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  1. whoa, is pak writing this solo now?

  2. Where’s Van Lente? 🙁

    *sigh* Also, another favorite comic of mine gets shoe horned into Dark Reign. Can this Reign not touch anyone!?

  3. Hmmm. Van Lente-less Hercules? Not sure how I feel about that.

    @TNC "And I wonder, who’ll stop the [Reign]" – CCR 

  4. @Prax: I just wish not every title gets effected by Dark Reign. If Captain America (at this moment) can do stories outside the regular continuity (or have a bubble outside of it)…then why cant this title?

  5. @TNC: I’m sure CAPTAIN AMERICA doesn’t need the sales bump that a tie-in banner brings.  Also, I’d bet that Brubaker has more clout than most of the other writers in keeping his books autonomous.

  6. @conor: Well obviously Dark Reign isnt making a sales bump for this title…still as low as pulls as ever if this site is to be believed.

  7. I might pull this – I might not. I’ve yet to read Hercules, and I’ve heard good things. Maybe this will be my replacement when Carol isn’t the focus of Ms. Marvel.

  8. @TNC Oh, I agree with you totally. THis book has been fine in its quasi tie-in state. Outright pulling it in is very odd.

    @Conor Fair point, but how often have impressive runs been "messed up" by random tie-ins. Brubaker had to do that House of M tie-in that really doesn’t serve much purpose and in the middle of the best storyline in the book.  

  9. @TNC: Pulls here are only indicative of what people in this community buy.  If you could extrapolate them out to the wider audience books like CRIMINAL and PHONOGRAM would sell a whole lot more.

    @PraxJarvin: Sadly, the primary concern for Marvel (or any company) is sales not story.  Tie-in banners work to increase sales.

  10. I think mostly the Dark Reign tie-ins have been appropriate, and sometimes even crazy natrual and great,  but I agree that it doesn’t really feel right with this book, though I’m sure it will turn out fine. 

    Fred Van Lente is listed as co writer next issue, so I’m guessing they just forgot to list him in the solicits, being that next issue is a part of the same arc.

    Books I’d like to be in their own bubbles:


    Mighty Avengers

    Agents of Atlas 


  11. also noteworthy is the fact that this tie in is going to last only two issues.

  12. I’m sure this arc (or two issue mini) is gonna focus more on Hera and her vow to kill Hercules and Cho and not shoehorn in Osborn.

    Well….I’m sure Osborn and the Dark Avengers will get thrown in somehow but wont be the whole focus. While stuff like Deadpool can be thrown into DR because it’s the whole point of the series….Incredible Herc shouldnt be focusing on this, he’s got Gods and Immortals to punch!

    @Neal: Let me add to the list; Daredevil, Nova (should only focus on cosmic events), and ASM.

  13. GAHHHHH!!!!!



  14. I’ll admit this turned out better then I expected. A lot of Editors Notes which was nice to see, but something felt off about the art. Some of the characterization, as well, also seemed odd. One would think Norman Osborn would be aware, working with Loki and Ares, that "versions" of the Gods do exist. Here he seems to act like they’re idiots running around. The "Greek Organized Crime" thing also seemed a bit convenient.

    Also, was it me or did it look like they were drawing Aegis to look like the early 90s Malibu comic "Purge?" 

  15. I’m sorry I just reacted earlier just seconds after reading this comics. Let be *slightly* more civil.

    We all know I dont care for Dark Reign….Yes I know this was gonna have the banner on top and that the cover indicated Osborn BUT….I was expected an Abnett and Lanning turn where we focus on Dark Reign for like, a page, then focus on the more important story.

    What I got was half of a good book. The first half, before Osborn comes in, is everything I love about this series. Then once Osborn comes in the title completely drops in quality. I dont care about his involvement with Corporate Greek Gods (which should be awesome btw), and I especially dont want to see what is probably the 1,000,000th cameo by the Dark Avengers in a Marvel comic. I’m sure someone will come in here and state: ‘But TNC this is to be expected for a lot of Marvel books, it’s the new status quo’.

    Well I dont want this in my comic. I dont want it shoe horned into a contrive and boring new status quo. I just want Hercules and Cho fighting Corporate Gods and making me laugh along the way. That’s not what I got out of this issue…..and I am still pissed after 6 hours of reading.

  16. Does anyone agree with my assumtions for this issue?

    Prax, you read it….arent you tired of seeing Osborn and his Avengers in EVERY Marvel comic? Did it ruin your fun once that splash page occurred towards the end? (Which was nicely drawn btw if there’s something positive to say about it)

  17. This series is probably the best currently being published at doing tie-ins; their "Secret Invasion" story was the best part of that event (my favourite story of 2008, too).  Now they set up a threeway battle between Our Heroes and two groups of villains, promising a free for all next month.

    Though, since the Cabal is involved, I’m disappointed at no Loki; maybe they’re saving that for when Thor appears.

  18. The art grew on me – I didn’t like it at first glance but by the end I liked it well enough.  I agree that the Osborn connection was NOT enjoyable and once again I find myself eagerly awaiting the end of Dark Reign!

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