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  1. Come on we need more people picking this up!

    If you dont then the man wins!

  2. I will be with this title until Fred Van Lente leaves.

    I’m also going to be picking up the oversized hardcovers of this series that are coming out soon. I didn’t jump on until #126

  3. I just started reading after picking up the last issue, so hilarious! So sad to hear though that it is getting cancelled… boo!

  4. Wait… what!? This book is getting cancelled? When was this announced!

  5. WHAT!? CANCELLED!!!!????


  6. Since when did this get cancelled?

  7. Like seriously, KittyN, you can’t just drop that little nugget without any supporting documents!

  8. I need to know if it’s cancelled! So then I can start scream profanities and kick a small animal.

  9. It’s not canceled, they’re still continuing it but it’s gonna have new numbering cause Hulk is coming up on an anniversary issue or something but this series isn’t going anywhere for awhile. Greg Pak did a whole interview on newsarama about the Hulk family of books

  10. @roivampire That is disappointing. I liked that this book, like Captain America, Thor and others before it, grew out of another title. Marvel should have learned that rebooting books with new #1s and different titles does not work. (See X-Force/X-Statix)

  11. @roivampire: Whew! Thank you for clarifying. I dont care what they call this series; I will still pick this up regardless.

  12. I love this book. I’ve never picked it up monthly bur am going to start now. It’s one of the few books that carries humor well something I love in a capes title. Only Guardians does it better right now and that’s out this week too! Bonus.

  13. I think this is one of the best books week in and week out. Hopefully they dont renumber, Im soooooo tired of Marvel renumbering books to try and jump start sales. Here iare TWO ideas for getting more sales. ONE keep telling good stories. And TWO put FREE sneak peak pages in other currently higher saling books. Oh and a THRID idea keep it affordable!

  14. This was POTW for me, again!!

    Loved all the moments in this issue. It was funny but also a bit heartbreaking at points as well. Why oh why wont one of the iTrinity pick this series up?

  15. Fantastic book. I even liked it better than Green Lantern. Really a well told, well paced issue. 5/5

  16. Did anyone else find it kinda creepy how Pluto acted in this?

    At some points he was channeling ‘Bruno’ if you get my drift.

  17. i think i might switch to trades on this, i just am not excited to read it anymore. i haven’t read this issue yet and i’ve had it on my desk since thursday. the issue before this just didn’t thrill me

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