Iron Man and War Machine are holding the bag after the Tokyo attacks make Detroit Steel look like a hero! As Tony, Rhodey and Hill get to the bottom of who masterminded the terror attempt, the fledgling company Stark Resilent takes its first baby steps toward growth…and Tony draws a link between Hammer Industries and an old foe that almost killed him…

WRITER: Matt Fraction
PENCILS: Salvador Larroca
COVER BY: Salvador Larroca

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Consistently great!

  2. Awesome cover!

  3. He better punch or blast someone this issue.

    Awesome series anyway.

  4. Something. Needs. To. HAPPEN! God, I love this series but it’s been so frustratingly boring the last few months. If this issue doesn’t wow then I’m out.

  5. Ahh, good. Hopefully this issue will wash the taste of that crap annual out of my mouth.

  6. So happy to see they didn’t shit a heroic age banner on this.

  7. @JumpingJupiter: true that man, that font is good awful.

    This book need to have action. A set up and talking issue is fine every now and then, but  2 issue of nothing but talking is over kill.

    Hell, I wound have settled for Iron Man stoping some thug stealing from a Bank, with bag that have "$" on it.  

  8. It sure looks like Matt F. is pacing stuff for trade, not issues. I am considering moving that wave myself.

  9. @JJ-You need to find more things to complain about besides typography. I suggest tie-ins, or fill-in artist.

  10. Heh, I guess I’m one of the few who likes all the talking. There’s interesting stuff in there, and lately I find myself more and more bored by action for the sake of action — which is the exactly opposite or how 10-year-old me chose his comic books off the rack.

  11. I love this book talking and all.

    But I also want to see Iron Man hit some shit. He hasn’t hit anything since The Most Wanted storyline.

  12. Starting to get pretty bored with this series. This issue is make or break for me.

  13. even if this arc has been a little slow to build, the chapter titles are still firmly in place. and we should all be thankful for that.

  14. Now that’s a cover!

  15. @ScorpionMasada:  a genuine LOL moment there, "But I also want to see Iron Man hit some shit" is priceless.  bwahaha.

  16. I don’t mind the talking either.  It’s all set up, drawing you in, for the payoff down the road.  And, Matt F. has the best handle on Tony Stark of anyone in the MU.

  17. Brain fart… "of anyone at Marvel" would make more sense.

  18. @ScorpionMasada: LMFAO!!!! I agree. I also want to see what tricks the new Ironman armor can do.  We haven’t seen Tony kick ass in this or the Avengers comics yet.

  19. The talking is my favourite part of this comic – it’s entertaining and it makes me feel smarter. 

    I’ve only read three comics this week but this is already close to being my POTW. 

  20. Man, we got close with the Detriot Steel/Iron Man mad dogging each other in their grills . . .

    Loved it anyway and thought it was going to be pick of the week until I read Daytripper, Gorilla Man and Avengers Academy.

    4/5 and a really good week of comics for me.

  21. So, after three issues we still have no idea what Tony’s nifty new armor can do. Except hide inside his body. Which is stupid.

  22. I liked this issue, but did anyone else feel that Fraction was trying to force how "embarrassing" what happened was for Tony by having everyone say instead of the situation being *that* embarrassing in and of itself. It got really annoying after a while. I like Arbogast a lot. Good read. 4/5 for me.

  23. After being completely uninterested in the Madarin Annual I actually really liked this issue so I’m still up in the air about going back to collections on this.  It’s engaging but on a very slow burn.

    I figured Sasha Hammer looked like the girl who was with Stane but I dismissed it as inconsistencies with the art/coloring.  Guess not.

  24. @stasisbal- wow, I guess I haven’t been paying as much attention as I thought.  I did not pick up on that AT ALL.  thank you for spelling it out for those of us who need it spelled out.
  25. I liked this issue.

    and Drake: I’ll complain about whatever the fuck I want. Thank you.

  26. This was my favorite issue of this arc.  Really good dialogue. Probably sticking with the title because of this issue and the annual.  My biggest complain was how LONG all those guys spent eating chinese food in the meeting with Tony.  According to the times in the panels, it was AT LEAST two hours, probably more.  I know its a tiny nitpick, but thats sloppy story telling.

    @ JJ    Totally with you on that banner dude.

  27. It is one of Stark’s interview quirks. All applicants must eat Chinese food throughout the whole process. He feel it gives him the best measure of a man, how he handles a pressure situation with a stomach almost literally bursting with Chicken Chow Fun.

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