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BRIGHTEST DAY continues as the final part of the “Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns” features a confrontation between Cyborg Superman and Ganthet! Will the villain finally get the eternal sleep he so desperately seeks? Meanwhile, the Weaponers of Qward attempt to tap into the White Energy from the construct left behind by Deadman’s battle with the Anti-Monitor.

Written by TONY BEDARD
Variant cover by PATRICK GLEASON

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  1. Cyborg Superman vs. Ganthet?  OK, I might give this a shot.

  2. Kick his ass Ganthet! This has been decent so far.

    The upcoming Weaponer story sounds like it might have promise, but I can’t get past one little detail; How can a construct be "left behind"? Has this ever happened before? I know the corps vary in how their powers work, but the fundamentals are basically the same. If a construct is directly linked to the mind of the ring bearer, how can this net still be on Qward when Deadman has obviously moved on?

  3. Thiss has been good so far. I think Bedard needs to stop writing it like its REBELS though. It doesn’t need that much explaination when its something that has been a top 20 book for the last few years.

  4. @WheelHands: Somewhere along the line (I don’t remember where exactly), they explained that the white power ring constructs were different from all of the other color constructs in that they do not disappear.  They haven’t explained WHY this is, only that this is how the white constructs work.  Hope that helps.  Maybe someone can tell us in what issue this was explained.

  5. I’m loving all the GL books!  I’m so glad I am all caught up with everything from No Fear up!  I even went back and read Sinestro Corps again twice…

  6. Other then the lack of caring for Kyle Rayner, this has been a good start for Bedard. Excited to see just how badass he’s gonna make Ganthet in this fight.

    This isn’t the last issue for Syaf though is it? 

  7. I am liking it… but three GL issues is tough to carry. Right now Bedard looks like the weakest of some strong links. If something has to give… well, I am not there yet, but something will have to give.

  8. @ctrosejr: I see. I must’ve missed that. Thanks though.

  9. I think this is currently the best GL book.

  10. My GL Title Ranking: 4) Emerald Warrior, 3) Green Lantern, 2) GL Corps, 1) Brightest Day.  (I know BD isn’t technically a GL book, but I think of it that way.)

  11. Im actually really diggin this book.

  12. I think this one is better then Emerald Warriors in the story department, but EW has it beat to all shit in the art store.  Regular GL with Johns and Mahnke have them both beat all around!!

  13. This is the only Green Lantern title I will be keeping up with.  The main title has been pretty below average in my opinion.

  14. @Djd it wasn’t really decyborging himself it was a contest of minds rather than him just taking over a machine because Boodika was still sentiant. … I think. You know he’s gonna come back though.

    Best issue since the change. I think Bedard is getting a handle on the characters now. 

  15. This arc has been a bit flawed but everything came together nicely this issue.  Bedard got his core squad established.  He did a good job of selling Boodikka.  It’s been hard to care about that character ever since she got turned into a cyborg.

    Art’s not bad but not my favorite so I’m glad they’re mixing it up with Kirkham next arc.  All and all I’m down for reading three GL books now that I’ve read each one within a couple weeks.  Bottom line is there are enough characters I care about to support it.  Plus I gotta get my cosmic superhero fix now that Marvel is winding their cosmic stuff down.

  16. Good issue, this story arc was probably an issue too long. There was some redundancy in the plot, as well, the narrator of this issue wasn’t exactly clear at first and not in the "It’s not supposed to be way" but that the voice definitely seemed to be that of John until about 1/4 of the way through. 4/5 for me. 

  17. I thought this wrapped up well but the entire arc was… one of the weaker in a long time. That said, it did set up the teams and players well and set the tone of the book. Not big on the art though. 

  18. Oh man where to begin with this? Bedard started off so strong and then he just rushed to get this arc finished. Ganthet was not a factor, Stewart and Rayner wasn’t a factor; only Boddika was a factor and I just couldn’t care to see what happened to her. Cyborg-Superman was totally written well here before but now he is just a generic villain. Shame, cause even with the fantastic Syaf art (the panel of the Robot Fists were great) I just got bored by this issue. If the new artist can’t keep me interested next issue then I see this as a trade wait in the future.


  19. TOTAL DISSAPOINTMENT. I kept on this series because Cyborg Superman (Hank Henshaw) has been one of my all time favorite charachters. His ending does him absolutely NO JUSTICE. The premise of the story was there, but the execution seemed flawed and now hope this is not his end so someone can truly do his final chapter correctly.  I only kept on for Cyborg Superman, and now since the arc is done, so am I.

  20. Kind of a dull ending (both this & last issue) to a pretty strong story.

  21. I don’t care about this title anymore. Probably dropped. 

  22. Look back on it this was just so very standard. i think now is a safe time to jump off this book until it gets good again

  23. When I saw this book was coming out this week, I didn’t really care.  Then I read it and I’m pretty sure I won’t care about the next issue either.  This wasn’t that bad it was just lackluster, and I think it’s drop time.

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