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  1. I think it’s brilliant that both parts of this crossover will be out on the same day, and good thing I was going to start getting Wolf-Man in issues anyway.

  2. I’m kind of annoyed that I have to buy Wolf-Man to get the whole story.  But, oh well, I love Kirkman, so I’ll go with it this one time.

  3. @kory just wait until he tries to cross over invincible and walking dead, than i will be annoyed

  4. As if that’ll ever happen.

  5. @cyberauron-When Angstrom Levy had him going to all those alternate realities I’m pretty sure Mark ended up in a zombie world.  Yet these zombies were in color, so probably not the same ones 😛

  6. Wolf-Man is such a plod to get through. I am enraged to see that this is a crossover. I may drop the book. I get enough of this from Marvel.

  7. Well, the whole point, I’m sure, is to try to boost Wolf-Man sales.

    @drakedangerz, Kirkman has explicitly said that wasn’t The Walking Dead world…=)

  8. Well, I’m reading Wolfman anyway. So I’ve got no problems with a crossover.

    And I LOVE the way Ottley draws Wolfman.

  9. I’ll flip through the Wolf-man issue maybe, but no intentions of buying it.  Just not my cup of tea

    @TommyBrownell-I know 🙂  I’m a Kirkmaniac

  10. Awesome, same day and everything. 

  11. it will happen one day when image wants to boost the sales on one of the titles. if jla and avengers can meet you know the walking dead and invincible can meet

  12. the big key to that ish of invincible NOT having poped up in the Walking Dead world is that those zombies talked…i just read that less than a week ago.

  13. Zomibes in The Walking Dead talk.  just last issue one of them asked Rick if he knew the way to then nearest Walmart

  14. Looks like I’ve no choice but to pick this up, since I’m reading Wolf-Man. Slightly annoyed ’cause I’m reading Invincible in trade and I don’t like buying things twice.


  15. @Jimski – You would drop the best superhero series being published today because of a 2-part crossover? To each his own I guess.

  16. It would be a huge ‘fuck you’ to the fans if Kirkman made the Walking Dead world apart of the rest of the Imageverse. It would be funny to hear an exchange by Rick and Invinicble.

    ‘Where the hell were you guys? I lost my entire family, my arm, and my friends!’-Rick

    ‘Hey I had problems too ya know! Had to fight wolf-men, bitch!’-Invinicble

  17. I’m with Diabhol here…..reading Wolfman in issues and getting in Invincible…..but with Wolfman being Part 2, I feel like I have to read Part 1. 

  18. read both books, AWM is the weaker of the two by a mile but I am hoping this will get things kicked back into gear for AWM

  19. @tnc Come on buddy, Kirkman basically flip the bird to dc and marvel, he realy is an unconvential man. plus its not the imageverse its the kirkmanverce

  20. @cyberauron-Imageverse, considering that the rest of the Image heroes make appearances in not just Kirkman’s books, but each others books.

    And don’t feel like you "have" to read AWM.  If you want to, you can.  If you don’t, then don’t bother.  Its not an obligation to buy into crossovers, especially the way some people here bitched about Secret Invasion. 

  21. I liked the usage imageverse in the last few issues of savage dragon so hopefully this will be good.

  22. @drake its only a matter of time when "he becomes the thing he most fears" (anyone remebers what movie that is from) and it will become the kirkmanverse. hahahahahaha its only a matter of time.  First sign they made him partner, the second sign hes writing image united, third sign he will be asked to write an arc or two of savage dragon 😛

  23. @cyberauron-he was not asked to be made partner, he demanded it!!  The new slogan around the Image offices is "what Kirkman wants, Kirkman gets"

  24. @drake so he is the bendis of image

  25. No, Bendis is the Kirkman of Marvel

  26. that was a fun read… not sure if wolf-man 11 is a good place to start, but it is a fine series so start with issue 1.

    PS: Ryan Ottley should draw EVERYTHING Kirkman.

    PPS:  Ottley’s Wolf-Man needs to be turned into an action figure.

  27. @gat04l1vebeatz can’t agree with you more on the wolfman figure, hell, a statue would be a dream

  28. I guess there was some sort of shipping problem with the Image books this week.  I have to wait until next week for this and I will likely not get a copy of Astounding Wolf-Man, so I won’t get the whole story.  Hooray for me. 

    I really fucking hate crossovers.  Pardon the language.

  29. Very much a Wolf-Man story, as I mentioned on that title’s page…but a very good Wolf-Man story.

  30. Yeah, its Kirkman trying to pimp his weakest book.  Nothing wrong with that, but its obvious what it is.  Good issue, great art.  I won’t be picking up Wolf-man, don’t mind not finding out how it ends

  31. Very good issue. Has anyone by chance seen the weird mtv/itunes thing the have on invincible??
  32. I saw some of it, its meh.  Voice acting is way off and not a great production overall.  Whatever helps get more people to read the book I’m all for it, but its mediocre

  33. its entertainning

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