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  1. This should be great!

  2. Fantastic goodness

  3. We’re out….of….raspberry jam…

  4. More blood!!!! 

  5. after i read an issue of this book i’m so over-excited i run around punching trees in the backyard

  6. The preview pages for this look fantastic.  So glad I switched to monthlies

  7. does this arc start at the ‘event issue’ 60?

  8. @fvstick I’m not sure I understand the question

  9. @fvckstick-#61 is the official start of this arc.  It’s all the aftermath of #60

  10. alright. This seems like a cool series. can i grab 60 to current and be ok?

  11. That really is a lot of raspberry jam. Yes that’s what it is

    *tries to convince self*

  12. I smell the POW Not reading GL waiting for trade but invincible I get in both formats, I love this book! Actually all things Kirkman.

  13. @fvstick You should do fine with 60+.  When you get a chance I’d wikipedia the rest of the info so you know the background. 

  14. @TNC-Knock it off.  It wasn’t funny the first time

  15. @fvckstick-Depends on how much you know already.  If you don’t know much about the title, I would get the first two trades, they set up a majority of the series.  If you know about the family reveal, starting with #60 would work fine.  But I would still read the others when you get the chance.  It is really good stuff.

  16. Easily my most anticipated issue this week.

  17. INVINCIBLE is typically very good, but I really hope Atom Eve isn’t killed, and that this is all a fake out. We’ll see I suppose. As long as it’s a good story I’ll be happy.

  18. I think she’s dead bro.  I’m not sure how she could recover from getting ran through with an arm.  Kirkman feels strongly about leaving characters dead after he kills them off.  As a matter of fact, I’ve yet to see him resurrect anyone to my recollection.

  19. Well, I know it’s sort of his thing, but he’s definitely resurrected the Immortal.  And he definitely led us to believe that Dupli-Kate was dead, only to reveal that she keeps her "zero" copy in a safe location.  But on the spirit of your meaning, I think I agree with you, it seems that Kirkman doesn’t really think of death in the Invincible Universe the way it is in Marvel or DC.

  20. Possible Spoilers….



    Also, I recall that in the letters page for the last issue Kirkman phrased it that he "needed" to kill Atom Eve, or perhaps that she "needed" to die.  I also vaguely recall from the "Official Handbook of the Invincible Universe" that Atom Eve was described as having immense untapped potential, that seemingly her upside was something akin to Jean Grey/Phoenix.  Perhaps she needed to "die" in order to be resurrected to her fullest potential, and in being reborn it will be Conquest who is the casualty mentioned.




    End spoilers….

  21. Just fucking die bitch!

  22. dont be dead! 🙁

  23. how is the letters page of last issue a spoiler?

  24. Because I can imagine that 50% of people never read the thing, and so didn’t know that.  And also, I can imagine there are plenty of people who read this section despite having not read last issue yet, and so are unaware of certain morbid events.

  25. D-D-D-DAMN!!!

  26. Bring Back Brit!

  27. Crazy good

  28. @JonSamuelson: nah.

  29. Let. Down?

  30. I don’t care that I read it in like 5 minutes.  It was fun, it was beautiful, and Mark had all the passion and defiance of a 19yr old. 

  31. Let down?!!?!?!?!?

  32. That’s our ending? Month in and month out of killer "Holy bejeezus, I NEED to read the next issue!", and this, the conclusion, we get, "Am I naked?" Boo.

  33. possible spoilers:

    mark’s dad is bad

    end spoilers


    (sorry, JonSamuelson, just a little joke)

  34. I’m making a bad habit of being wrong on these threads:(


    Ottly is the best gore artist in all comics.  FCO is amazing on colors.

    I want to go punch something now that was SWEEEEET. 

  36. Awesome, awesome end to the fight with Conquest.

     I really wanted to see "Super Saiyajin Mark", though l:D

    lol His hair didn’t turn blonde and his eyes didn’t turn green, but I think we kinda got something pretty similar in terms of how badly he snapped with rage and desperation

  37. @edward.  Man,  you’re a bastard.  I can appreciate that.  It would have been nice if you’d put a little gap between your warning and the spoiler itself though.  😛

  38. That was 10 times better in 4 issues than what he did in #60. 

  39. @JonSamuel: yep, i’m  just being a dickhead. sorry buddy

  40. No worries.

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