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  1. Oh no’s!

    Herc and Cho breaking up? Say it isnt so! Plus the last issue with Ryan Stegman on art!? 🙁

    I will try not to cry over reading this issue.

  2. I hate to say this… I may not be back after this.

  3. @Prax: WHAT!?

  4. I’m with you Prax. I find myself reading this issue last every week. And not like i’m saving the best for last, but like i almost forget that i bought it and i read it thursday or friday

  5. you know what. this is dropped. i’m sorry but it doesn’t seem like the team is as excited about this book as they were. maybe it will pick back up soon. Dear TNC, let me know if something crazy happens in this book.

  6. @TNC It’s gotten to a point where, like Roi, I just find myself reading it because I bought it and not because I enjoy it. Certainly there’s been some fun ideas lately, but I’m loosing interest. There’s a little bit of wheels turning in place since before the Dark Reign books.

  7. How can you be losing interest guys!?

    It’s funny, it’s action packed, it’s very original. Other then actually learning things (on mythology) I can’t see why anyone is dropping this. There is nothing wrong with this title, it’s better then most of the Marvel books YOUR reading. That really pisses me off. You’ll stick with clunkers like X-Force or Avengers: The Initative but drop this? You seriously think this is worse then those titles I just mentioned? Or that those two titles are worth picking up still?

    Don’t let me get Ryan Stegman on here!!

  8. Want to like this book so much … but … just … don’t …

  9. @TNC

     Dude just because you still like something doesn’t mean everyone else should to. Initiative is giving me new ideas and has me excited for the future of it and this book just feels like it’s running out of steam. I’m not saying it’s a bad book, I’m saying that I, myself, Jeff Dixon of Beaumont Texas, don’t *like it* as much as I used to.


  10. @Roi: I just can’t believe it…

    You name is Jeff? I always took you for a ‘Matt’ or ‘Keith’.

  11. @TNC X-Force is on my chopping block as well. Really, Marvel as a whole save Iron Man and Thor are looking to be dropped by me. So much for this "Your Universe" tag-line Marvel has going on. As for this book, essentially it just doesn’t feel new anymore. I love Fred Van Lente, but dammit, I want him to finish Comic Book Comics! (If you haven’t read FVL’s and Ryan Dunlavey’s amazing Action Philosophers or the first three issues of Comic Book Comics, you’re missing out on great [and educational] comics.) And it pains me to say I feel like dropping this book Fred Van Lente has been at every NYCC I’ve been too. I’ve met him each time, shook his and Ryan’s hand and thanked them for such a wonderful job. Hell, he marched my copy of Incredible Herc over to Pak one day and made him sign it before his long line! He’s truly one of the best writers at Marvel but somethings up with Herc of late. I’ll give it some time, but if I don’t feel an earthshattering change, I’m out. (I also like Pak, who the last two times I met him at cons thought I was someone he knew.)

    @Roi You’re…. a guy!? :-p  


  12. @Prax: I’m just confused on why it’s not ‘new’ to you anymore. Okay so most of Marvel is on your cutting block. But it’s still not as entertaining as most DC books your pulling?

    If you guys have to drop it….I guess you’ll have to drop it. I just want a strong community on this. (Sorta like how I did with Deadpool, but with help of many others) Guess I gotta work overtime for exposure.

  13. Don’t worry TheNextChampion, I’m still getting this in oversized hardcover. I just got the first one today and it is a nice collection. I’m not big on the World War Hulk stuff, but it will be a fun read.

    This issue will probably be in my pull box tomorrow, so I might even be reading this in issue. I hope it isn’t though.

  14. Everyone should give this a try. If not this issue, then next. Cause it’s the start of a whole new arc, PLUS it’s going to be two issues per month for three months!

    Your gonna have six issues of this for three months? Everybody wins

  15. @Prax  Damn, i knew i should have kept my mouth shut.

  16. Ryan Stegman I want you on this title forever!!! Don’t leave me!!!

    Great issue overall and I can’t wait to see where Herc goes now that he’s Amadeus-less.

  17. All right, I have to admit, this status quo shakeup was well planned. Perhaps even an issue too late. But still, I’m hooked back in… for the time being. 5/5, but considering how heavy my 5s have been today, it’s probably closer to a 4.

  18. @Prax: Yess!!!! Mission accomplished…

  19. This was in my pull box. I removed it today, but I buy what is in my box as long as my guys pull accurately. I got one more issue to rate. Good to see it looks like it will be a good one.

  20. ok I admit I was going to drop this book after this issue, but it was a pretty great finale. So I’m intrigued where this is going to go from here. I’m in for at least the next arc.

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