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  1. Hercules is going to fight the Elven Queen….with sexy results 😉

    Since this is going the route of; one issue is Hercs adventure while the next is Cho’s; I hope that doesn’t mean this won’t be rushed in any way. But I trust Pak, Lente, and the great new artist with Reilly Brown to entertain me.

  2. Didn’t really enjoy the Cho issue, but loved the last Herc issue, so we’ll see how it goes.

  3. One day this comic will have tons of comments and pulls. One day…..maybe when Assault on New Olympus starts?

  4. kevin sorbo and hercules will be forever intwined in my mind, god dam television.

  5. This was my pick once again. Great artwork and again Lente/Pak are doing great things mixing up both mythologies. I wish more people were picking this up…

  6. This was freaking hilarious. I think I laughed out loud at least once per page. Great stuff and funny twist at the end.

  7. I gave this an issue a 5/5, but I have to be honest, the first half of the issue wasn’t holding me. The feats of strength bits are what sold me on the issue, as well as the reveal at the end ("I feel a draft."). But it is a solid issue. Great fun. Loved "The Hobbit" bit and the "Star Trek" jokes (3-d chess, the rook and the Kobyashi!). This was my "runner-up" pick of the week.

  8. "But all he had to do was move the rook to…."

    "HE WON!!!"

  9. Wait a minute. There was Clor then Rulk. So should he be called Hor now?

  10. @cromulent: If you mean ‘Hor’ sounding like ‘whore’ then I am all for it.

  11. This was awesome … funny stuff.

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