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A dying woman’s desperate need to see her long lost son sends John Constantine on a mission in “Suicide Bridge,” a haunting tale of evil and melancholy that finds John using his occult connections to learn why so many young people are going missing. It’s a story full of strange places and desperate lives that leads Constantine to unearth his own connection to the mysterious disappearance of a boyhood friend.

Art and cover by SIMON BISLEY

Price: $4.99
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  1. A vertigo annual? Well I never…

  2. Incidentally, I actually just found the first Annual, from ’89 by Jamie Delano. This is actually Annual #2.

  3. An annual all done by the Biz!?!? This makes me want to drink and light up a smoke.

  4. I think i’m going to pick this up and give it a try. I like the character I just have never tried this book.

    • Me too.

    • Milligans run starting at issue 250 is the best run ever in my opinion. I think one of the worst runs ever is the original 40 odd issues by Jamie Delano.. dont bother reading those.. they get metaphysical to the max… if you ever go back and start near the beginning start at the second writers run.. I think it was Ennis maybe.. i forget.

  5. POTW. No contest.

  6. God this was depressing.

  7. Just finished this today man it was a good read.

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