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  1. its about time. is this way late or is it me? awesome book though.

  2. This book never ceases to amaze me. I don’t realize how much I love this book until it comes out.

  3. I don’t think it’s late, its just that last month they had that Orson Randall one shot instead of a regular issue.


  4. yeah, the one-shot about Orson Randall was taking the place of this… it just wasn’t technically in the series

  5. I think I miss David Aja.

  6. I miss the tournament!  You guys hooked me on this title just as the tournament began and now I feel like we’ve been stuck in non-tournament limbo for months.   But if the cover is any indiciation (and it never is) this should be a great issue.

  7. I miss David Aja as well, and I’m surprised I’m saying that. I think the whole tournament thing was a red herring/pump fake. Seems like Fraction set it up like an old school kung fu tournament just so he could mess with it and and not do it. Not necessarily a bad thing, but whatever. I liked this issue the most out of the recent issues tho.

  8. aja is pure gold.

    a crew of folks trying to imitate aja makes me want to cry. i was literally getting angry as i read the book, imagining how nice it would be if aja had drawn it. 

  9. yeah… aja for 3 pages is kinda disappointing.  what a tease.


    did he leave the book or something? 

  10. Even though Aja’s been gone, I think that Kano’s art has been getting better with each issue.  It’s no Aja, but I would prefer him over the other guy drawing the flashbacks.

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