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  1. "His goofy one-liners and his idiotic poses are getting on my nerves.  How is anyone buying this bull from?  He’s the Green Goblin!  The press knows this!  America knows this!  Nobody’s calling him on this?  This whole premise of Osborn as King of Everything just doesn’t make any sense and it continues to become more and more clear as Osborn continues to act like a dork on national TV.  "Stark’s reign of terror is over." Really? Did he seriously call Stark’s office a "reign of terror"? "

    Same goes for Dubya and we took for 8 years! Substitute Osborne for Dubya and Stark for Saddam and you pretty much got it.

    I went there!

  2. Jokes and political chides aside, I’ve heard this "Well, we bought Bush/Cheney" as reasoning for the public loving Osborn and it doesn’t wash.  First of all, as much as we like to joke at the guy’s expense, Bush never went around as a dyed in the wool spandexed supervillain throwing girls off bridges and flinging pumpkin bombs at people.  And Stark and Saddam?  Iron Man and the Butcher of Baghdad?  Not the same guy. The press should know when the Green Goblin makes a hammy wink at the camera and calls a superhero a criminal that it’s crap.  It’s obvious crap and intelligent press folk that love to poke holes into the government staring at a supervillain should know better.  A President calls a tyrant we KNOW conducted a reign of terror as such and that’s just standard political posturing (which everyone made fun of.)  Here, someone we have full, complete, and verifiable proof was a crazed killer in a Halloween costume and the people are supposedly eating up his stuff with a spoon.  It does not wash.

    And now I ranted.  Thanks a bunch.

  3. Oh yeah I know, I’m just dicking around. I don’t even know the status of Norman’s identity. Is it public? Does the general Marvel populace know that Osborne and Green Goblin are one and the same?

  4. Yeah.  They had a whole thing in the Pulse and in Marvel Knights Spider-Man about Osborn getting found out via a murder of one of his employees and he flipped out and attacked the press and the police in full Goblin garb before Cage and Spider-Man took him out.

  5. Ah, well it is kind of weird then yeah. I can roll with it in this title. Not Matt’s fault.

  6. I admit I am not reading this, but I have read other titles with Osborn as the focus (Deadpool, Punisher). Yeah it doesnt make sense how such a recognizable villain can be loved in such an instant. Unless two things are occuring:

    A) There is an subtle hint that maybe the entire world is getting sick and tired of the heroes. Not just the mutants, but everyone. If you think about it ever since Civil War the planet has suffered so much….it’s hard not to imagine the public getting swayed over by someone new.

    B) (More likely) Again I havent read the series, but apparently Thunderbolts is going to explain somewhat of his identity. Not to spoil *SPOILERS* but a friend told me Obama/Osborn gets attacked on Air Force One by….Green Goblin! So Osborn might be concealing his identity to the public again.

    Other then those two points, I agree fully on Tork… makes no sense otherwise on why he’s so beloved right now.

  7. Eh, I think the "Goblin" thing is just cast doubt over the tape Samson has of Norman murdering guards in T-Bolts Mountain.  Osborn was arrested in his Goblin gear.  It’s very well known public knowledge.  Soeone else popping up isn’t going to sway much of anyone.

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