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Before I get into talking about the contents of the issue, I would like to use this issue of Invincible Iron Man to make the case how Marvel’s decision to use recap pages is a double-edged sword. On one hand, they sometimes give a great capsule synopsis of what happened in the previous issues for anyone who is a bit rusty on what happened for whatever reason. This way, the reader can enter the issue with a fresh perspective with the recent events clearly in their mind. On the other hand, you can have recap pages like the one in this issue, that are detailed thesis’s that describe every nook and cranie of the previous story. So once you get to the end of the arc, the recap page is monsterous and gets confusing for new readers to read and digest all the info. I’m not necessarily hold this against this issue, I’m just saying…

I haven’t had this much fun reading an Iron Man story since the Extremis arc and a good chunk of the Knauf’s stories. It’s always an interesting story when the main character is on the ropes and has all odds against him, and I don’t think Tony has ever been more in the shit than in this storyline. Matt Fraction has not only done a great job of stripping Tony Stark down to his bare essentials, but also give a great tour of his history through his armor. I’m liking the method Fraction is using to explore Tony’s past, having him forced to use retroactively older armor to keep up with his decresing intelligence, and while he does this we get a brief trip down memory lane when this armor was used. In this issue, we finally get to the beginning, where the Iron Man mythos all started. So consequencially, Stark is forced to pilot the original Mk. 0 armor that he made when he was in captivity, and we get a whole story to go along with that. Fraction has also made up a great cast of supporting characters who add color to the book. Norman Osborn, who by all means shouldn’t work as the main villain since he’s the main villain in almost every other book, doesn’t come across as a contrived and forced character at all. He’s enjoyable to watch as the man with everything trying to tighten his grip around Tony, who has pretty much nothing. I’m also loving Maria Hill, who since Civil War came across as a one-note bitch, has become a fully fleshed-out and relatable character. I hope Fraction keeps his hands on her, ans he really gets her voice.

 I’m really looking forward to the conclusion of this arc, as each issue has not only did a great job in contributing to the overall arc, but are great stories on their own, with great twists and plot developments in each issue. I’m excited to see what comes after the finale, as it’s looking pretty grim.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Great review! This is top-notch writing and the art was splendid!

  2. The only thing getting me about the recaps is the same over generalized recap about Dark Reign and H.A.M.M.E.R.  They’re word for word the same in each issue.  As much as you’ve loved Maria Hill I think Fraction has added great depth to Pepper Potts. Great review.

  3. Pepper sure is experiancing a great resurgence under Fraction. This is undoubtibly because of the movie, but it all works out so great

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