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Well, my biggest fear about the last issue came true in this one.  By avoiding a spoiler, I will just say that my fear was that Kirkman would not stick to his guns and actually go through with the unthinkable. He may still, but we won’t know until next month. I know I will be paying money to find out.

Kirkman’s fearless writing just allows the art to tell the story. I even give him props for the violence. Not because I agree with the choice, but rather it takes balls to write such an awfully violent issue.

The art is super fantastic, just amazing. The writing/story, apart from being extremely over the top violent, is great. If I could, I would give the story a 4.8 rating.

Gutsy writing
Amazing art
Non-stop action
Quick Read
Did I say the art was amazing?

A little too much gore

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. does it really take balls to write that violence? that seems like a really easy way to get a rise out of people to me.

  2. I think so. It’s admirable when an artist doesn’t compromise his/her art even if it could cost him $$$. Granted some will seek it out due sensationalistm, but I think less people might buy it since it’s less kid friendly.

    I should add that I gave this a high rating because of what happened in the story, and not the violence. 

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