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The entire series has been leading up to this! The pieces are in place, the time to strike is now! It’s all out war as the Coalition of Planets finally make its move against the Viltrum Empire–with Invincible stuck in the middle. Things will never be the same after this–and this is INVINCIBLE, so you know we mean it.


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  1. Bring on the Viltumite War. Here’s hoping that Kirkman and Ottley can get this book back on track – I was really spoiled by On Time in ’09!

  2. So tempted to start picking this up in issue.

  3. Do it. You literally have nothing to lose.

  4. @edward: Very true. I bet this is going to be a blood bath on epic level.

  5. I’m excited about this.  Picked up the Returns issue a couple weeks ago to familiarize myself.  And after that wordy gauntlet, I’m sure this’ll be great.

  6. I’m still waiting on the Ultimate collection 5 and there will still be a big issue gap between the last hardcover and this issue . . .

  7. I want to read this in trades, but they just don’t come out quickly enough. I am so tempted to just go monthly with this…

  8. This reads sooooo good monthly.  Do it.

  9. I can’t believe we are actually getting to this story.  So excited.

  10. Great issue.  Any other week this would be POW for me, but X-Force was way too good

  11. grabbed this issue–will probably put on pull, but I will probably not read it until I get the fifth hardcover.

  12. really great first issue for the arc. Wish we got more between Mark’s parents though.

  13. I really enjoy Omniman’s absence of footwear.

  14. bad guys don’t knock-fantastic

    @drake-I wanted more with Mark’s mom as well.  But the issue was jam packed already.

  15. Ottley draws a really cool looking Tech-Jacket.  I’m really excited about the Viltrumite War.

  16. Ottley draws a really cool looking EVERYTHING! But yes, his Tech-Jacket = cool.

  17. this was pretty awesome. very entertaining.

  18. First proper issue I ever read, and all I’ll say is, I’m in.

  19. The scene between Mark and Eve was awesome, for some reason it looks like Ottley has upped his game in the art and I’m loving it. This book’s been amazing recently, especially the Conquest arc and this looks to take that and multiply it by 1000.

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