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HULK #30


Ed McGuiness draws a special (and especially insane) issue of HULK! A classic Hulk enemy returns, and can only be defeated by…THE COMPOUND HULK! Guest-starring XEMNU, THE IMPOSSIBLE MAN and WOODGOD (yes, Woodgod)!

Story by Jeff Parker
Art by Ed McGuinness & Dexter Vines
Colors by Morry Hollowell
Letters by Ed Dukeshire
Cover by Ed McGuinness & Steve Firchow

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. I don’t really care for Ed McGuines. I don’t really hate him. It may just be the association with Loeb.

  2. This is a Marvel bit of trickery. They moved Hardman to the 30.1 issue so I would buy that and being anal retentive I can’t have an one issue gap in the ‘normal’ run, so I buy this one as well. I like McGuinness just fine when he manages to tell stories instead of just doing splash page after splash page. We’ll see what happens with Parker’s writing.

  3. @JimBilly4  It’s not so much trickery as it is an attempt to boost sales on a book with flagging sales.

  4. Let’s not forget that McGuinness is an incredible artist–particularly for a Hulk book. The association with Loeb is understandable though. Hopefully this issue will help a lot of us help assiciate the art style with Parker’s manic old-school writing instead of… Loeb’s… uh… “writing”

  5. Any chance to see McGuinness is good enough for me.

  6. I’d choose Hardman any day, but I love McGuinness something fierce.  I didn’t buy the Loeb issues of Hulk despite my love for McGuiness, but the more I hear about it, I may go back and pick them up. Very excited for this, then Hardman’s return!  Win-win!

  7. Sad that the sales are flagging. I didn’t care much for Loeb’s writing. Parker and Hardman’s Hulk is the only Hulk I made it a point to buy monthly. Parker and Hardman are the reason I finally cared about the Red Hulk.

  8. @conor: Wouldn’t it make sense to put McGuinness on the .1 issue then? Cause it seems like he was helping the sales.

    Not judging or anything on the quality of the series just curious if it should work the other way. 

  9. didn’t Mc Guinness draw that exactly same cover for a previous issue? he must be able to do this stuff in he’s sleep

  10. @djd  Sales are less than half of what they were under Loeb/McGuinness.

    @TheNextChampion  Possibly, but they’re hoping for an artificial bump either way.

  11. Think McGuinness’s work is more suited for DC stuff anyways, and haven’t been diggin Hardman’s work, can we have a shoutout for more Lyra in the Hulk books pls?

  12. @Franktiger – Shout!

  13. This was a very, very good issue.  I laughed all the time with this one.

  14. A very average issue. Fun, but it wasn’t as good as the story driven stuff that came before.

  15. @CaseyJustice  thanks!  They heard us, sorta.

  16. Eh, I was not thrilled with the Composite Hulk brought together by the love of Betty. The Xenudu or whatever he was called, was amusing old school fun, but everything else felt uninspired. Most of the alien monsters were kind of boring. Coming off the Hardman Monster Island, which was super mega awesome, I was really unimpressed. As to sales: in addition to Hulk providing nothing new, and hate or like Red Hulk and his mystery, he was at least new, they are spreading their product just way too thin over three books a month. And the back-ups have been almost universally boring. Drop Hulk to $2.99 and put Incredible on one issue a month and then, I don’t know, do something new and interesting and the sales will steady.

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