, it didn’t connect with me much. I’m excited for where we’re at now, with the Morpheusbots and I’m interested in seeing what Bette’s role in all of this is. That first bit with the Plutonian answer the "viewing mail" was insane, as well. Great concept. I’ll go with 3/5 on this, it wasn’t stellar but was definitely a good, solid issue. Major props for the price too.

  53. This issue was really good, art and story. Should of been POTW.

  54. Loving Irredeemable.  Five for five the first five issues.  This just seems really well thought out, and there is just the right balance between complexity/simplicity in the storyline.  I like the art too…storytelling is never a problem.

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