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Oh Incredible Hercules how I love you so. Let me count the ways:

1) Great Characterization. I keep stating that this is a humor/action title. But Van Lente and Pak really know when to pull the heart strings and make you feel bad for the characters. The line Zeus says to Herc in this comic (“That creating you was a mistake”) really upsetted me. Only because Hercules is doing what’s best for his father but he still doesnt care about his son. Yes I know how ridiculous that sounds but damnit it’s good writing by these two. Also, they have made Amadeus Cho one of the more likable members of the Marvel U. A huge feat considering he was a bit douchebag when he was created. I have a feeling I’m going to cry when he talks to his dead parents next issue.

2) Great use of Greek Mythology. Pak and Lente do their homework when it comes to this title. There is always a moment where a good lesson in Greek Mythology is played out for the reader. Whether to just engross them into what each character means or just to further advance the plot. A lot of history with Zeus was used in this issue. From the actual creation of the God to Hercules meeting his father for the first time; it’s all pretty accurate. See? Comic books can teach you things too if you find the right one to read.

3) Memorible moments. While I won’t spoil on what exactely goes on within the book. Let’s just say the big speech by Zeus to defend himself is very funny and thought provoking. Just replace Zeus and put in God (whatever God you may believe in) and Pak/Lente is pretty much describing why God may or may not exsist with people. Plus this might be the only time a recap page is praised in an issue. But the ‘Go to Hell’ vacation ad with testimonials with the main characters was hilarious.

4) Good looking art. This is Ryan Stegman’s 2nd issue but I hope he gets to stay with this title in the future. He’s perfect for this series; if half naked Greek men are your thing…..Anyways just good art in this; especially the couple of splash pages thrown in when it came to the Greek myths invovled.

Incredible Hercules is one of the best B titles for Marvel and one of the most underlooked. I keep praising it any way I can but you really need to try this series out. It has great writing by Pak and Van Lente and gives us one of the most deep uses of Greek Mythology ever in modern literature. Considering this title is going to have 2 issues per month coming soon; it’s a no brainer to buy this series.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. 2 issues a month?  Details please!?  I haven’t heard about that.

  2. @bansidhewail: Once this arc is over; next issue I believe; two issues will be released for the next 3 months. So Instead of 6 issues in 6 months, you get 6 issues in 3 months. It has to do with the Incredible Hulk renumbering if I remember correctly. But hey I’m not complaining.

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