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  1. This has been a massive arc- this is part 11 right?  Impressive that this book has been such a consistent read throughout.  Like clockwork, this book is pretty good every month.  I’ve actually become more interested as it’s moved along.

  2. So stoked! My favorite book right now!

  3. My favorite Marvel book coming out right now. I can’t wait to read this one. 

  4. two weeks later, same artist, every issue has more or less been on time.  this is professionalism at its finest.

  5. I am loving this book. That’s an awesome cover as well.

    I’m really curious to see what Fraction is going to do to Tony after this. Is his brain gonna reboot better than ever or is he going to need to start from scratch?

  6. I thought he first became Iron Man in Vietnam not Afganistan? Was this changed at some point to update the character?

  7. @shenanigans it the previous iron man series which became Director for shield they retconned it to be afganistan.

  8. @poddington- Do you remember what issue that was done at?

  9. @Shenanigans Invincible Iron Man (vol. 4) #1-6 By Warren Ellis and Adi Granov. The Arc is known as Extremis.

  10. In ten years or so it will be retconned again to have taken place in Iraq!  The details don’t matter so much, so long as the general origin stays the same. 

    I can’t wait to see what happens with this story.  It’s hard to believe that it has been almost a year with story and I have loved the whole thing.  You try telling a 12-part story nowadays and people get tired of it pretty quickly.  Not the case with this book.

  11. @praxjarvin- Cheers, forgot about that change. That was actually my first 616 marvel book. 

  12. @drakedangerz- it doesn’t matter as long as nobody wants to use the name Wong Chu ever again.  and that is a real shame.

  13. Yes! I’m finally up to date with this series! I’m loving this arc, its the most fun ive had with an Iron Man story since the Extremis arc and a good chunk of the Knauf’s run

  14. @comicBOOKchris I had never read the extremis arc until a few months ago, man that thing is just damn good

  15. Anyone who’s been following my comments knows that I’ve been underwhelmed by this book.  The first half of this issue  convinced me that I should drop it, but the second half convinced me that all the hype is justified.  Great second half.

  16. Can’t wait for next issue, though I’ll be sad to see this arc end, its been pretty damn good.

  17. I can’t get enough of this book.  I can’t wait to see how this ends.  I love the way Fraction has brought us to this point.  Truly one of the best arcs I have read in a good long time.

  18. I don’t know why everyone likes this arc. It started out GREAT, but it very quickly became extremely bland, predictable, and decompressed. It should have ended months ago.

  19. To each their own

  20. Brilliant issue. 5/5 and POTW for me. I really can’t place it into words, but I just loved this issue. I read this after Blackest Night and this was everything that wasn’t (But both were extremely good). Quiet, personal, realistic. Definitely a more cerebral book. This finale looks to be thrilling. Can’t imagine how Tony’s going to get out of this. 

  21. @Prax-Yeah, for me it was between this, Blackest Night, and Walking Dead.  Though the real race was this and BL.  I loved the scene with Norman saying Tony’s name in different ways!  like a teenage girl writing out the name of her and her future husband; it was both cute and creepy

  22. this whole issue is just one big crescendo to the final part next issue.  excellent

  23. At first I was thinking that this story line has been going on too long (I’ve enjoyed the whole thing, but it has been going for a year), but this issue was awesome. I’m dropping the book with the next issue, but I’ll probably pick it up in hardcover, especially if they start doing the oversized 10 to 12 issue hardcovers.

  24. My goodness, Fraction is killing it on this book.  Easily the best story being told in "Dark Reign."

  25. So wicked! So many fist pumping moments! This is killer comics! Tony is the man!

    P.S: predictable ≠ bad.

  26. Predictions:

    1. The USB that Maria was carrying is Tony’s brain or the key for rebooting Tony. It’s meant as a peace offering to Cap. Cap will reboot Stark to defeat Norman next year.

    2. Tony will go vegetable next issue or the one after. Rescue will take the Iron Mantle for a few issues.


  28. I want Dark Reign to have some serious repercussions for awhile.

    I want Tony to lose this fight and be taken into custody (but I kind of want him to kick Norman’s ass too). I want other heroes to get locked up unlike Civil War where they just threatened each other (heard Ronin got taken).

    I want the superhero ranks to seriously take some hits (doesn’t have to be deaths).

    I want Bullseye dead before the end of this "event." He is too psychotic and dangerous to be running around.

  29. Best book this week.


  30. I love this book.

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