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For hundreds of years, vampire Andrew Stanton kept mankind safe from the horrors of the supernatural world, thanks to a truce he made with his ex-lover Mary, the Queen of the Damned. But now that truce has reached a bloody end and Andrew must do everything in his power to stop Mary and her dark forces from going on a killing spree – and she plans to start with the heroes of the DCU!


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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. I love American Vampire, but other than that I’m never really into all this vampire stuff. The preview art I saw for this was stunning and that alone makes me pick this book up. Hopefully Fialkov has a good story cooked up for us too.

  2. Very excited to get my hands on this book. Preview artwork was gorgeous.

  3. The preview art reminded me a lot of Jae Lee Inhumans, which is a good thing, I am going to check it out.

  4. Luckily for this book, this feels like the lightest week of the New 52, so I may end up actually picking this up based on the art alone.

  5. I wasn’t going to get this but I’ve loved all of the DC Dark books so much that I figure I ought to try this one as well.

  6. what a sexy fun time you will have

  7. Picking this up solely based on the strength of the preview art. But if the story sucks, I’ll be done in one.

  8. Solely in it for art, hope there is a decent story or I am out.

  9. I am such a drooling, giggling schoolgirl for vampire stories. This looks quite different from the original J. M. DeMatteis
    book, but here’s hoping it tickles my ivories.

  10. I too loved the preview art, but am rather bored with vampires at the moment. So, unless the reviews for the story are outstanding, this’ll be the only Dark title that I pass on . . .

  11. The thing is, I’m not completely sure what I read, but I’m pretty sure I liked it.

    • Ditto, the narrative was kind of confusing, but all the rad pictures made it awesome. So far I’m intrigued enough to stick around, that’s a sign of a good read.

    • the ending brought it around for me. At first i was confused about the scenes in Boston. I thought the girl he was about to dust was Mary. She’s not. He’s cleaning up the mess from the subway. I loved it. Good read. Going to continue reading it. The art had this fuse of JP Leon & Jae Lee. I liked it.

  12. Sleeper of the week for sure. great characters, great art, great book.

  13. Argh I forgot to put this in my box and it was sold out, I will have to get more next week

  14. This was really good-Love the fact there using the classic vampire lore that was establish by Dracula-Evil Vamps and great art count me in 4/5

  15. Very interesting. I like the pacing on this book. It was exciting but slow and I’m intrigued. I’m gonna stick with this one for awhile.

  16. This week ended up having a lot of great books; this one ended up being middle of the road for me, so looks like it’s dropped.

  17. I liked this book a lot – wasn’t going to pick it up but Gail Simone spoke so highly of it so I figured I’d give it a shot. The cover art is not representative at all of the contents inside. The art inside is beautiful, the story is compelling, there’s a mention of heroes in the DCU which ties it to the rest of the books…

    I’m interested to see where this goes, totally.

  18. pretty weak

  19. Thought this was really good. Will be keeping this book on my order for sure.

  20. This was pretty sweet. I love the art and I love shape-shifting vampires. The plot hasn’t quite pulled me in yet but coupled with the artwork the premise is strong enough to keep me getting the series. I’m all in with the Dark books.

  21. Looks like this is another one of those times where I’m not in with the in crowd. I did not like this at all. The art was not all that great and kind of confusing at times. In fact the whole issue was confusing. Are we jumping around in time every other page? What the heck is going on here? I have no idea and I really don’t think I care. This might be one of those times where it reads better in a collected edition.

  22. This was an okay book for me. Art was very good, but it just didn’t really resonate.

  23. I thought this whole issue was awesome! Great from cover to back.

  24. really surprised on how much i liked it

  25. Gave it honest 4 and I did not even think about this book from the new 52 until I was reading thru my books and this was in the middle of my pile. I was confused at first and then re-read it and it was very good. Going to be lots of fun with this being entered into the DCU. Can’t wait to see these Vamps mix it up with the heroes of the DCU; look out Superman..

    Just sayin’,


  26. Crap…it was good. I had already dismissed it as one of the 52 I could skip and save some money. But, crap…it was actually pretty enticing. Add one more to the pile. Oh well, who needs to eat, right?

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