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  1. I guess GLC will be dealing with the Corps involvement directly. While the regular GL title will focus on the major side characters of the actual event. I hope that doesn’t mean Rayner, Gardener, and Stewart aren’t a big factor in the grand scheme of things. They should be…

  2. @TNC  I think they will be once we get halfway through. Johns loves all four of Earth’s GL’s way too much to leave them out

  3. Last issue wasn’t the best, hopefully now we’ll be involved in the crossover proper. Plus… BL Jade!

  4. I have to admit, I have never liked Kyle’s mask.  I still can’t get over it, no matter how great stories with him are.  It’s too clunky!

  5. Kyle has never really had a good costume. But, yeah, his mask is particularly fugly.

  6. Why does is seem Kyle is the one GL who changes his costume (but not his mask) regularly? I believe he’s had 3-4 different ones. I’m trying to remember what other GL does this and none come to mind.

  7. Gardner and Stewart have changed theirs in minor ways over the years but kyle has full on changed outfits. i really miss the original costume he had, i wanna see the art team on the GL books draw that costume

  8. They keep teasing us with potential John Stewart action and then taking it away.  Hopefully the zombie planet will be interesting.

  9. @drakedangerz: I liked his Jim Lee costume.  Plan domino mask and cool white emblem.

    @Prax: Yes BL Jade, mwahahahahaha!!!

  10. GLC is the top pulled book! This makes me smile (yes, in a creepy way). I guess I can’t complain about this book being underrated & underappreicated anymore … or can I go back to doing that after Blackest Night? 😛

  11. What’s the reading order so far for BN? I got a little misplaced with GL45

  12. In broad strokes, the reading order has been the order they came out in. In weeks where more than one book has come out they go in order of "importance." That is to say Blackest Night > Green Lantern/Green Lantern Corps > Blackest Night Tie-Ins.


  13. @Prax – I think that is pretty accurate.

  14. This issue went back and forth to characters a bit too quick for my liking. Other then Rayner everyone else seem to only be shown for about 2-3 pages. Gleason’s art helped calm me down with some scary ass designs for the Black Lanterns. Still, on the story it was a bit too meh for my liking.

  15. @TNC – I could agree with it skipping around a little to much, but that is really the only flaw I felt was present in this issue.

  16. Some panels were too chaotic, so it was hard to follow, but overall it was a decent issue.  I both loved and hated seeing Bzzd take out green lanterns, and was hoping for a longer fight between him and Guy.  The way Guy grabbed him was just hilarious.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  I also find it interesting what Tomasi is doing with Kryb.  Curious to see where that relationship goes and what it will lead to for the two corps.

  17. If second half of this book had the same momentum as the first half, this would have been my POW by a long shot.

  18. It’s probably a strange thing to say, but I think I love the colours in this comic the most. They’re so vibrant. The art is fantastic.

  19. When they do the full color emotion it looks great.

  20. Was John Stewart even in this issue?  He’s mentioned in the solicit.  Last issue left him essentially facing a Black Lantern Planet and then he doesn’t even appear.  Give the man a chance.

    @drakedangerz – "Man who catch fly with chopsticks accomplish anything." – Mr. Miyagi

    @theegreatone – I love the coloring, too. 

  21. I like seeing Salaak stick it to the Alpha Lanterns

  22. I agree!

    Alpha Lanterns…OWNED!

    I think the condescending nature of Salaak made it all the better!

  23. I just realized this just now out of the blue:

    Where’s Kilowog in this issue? He got attacked, I believe, last time when the Black Lanterns started attacking. Now for some reason Tomasi doesn’t write what happens to him in this issue. I hope he didn’t forget about him.

  24. Another strong issue of probably the 2nd most consistantly good book on the racks (after Scalped).
    I loved the Karate Kid reference 🙂 & I really hope Kryb dies. She would be the scariest Black Lantern ever (besides Michael Jackson).

  25. I keep reading this title and I like it, but I think my lack of knowledge on the large DCU is really keeping me from loving it.

  26. @WadeWilson – where was the Karate Kid reference?  I read this at the store and missed that.

  27. chopsticks to catch a fly

  28. I love how strong Kyle is now and how confident he has become. It still feels like the same character but he’s grown so much since he first got the ring. Loved the scenes with him and Jade.

    *jumps onto the table at the coffee shop*

    "Y’know what big boy, your growns up. Your growns up and your growns up and your growns up."

    *waves shirt around*

  29. I gave this issue a 4/5. I didn’t absolutely love the issue, but thought it was pretty good. Jade scenes were fantastic, Salaak was awesome, Guy was spot on. I’m excited to see where this goes with Soranik and Iolande. So, it didn’t rate high on my list this week, but it was certainly enjoyable.

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