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  1. Yes! A reprint of an old Loeb book!  Wait a minute…I don’t want that.

  2. Honestly, my love of the Hulk almost made me consider buying this right up until I saw the price tag.  $3.99 is one thing, it sucks, but it’s as bearable as really bad sunburn.  I’ve decided to draw the line at adding reprint material and charging 5 bucks.  Eff off.  What ever happened to the idea of trying to please your customer, rather than trying to bleed them dry?  I mean Capitalism is one thing, but shouldn’t it be driven by by a symbiosis of seller and buyer?  Shouldn’t there be a happy medium price at which the seller can make a nice profit, and the buyer is happy to pay the price?  Why does it inevitably lead to a point where the seller skirts the razor’s edge of charging the most the seller can bear?  It makes me believe Capitalism is wrong.

  3. say what you will about this book that is a good cover

  4. I’m not buying this for the reveal. I’ll just wait for Thursday when my comic book guy will blurt out who the Rulk is while I’m waiting to pay for my books. 

  5. Loeb’s Hulk has been steadily losing readers. It’s lost over a fourth of its readership in six months. It used to do over 100,00 copies a month; issue #12 sold 73,000 copies.

    I think capitalism usually works IF the government doesn’t screw with the rules too much to tilt the playing field too unfairly. Under this metaphor, as long as we don’t hear about New Avengers sales counting toward Loeb sales in order to keep Hulk’s numbers afloat on paper, things should work out for the best. But it would be really wrong if Marvel decided to make Hulk their highest-circulating book again by printing up half a million copies and giving them to the homeless. Quesada: "Hey, we’re helping the poor! Loeb’s Hulk is good for society! People are making makeshift matresses out of all the copies!" Actually, maybe that’s not a bad idea. (As long as the cost to give free copies of Hulk to the homeless doesn’t raise prices of other books.)

  6. I’m ashamed.  I swore no more Hulk.  600 is too pretty of a number…


    Have I no shame?

  7. Yes, is sure is preedy, but not as preedy as Amazing Spiderman six oh-oh (NO reprints!). How can this compare?  We shall see…

  8. Im getting both. Ed will be drawing Spidey so count me in.

  9. I don’t want to buy this, and yet, I will. 

    Well, at least I have never read the Gray series.

  10. I’m with MrWilson – gonna check this out just to see McGuinness Spidey art.

  11. I make no apologies…. I FREAKING love this series!!!!!!   Sorry, but I just don’t have a need for my comics to be serious or be taken seriously.  This is fun stuff and I FREAKING LOVE IT!!! (Whooops already said that!)

  12. Don’t give a damn about this issue. But I am exited for the fact that after this, Pak will be writing the series, which is good since Pak is someone who can, oh I don’t know, actually write for the Hulk. Kicks the crap out of Loeb and his horrible writing.

  13. @Hawkboy-I was right with you until Rulk punched out The Watcher. 

    But with Skaar on Earth now, I might come back, if it switches from Loeb to Pak

  14. Meant when it switches

  15. @misterJ See…I thought it was hilarious. 

    Are we that insecure with our medium that anything that is fun is now bad? I personally find it a disturbing trend among us Fanboys that stories somehow ‘don’t count’ if they are…

    A.  Anything less than serious.

    B.  Somehow ‘Don’t Fit’ 


    C.  Isn’t part of a super serious 12 part epic ‘Story Arc’


    *Sorry MisterJ that all wasn’t directed at you just my first line saying I thought Rulk punching Uatu was hilarious!

  16. I agree.  The Watcher getting punched was hilarious!  However, my dislike for the book has nothing to do with a lack of serious-ness or not being in continuity. 

    It was just dumb, with little to no hints on who the Red Hulk, or what he is.  I’d rather he just be the Red Hulk actually, than have a ‘bruce banner’ side to him.  It just drags on and on and it just wasn’t fun for me anymore.

    As for Skaar, that’s not going to get me back on the book.  I’m am completely not interested in him.

  17. The stupidity doesn’t actuall hurt this book, so far.

    The art is consitently awesome.  I hate those dumb "Color" books though.

  18. @Hawkboy-hey, to each his own.  Honestly, I probably would have dismissed the Uatu punch if they had told us who Rulk was at the end of the arc. (like they said they would)  That was more likely the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    @DarthDuck-I am not interested in Skaar, either.  I am interested in some type of ‘legacy’ for Hulk that involves him and not just gamma radiation.  The issue where Skaar and Hulk met was pretty good and could be fun.

  19. My problem with the loeb series has never been it’s fanciful nature. My problem is that it was the only place to find hulk after a major event with him.
    It’s like if after the battle for the cowl mini was over the only batman book they put out was all star. Is it a bad book? No. But after an event that supposedly cha ges a character forever I want to see that character and see them in a story that continues from their last story.

  20. If anyone buying this thinks they are buying a Hulk comic they are wrong. IMO this book is set up just to counter the Pak Hulkiverse and give us more Boom, Bang and Smash than Wahhhhh Wahhh.

    This is brain candy for the continuity/crossover weary.

    Red Hulk punches Watchers, kicks butt and hits on chicks, fun stuff.

  21. Wasn’t there supposed to be a big reveal here?

  22. what happened to the reveal?  I feel robbed.  Every issue just seems to have guest appearances by random characters.  Is Loeb trying to divert our attention away from the fact that this book has meandering for over a year or is the story actually going somewhere?  Out of all their characters, why does Marvel do this to Hulk?  I hope Pak has a good Hulk story to tell.

  23. The first bit with Ben urich felt like the good old loeb who wrote dd: yellow and batman the long Halloween, but then it just took a turn for the worst. Damn, I miss when loeb was one of my favorite writers. Now he just…sucks. How dissapointing.

  24. @hawkboy Fun is one thing, but this book is:

    A: Pointless

    B: Not fun

    To see an exampel of a decent book that is done just for funseis and giggles see Deadpool or Power Girl. This book just plain sucks. Not even superfluous story and the art is degrading steadily as issues go on.

  25. The "if you only focus on the Red Hulk, you’re missing the big picture" line really pissed me off.  This IS all about the Red Hulk.  Loeb’s is only trying to justify stringing all of us along for this.

    I’m starting to wonder if even Loeb knows who the Red Hulk is.

  26. I try to stay positive–hence checking out Loeb-Hulk #600, even though I said "never again" to Loeb’s work–but after this issue (and all the issues that came before it), I’m not even going to pick up World War Hulks this fall…  How many times has Loeb said he’s going to tell us who the Red Hulk is?  How many times has he gone back on that promise?  Now he’s trying to shift everyone’s focus as if he never said he was going to reveal who the Red Hulk is.

    I say this just to point out some of Loeb’s personal and professional character.  I am not engaged or amused by Red Hulk–who seems to be Loeb’s way of countering Pak’s well-written (full of character, development, action, emotion, dramatic conflict, etc.) stories by simply saying "Oh, yeah? Well, ‘m even stronger!  I can break Hulk’s arm!"  

    One could enjoy seeing Red Hulk beat up Thor, or break Hulk’s arm, but no one is going to CARE about it because Red Hulk has not been written as a real character–he’s just a schtick, a one dimensional jerk who is strong.

    Loeb’s written some good stuff–and in fact I found the Defenders/Offenders arc pretty enjoyable–but man, I’m done with this. I don’t even want the trades.

  27. Why did I read The Incredible Hulk for all those years? In the 90’s, it was the only comic I read for quite some time.

    Not for the Red Hulk.

    Not for the Son of Hulk

    Not for Green Thundra (Gundra?)

    For the Incredible Hulk. Period.

    This is so frustrating.


  29. I enjoyed the main story in this issue – I found the art pretty to look at with a stong and simple narrative flair, and Loeb’s script made me feel more engaged with the overall mystery than I’d been since around issue #4.  I find the decision to drag out the identity of Red Hulk further to be a bit annoying though.  Also, for as large as the issue was, the back up material wasn’t to my liking (already bought Hulk Grey and don’t really like the new She Hulk) so I found the price point a bit steep for my enjoyment, but I wasn’t turned off by it.  All in all, an enjoyable read and it left me entertained.

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