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As “War of the Green Lanterns” rages, Hal, Guy, John and Kyle fight on – but standing in their way is Kilowog, Salaak and all their comrades. Are they prepared to hurt their friends in order to save the Corps?

Written by TONY BEDARD
Art and cover by TYLER KIRKHAM and BATT
Variant cover by GEORGE PEREZ

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. I liked this series the best of the three last month.

  2. Loving this arc, this is literally the only thing DC is producing right now that I have any interest in

  3. Love Kilowog so thats all I got for this title..


  4. The preview on the DCU Blog hints at some MAJOR spoilers.

  5. All the folks who were complaining about the GLs changing colors in the GL 65 comments may actually explode when they see the cover of this issue.

  6. @sakuuya  How have you seen the cover?

  7. O wait I just looked it up. I’m still excited. It’s the logical next step to defeating mind controlled GLs.

  8. Nothing happened here last issue except Ganthet blowing his hand up. To me this the weak link in crossover chain.

  9. A bit strange they are shipping GL and GLC in the same week again.  You’d think they’d want to spread the crossover out over the weeks.  Oh well, still looks cool to me.

  10. Should have seen it coming, but what an ending

  11. This was ok I guess. The “plan” the guys came up with was pretty risky (not to mention stupid), considering the potential disaster this combo could create. You would think a tactical guy like John would try to talk ’em outta this. I love how Ganthet calls them out on it too.

    I dunno. I’m far from over Johns’ GL, but I’m starting to wish he’d switch things up again somehow. We’re five chapters in and so far there’s nothing seperating this from any other GL story in the last five years. I’m optimistic that the last act will prove awesom ewith a confrontation between the Crayola Calvary and Krona. Here’s hoping.

  12. John on that cover…looks so bad

  13. I said this in the GL 65 thread and it’s true of this issue too, after part 1 each issue has been too uneventful.  It’s like every issue is a setup for the next and not enjoyable enough on its own.  Not a fan of the art on GLC either so that doesn’t help.  I’m still on board though.

    I did like Ganthet saying what I was thinking “Lantern Stewart, you are most ill-suited for indigo.”  Not a fan of the outfit or the idea of a compassionate sniper.

  14. And guest-starring as John Stewart on the cover of this issue was…Amanda Waller?  Why did Aaron Lopresti draw John with big old man boobs?  Very weird.

  15. I love the GL and GLC titles….I enjoy the Emerald Warriors title but of the three its the one I’d drop first.   I’ve enjoyed this latest story arc but I did have to wonder why Kyle, Hal, and the others wouldn’t have factored in the blue rings ability to amp up the green rings, when they were dividing up rings.  That seems like it would have been immediately obvious.

  16. Does this issue seem necessary to the overall crossover? I havent been buying this, and it didnt seem like I missed out on anything by skipping the last GLC issue. However, it seems that this picks up directly where this weeks GL left off.

  17. @Skyfire124  Yeah, the Emerald Warriors book doesn’t really seem to serve a purpose right now (and to be honest, it didn’t really serve much of a purpose before the War of the Green Lanterns, except to give Guy Gardner a book in which to feature). 

    Surely the Blue rings do SOMETHING other than power up the green…though we haven’t seen it yet…

  18. @chadwhitley Probably but knowing you’re going into a battle where your odds are something like 4 guys up against nearly 7200 others….  I think regardless of whatever nebulous benefits, you’re not going to want a ring that further amps up their power!

  19. Who’s the buff chick in the lower right hand corner?

  20. The Crayola Cavalry line made me laugh, and Ganthet was kicking ass in this issue.  It’s not a great story but I’m having fun with it.

  21. @JaqueNargg  You didn’t miss much at all. Except the reveal at the end was ok, the lead up to it was filler. The art is killing my enthusiasm for the book. 

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