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  1. "The return of the LAST person you ever expected to see!"….Wha?? God I hope its Thor, please make it Thor vs Red Hulk!!!

    The LAST person….really? Steve Rogers I’d say is the last person I’d expect lol.

  2. So another comic where iron man appears and gets his ass beat but it still ends in a tie

  3. Wow. So that’s what Hulk was looking at in promos!

  4. Verdict: Read it in the store. If it’s actually good, I’ll buy it and the issue that preceded it.


  5. I called who the Red Hulk was long before it was released.  Still, the first issue didn’t completely suck, so this may have a shot. 

  6. Why must there be so much Ironman and Wolverine related comics out there?

  7. This might be my last issue of this I hated the first one..

    I’m read to go back to planet Hulk for son of Hulk SKAAAAR

  8. @Guardedmarman: Venom, Ghost Rider and Spider-man were busy. *dated*

  9. Liked this issue.  Not crazy about the Rick Jones "twist" but I’m looking forward to see where this is going forward.

  10. I like the dynamics and the use of shadow… the story really isn’t anything new. I just hope that this hulk has some new dramatic twist or some freakishly new power.

  11. I think everyone has their "book".  The one book that they seem to always get, through thick and thin, good story arcs and bad.  The Hulk has (almost) always been that book for me.  The only other time that I didn’t collect the Hulk in the 16 years I’ve been collecting comics, is the 1 year that I quit comics altogether (1999-2000).  But now, I think I’ll have to quit getting the Hulk, and it’s such a disappointment after how great I thought Planet Hulk was.  I thought this book was dreadful.  It left me confused, and completely flat.  I’m totally disinterested in where this story is going.

    I think it’s remarkably lame that so many authors just trump up other gamma irradiated villans.  It completely devalues the character of the Hulk if practically everyone who gets exposed to gamma radiation turns into a super-strong badass.  The beauty of the Hulk is that Jeckyl and Hyde relationship between Banner and the Hulk.  Sure it’s fun when the Hulk stomps people guts out, but I don’t think that’s what the best Hulk stories are about.  I think I’m coming to believe in what Conor said recently, all of the good Hulk stories may have been told.  I think I’m just depressed because I thought this sucked, and I’m annoyed that Greg Pak (who wrote a kick-ass Hulk story in Planet Hulk) had the title taken away from him so that Marvel could solicit another #1 issue.

  12. I’m pretty much a Hulk fan and… this issue just confused me, really. What the Abomination Rick? Looked like him. This book is also noty Loeb’s best work. If this is what Marvel paid for with the exclusive (including Ultimates) they got robbed.

  13. all i can say it "I NEW IT!! IN YOUR FACE EVERYONE!!"  sorry needed to get that out of my system.

  14. Interesting stuff, with fantastic art.

    I don’t think it’ll be going down in history or anything, seems more like a stunt, but enjoyable nevertheless.

    "I can kill you anytime I want"

  15. it’s seems there is some confusion. just to clear this up, rick jones is NOT the red hulk. the was that other thing at the end.

  16. Has Loeb lost it? I got that sinking feeling as soon as I started in on this book. Now I’m afraid what he’s going to do with the Ultimate Universe later this year.

  17. Maybe Conor was right — after Peter David, are there any Hulk stories left to be told? It’s been more than a decade now… and no, I don’t give Greg Pak any credit.

  18. @CleophusWayne

     I was thinking the same thing when I read this book. Loeb’s status as a writer had definitely dropped in my opinion. I got 2 books from him this week and both would have been the 2 worst books of the week had it not been for the two great artists that he has the luck of working with.

    I wasn’t confused at all with this because Loeb lays things out so that the events are comprehendable but not interesting or engaging. This is definitely a title that I am buying solely for the art but I almost don’t want to purchase it at all because whenever someone makes any criticism about his work all he does is talk about how many issues it sold and hides behind those numbers.

  19. Loeb is the top of my list of hot/cold writers. I either love the story or hate it, no inbetweens. And I hate this one so far. A-Bomb? A-BOMB? Are you kidding me?

    I like the art though, so its good to look at. All points go to artwork none go to writing.

  20. I havent read Hulk-only title since Byrne took a stab at it 20-some-odd years ago.  I usually give books I buy time to get their footing and trust that the story that  develops will be good. 

    Not a good sign that I really don’t care WHO the red hulk is.  dropped.

  21. Interesting art.  Dialogue leaves a lot to be desired.  Iron man/stark sounds both like a cool under pressure autocrat and a 70’s era superhero.  Not very impressed so far. 

  22. I liked the first issue….never read the hulk before world war hulk….but i trust Loeb…always loved his stuff! He’ll make this and Ultimates a great run!

  23. was "oh the humanity!" supposed to be a joke? what the hell was that.

  24. Am I the only one enjoying this?

  25. Am I the only one enjoying this?

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