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  1. Loved the last couple issues. Eager to find out what happens next.

  2. Really disliked the last couple issues, so I’m dropping the series with this issue.

  3. If i have a problem with any of the titles that Fraction’s writing it’s that it kinda feels like we’re waiting for the real shit to kick in and that it’s been that way for a surprisingly long time.

    There hasn’t been a issue of one of his current ones that has given me that "oh shit i have to read the next one!" feeling like I got when he was doing Casanova or Iron Fist.

    We’ll see i guess. Hopefully he kicks it up a few notches on the next few issues.

  4. The operation you see here is just an elaborate way to keep his mustache looking soooo good.

  5. Fraction seems to be writting these stories faster than the ones in Cap. I love both series but with Cap I always feel just a little cheated. Iron Man seems to work better.

  6. The preview shows major imporvement in the art department. Especially the colors. I actually kind of liked some of the pages and panels.

  7. @LukusLuke-I thought the operation was in order to remove the mustache without killing the host?

  8. I still have the first 2 Dark Reign issues sitting on my reading pile.  Are they going to be good or bad?  Seems like opinions are mixed. 

  9. @torippu-depends what you are looking for I guess.  Not a whole lot of action the last two issues, but that doesn’t mean nothing happens.

  10. Great cover.

  11. @uber: Yeah really. I’m surprised.

    @torippu: I liked them, but they are set-upish. I think they are issues meant to show the potential of what lies ahead.

  12. I was kind of turned off by the first arc in this series left thinking what a weenie tony stark is.. This one though am kind of into.. I kinda like him better now with his present situation..  I am kinding wondering where this is going..

  13. Awesome cover, I may have to flip threw the pages before i decide whether or not i read it.

  14. I never knew what Spider-Man’s old foe Norman Osborn a.k.a. the Green Goblin is capable off I was hoping the ones that can really ruin Tony Stark’s life will be either A.I.M., The Mandarin, The Iron Monger, or Count Nefaria. I never knew a loser like the Green Goblin will be the one to put Tony Stark’s name to shame.

  15. I thought this series really came into its own with the last couple of issues, the Dark Reign stuff.  Can’t wait to read this one.

  16. I love this series, but I am so tired of Nicole Kidman as Pepper Potts.

  17. Or Jolie as Hill.

  18. Or Sawyer from lost as every other male.

  19. I’m mostly tired of the mustache.

  20. I’m very excited about this one. Can’t wait to pick it up.

  21. Really enjoyed this run so far and the varient is really great, for all of you mustache haters lol

  22. Its about time Tony hit it.

    And Pepper’s new suit made me squeel

  23. I really enjoyed this issue. Some interesting turns, and It’s nice to see this specific classic suit back in the limelight! Would have been Pick of the Week if not for Legion of 3 Worlds.

  24. @drakedangerz Dude, and it only took, what, three issues? I totally expected it, but even I thought it would take longer than that.

    I think it was opening that door on all the suits.

    Also, I want the boob suit. I am shallow.

  25. I saw the suit coming in issue 7 was it? When Pepper received the implant. Lots of fun this comic! Great dialog! "Oh I think going bonkers is completely imperative." Tony’s world is falling apart and he’s still got a grin and a strut. And the art is greatly improved! I actually liked it! Let’s hope it keeps up because this title is getting awesome! This is why I got into superhero comics!

    This comic makes me feel all excited and giddy, like a sugar buzz! It’s like, everything is cool in this issue! Yeah, cool overload: "What about when Tony flipped the lights on and you can see all the suits! And then Tony taps Maria – she’s sooo hot! Then she blows up all the suits just as H.A.M.M.E.R agents find them! But Tony kept an old suit for himself and left an Iron Man suit with boobs for Pepper and she’s wearing it at the end! But Norman is the Iron Patriot and he’s all pissed off at Tony so he destroyed Stark Industries and he’s gonna go after Iron Man!" *head explodes*

  26. I liked that Norman didn’t have his normal "Brillo Pad" hairdo.  I like how Tony’s character is coming along and of course I must say… Yah Iron Juggs.

  27. Really excellent.

  28. Anyone else feel like the Fraction/Larroca Osborne is modeled after George Dubya?

  29. @JumpingJupiter – I was thinking Donald Rumsfeld, especially in the opening press conference scene. But yeah there are definitely echoes of dubya there.

     I never in a million years thought I would consider an Iron Man title a must read but damn if Fraction doesn’t have me hooked.

  30. This issue exceeded my already high expectations. My POTW for sure.

  31. My wife made a good point. Why doesn’t Hill have a suit too? I’m thinking that Tony had the time to prep Pepper (issue 7) but that raises another question. Did he Build this Iron Girl suit pre or post invasion? I know it’s really up to me to decide but figured I’d put it out there.

    Additionally, are we going with Iron Girl since Pepper says: "Hello girl" when she sees the suit. Pepper suit is pretty dumb sounding. I dunno.

  32. @JumpingJupiter: How about Iron Potts

  33. @JumpingJupiter  He might have built it pre-invasion after he found out about the skrulls just to protect pepper but she never got a chance to use it because tony got stranded in the savage land

  34. Pre-invasion, but after the first story arc.  In that arc, Potts gets her upgrade and thats the reason why she would be able to control and power the suit.  Also the reason Hill can’t do it.  If Tony WAS to give a suit to Hill, it would most likely run on an external battery source, which would be silly for a girl on the run.  Plus he loves Pepper.

  35. From my understanding, it makes no sense to have the suit powered by her battery, since Tony doesn’t run on it anymore, and hasn’t for some time. So it would just be a matter of the suit being hastily thrown together by Tony post-invasion. 

  36. @kndoubleu-Tony didn’t run on a batter because he had the extremis stuff going on.  My understanding was always that that is how the suit functioned.  Pepper doesn’t.  Hence, she needs some way of powering the suit.

  37. If I ever encountered a girl wearing that armor in real life, I’d have to radically alter my plans to accomodate my debilitating obsession with her. Hubba. Also, I always half thought that Hill was gay.

  38. @Faustic – Maybe she was, and Stark’s manliness turned her straight!

  39. this cover is fucking sweet!  i loved this book..  iron girl or iron woman  who cares, that suit is badass.  the art is better too.  anyone know why the covers were 50-50?

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