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  1. Did you read Kirkman’s letter page introduction, anyway, sometimes we need issues/arcs like this to keep the story moving.

  2. when kirkman admits the flaws in his stories, it doesn’t make those flaws disappear. there WAS no story moving here! there was just a bunch of punching and blood. they didn’t explain how eve got back, they didn’t explain mark’s feelings about killing again – there was just gore and blood and violence without substance.

  3. I agree with all the points that you are making, except for one.  I do not see it as a flaw.  What I mean is, when I am watching an action movie and there is a long sequence, there is no story moving there, but it does not make it bad.

    If you prefer more of the character development issues, cool.  I just do not think that the story is poor because this is the action sequence.

  4. Pretty art, a lot of backtracking, head butts.  Meh.

  5. @ misterj – read this week’s green lantern for a fight scene that is good, but still moves the story and develops characters. that whole issue is a fight, but it gives you much more than invincible does.

    that said, opinions are just that…

  6. @TehDave

    I definitely see your point about the violence. But I do think that in this issue, the story telling was left mostly up to the visual part of the comic, which was interesting to see. 

    Good review. Though I had different opinions, it’s good to see the other side. 

  7. Totally agree with you.  But I would point out that what happened in GL was exposition wrapped around a fight (mystery of the BL’s) and what happened here was ‘only’ conclusion.  Because this was conclusion it would have suffered from adding exposition to it.  Kirkman made a decision to work out how Mark feels about taking another life and explaining the logic of Eve for later.

    That being said, I am not trying to take away validity of your points, I just see it another way.  

  8. @TehDave

    Good review, this last story arc was dreadful. Would you believe i’m done with this book. 

    Anyway gotta go!!!


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