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this was an odd issue of iron fist, and ultimately, something of a let down.

i don’t want to judge a book by it’s solicit…but the solicit made mention of a “battle royal” between the kung-fu tournament warriors. there is no such battle royal. and while i’m not too bummed out by that, i am a little bit. i don’t mind the way this story has turned – it’s been fun, with a surprising bit of intrigue, and the tournament has ended up being far more insignificant than it seemed at the beginning of the arc.

that said, the fight scenes in earlier issues were MASTERPIECES. they were gorgeous, well thought out, creative and totally cool. the art was spot on, the amazingly colorful descriptions of moves…everything was a smash hit. it made me fall in love with fat cobra, for god’s sake.

so if this wasn’t the let down, what was? the art.

david aja is amazing and fantastic. and apparently, he’s a big part of why i love this book. because in this issue, when we get a big mashup of artists and aja’s contribution is minimal, the book suffers IMMENSELY. aja does a three page sequence, and that’s it. kano draws the flashback portions, which have been non-aja for a while – ok. but the majority of the rest of this book is drawn by a man named tonci zonjic.

tonci zonjic’s art looks, at least in this book, awful. i don’t know if this is not his style, and he’s doing a poor aja impression or what, but the contrast is night and day, and zonjic’s stuff really suffers in comparison. he emulates the relatively simple style of aja, but the coloring seems to be way off – it lacks the depth aja’s colors, and doesn’t seem to play with shadows the right way either. furthermore, even just in the pencils, a lot of images just look plain awkward. very rarely do i have this strong a negative reaction to art.

i loved this book at the beginning of the arc – and the story and cast of characters are a lot of fun. next issue looks like there’ll be a big fight, with all the champions involved (for real this time). but the art NEEDS to be stepped up, because i can’t buy another issue like this one.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 1 - Poor

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