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HULK #42


A ghost from General Ross’s past has resurfaced, embroiled in a dangerous war in the Middle East. Red Hulk goes off the grid on an unsanctioned mission that puts him at direct odds with the Secret Avengers and Steve Rogers, his super hero sponsor. Teaming up with Machine Man, Rulk sets out on a covert mission that may be the most dangerous of his life!

Jeff Parker continues his lauded run, with stunning art by the incomparable Patrick Zircher.

Don’t miss the beginning of the biggest Red Hulk story yet!

Story by Jeff Parker
Art by Patrick Zircher
Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg
Cover by Patrick Zircher & Ariel Olivetti

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Yes! Glad to see Zircher on this series/issue. He is really great and a nice substitution for Hardman.

  2. Machine Man! Fear his robot head!!!

  3. This series is my guilty pleasure. I hope this doesn’t change anything about that.

  4. This arc may be the last one I buy because I may switch replace this book for Incredible Hulk #1.

  5. I’ll probably be dropping Hulk this month. Zircher is a nice replacement for Hardman. I’ve enjoyed Parker’s run and he’s currently my favorite writer in Marvel’s bullpen. I like the villains he’s introduced but at the end of the day I’m still not interested in the Hulk very much.

    This title is probably victim to double shipping so much. I feel like I am reading it all the time so the fact that I like but not love it becomes more apparent. Marvel’s double ship policy works for books I love (X-Force, X-Factor, Thunderbolts) but makes it easier to drop everything else.

  6. This was another really good issue of one of the best books marvels putting out right now IMO. Sad to see Hardman go but Zircher’s a really good artist to so it’s not that bad, I’m sure he’ll kill it on this book.

  7. Is Patrick Zircher the new on-going penciler or is he just on for this arc?

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