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Who farted?  Jeph Loeb!

If you’ve been enjoying Loeb’s plotless story where he dangles the fact that you don’t know who the Red Hulk over your head like a plastic carrot, then you may enjoy this issue.  But if you’re picking it up hoping for the big reveal?  IT AIN’T HERE.  Yeup, you got suckered into paying $5 for 28 pages of new Rulk story that has amazing art, some interesting action, but no promised reveal.  SUCKER.  Jeph Loeb is laughing at you.

The art in the front story is Ed McGuinesssly beautiful.  And the issue has Spidey, but Loeb is writing him, so it doesn’t really deserve to be noted.  There’s also a silly Stan Lee story, a post-logue to the current Savage She Hulk story, and a Hulk Gray reprint.

You could have totally had a cheeseburger for that $5, or a milkshake.  Sure, you’d feel bloated, but isn’t that better than feeling ripped off?

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  1. man, Hulk sucks…….ahhhhhh

  2. They just need to give Loeb some time off, and pass this off to someone who has a story to tell, and not someone who wants to play guessing games for a year.

  3. This book isn’t really about making sense. IMO anyone who read the Gamma Corps. tie-in might see that the big reveal could be the big letdown. This is just a big dumb funny-book story where our lead character can punch a Watcher and other silly macho things. Keith Giffen does the quirky better but Loeb is holding his own on the goofy.

    If anyone reading past issue #7 is looking for anything other than a chuckle it’s their fault.

  4. This book consistently sells in the top 10 every month.  EVERY month.  Those figures suggest audiences are enjoying this run.  I have mixed feelings.

  5. @CaptainSweatpants:  I would have loved to see Giffen on this book. He proves time and time again that you can be silly and still tell a antastic story.  I didn’t read this book expecting to enjoy it, I just hoped he would finally give the big reveal.  I want to know without having to read the purile nonsense of the storyline.  Especially since this issue claims to have (for the eleventieth time) separated the Green Hulk from Banner.  I’m reasonably sure this whole run will be completely undone by whoever gets the next run.


    @marcushill73: It’s not in the top ten around here.  I’m not suggesting it doesn’t have (or deserve) fans.  But it’s not even in the top twenty of the chain I work at.  And it should be, not because it’s good but because it’s a long running series, and those tend to have really loyal readers.  I’ve been reading the X-books consistently, and I think they’ve been mostly crap since The Messiah Complex.    But The Hulk sales have dropped consistently for the last year.  Loeb’s Ultimates 3 run dropped off tremendously after the second issue, and his Ultimatum series (which I’m enjoying) has also suffered enormous drops in sales (though that may be due to the excessive time between issues).    The man is totally off his game right now, whether some people are enjoying him or not. 

  6. By and large I’ve been entertained by the Hulk series but I agree that this hasn’t been the best example of comic book writing, or the best effort I’ve read by Loeb.  Every issue has at least one if not several clunky moments that feel awkward to me, and this issue was no exception.  I found portions of the Urich narration to be odd and off-kilter (the first few pages were very stiff), and I’m still not really sure why Loeb chose to frame the story that way.  It worked at points, but overall seemed out of place in a Hulk comic.  Rick Jones narration would have felt better for the series, but after Rick’s transformation into the new Abomination I guess that wasn’t an option.

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