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  1. Hopping on this issue because of Blackest Night. I haven’t loved the corps in the past, however during Sinestro Corps war I was a fan.

  2. Tom Katers is pulling this on our website! I feel so honored….

    Hopefully this continues the trend of awesome Blackest Night tie-ins.

  3. Anyone know whether this is meant to be read before or after Blackest Night #2?


    Just asking as Green Lantern #44 was obviously meant to be read after Blackest Night #1 and I wondered if this is written similarly.

  4. @Tex No clue. In general I would (safely) say to read them in this Order: BN #2, GLC #39, BN:Batman #1. Though it’s really anyone’s guess.

  5. @Tex-Anyone’s guess indeed.  I suggest just flipping to the first and last page of both issues.  That should answer the question.

  6. i would feel confindent in saying read BN2 then the tie ins in any order. I thought it was kinda the rule to read the main book before tie-ins.

  7. Wait for the Absolute and you won’t have to worry about reading order.

  8. @scorpionmasada Because it will inevitably leave things out… or because it will never come out? 😉

  9. I’ve never had that problem of whether a tie-in would ruin a main issue of an event or not. Hope that doesn’t happen here.

  10. I have always liked the new Corps and have not been dissapointed yet. It’s one of those books that I have always been excited to get because I knew I would be getting good story telling and artwork. This is a regular essential for me, all the better for being part of Blackest Night!

  11. This series has really surprised me, in a good way. It’s wayyyyyyyyy better than I expected it to be.

  12. Oops …………… meant to post that in the JSA vs Kobra thread …. my brain also surprises me with how awesome it works.

    GLC rocks & has rocked since issue #1 … so surprises here,

  13. For the last three months I’ve gone to my LCS and ended up picking this up, even though I had no intention to when I set off.

    Every month I end up really enjoying it. So this week I’ve pulled it before hand. I’ve given in.

  14. GLC is one of the most underappreciated books right now. Love love love it.

  15. I’m looking forward to an entire issue devoted to Ch’p.

  16. *prays*

    Please let Gleason be good on this issue. I know he’s had a good streak going, but I still don’t trust him! Let him make this a good looking comic book savior!*

    (Savior aka Peter Tomasi)

  17. I think this book is better than the standard Green Lantern ongoing.

    @TNC: I agree about Gleason he has gotten better but he seems to flip flop on quality issue to issue.

  18. Gleason’s quality was still high! Woo!!!

    I don’t know who this Morro guy is, but I want to see an arc just on his work as a cryptkeeper. Another great issue by Tomasi and Gleason.

  19. There was a Morro short not that long ago….but I can’t remember where I saw it. 

  20. Loved how Guy quoted Clemenza from the Godfather " Hey Mikie, tell the nice girl you love her. I love you with alla my heart, if dont see you againa soon, Ima gonna die." Classic.

  21. Is the white hand holding Kyle on the next to last page (the two page spread) the first Black Lantern ring construct that we have seen?  I don’t recall any other constructs in the other books.

    Solid book. 

  22. Loved it.

  23. Solid issue.  Filled in some gaps and progressed all it’s storylines.  Great to see this book still running on all cylinders

  24. @JesTr- Agreed. This book has been better than the regular GL title since the start.

    SPOILERS of Batman: Blackest Night follow —

    @stuclach- There was a pretty kick-ass construct of Scarface in Batman: Blackest Night!

    What can I say about this issue that I don’t say every issue of GLC? Pure comic awesomeness. 

  25. This book is always so dense. I love it! Tomasi has really stepped up his game lately.

  26. @WadeWilson – I notice that Scarface construct in BN: Batman after reading this.  It makes me wonder why we aren’t seeing constructs in the main book.  Interesting.

  27. @WadeWilson & @stuclach  BN: Batman  was awesome probably my POTW.

  28. @TNC: You’re right Gleason’s work is still good on this issue.  I guess he is trying harder since this is the big event.

  29. @JesTr: Well he was definitely improving a couple of issues before this. I guess maybe he hit a rough patch or something when he was a bit inconsistent. But yeah I am starting to really love his work.

  30. @TNC: Might have to do with Doug Manhke.  They share a studio and are both on the same page with GL stuff.  Maybe it good for both their work. It can’t hurt, constructive criticism and ideas may make both titles better.

  31. Huh, I actually enjoyed this more than Blackest Night #2. The sense of dread that hangs over the last part of the book when you realize where all those black rings are headed almost felt like watching a tense horror film and I loved every second of it.

  32. Good stuff. Love to see the Corps in action. Kinda knew how the final page would go but it’s still a bit of a shock/sting. The spalsh page was nutz. I feel like I’m watching a sci-fi horror movie!

  33. Man i hope this is the first of kyle’s ex’s to come back. i want next issue to end with a black refrigerator busting through Oa’s atmosphere right in front of kyle and the door swinging open to reveal possibly the most disturbing return yet

  34. Great read. Not quite what I was expecting, truth told. I gave it a 4/5. It had everything necessary and delivered. Great Gleason  art, too. Hearty thumbs up.

    @stulach Well, it’s a bit unclear if it’s a "Black Ring Construct" or not.  We know from GL#44 and the end of BN #1 that Black Lanterns retain their power sets from before they died. And Jade had the ability to make constructs without a ring. So it’s very likely we’re seeing one of her constructs as opposed to a ring. But we shall see. What complicated this is the Scarface construct in the Bat-book. 

    @roivampire It’s sad to say I would really like to see that.

  35. Oh, I forgot to say, we briefly talked about reading order. So far my unofficial reading over is:

    GL #43, Tales of the Corps #1-3, BN #0, BN #1, GL #44, GLC #39, BN #2, BN:Batman #1 (Really it can take place any time, but it has to happen after #2)

  36. Wrigley is spellinged with one "g". Unless this is alternate reality Wriggley Field….MAYHEM!

  37. among other things, here’s what I like about this issue:

    Guy Gardner eats donuts and reads comics on his way to Oa.

    Haven’t noticed bad quality, but does anyone know how many issues of this book, including the Recharge mini, Gleason has not worked on?  7.  Seven issues out of 44.  He has created the look for this book.

  38. @RoiVampire: that would be awesome!!!

  39. @ABirdseysView- Wow, that is a massive effort. I didn’t realise, Gleason had only missed 7 issues. He is a huge reason why this title is as strong as it is.

  40. I’m so glad that i can buy two green lantern books. This is exactly what i wanted when I heard Hal was coming back. Him in his own book which is awesome and Kyle and Guy in this book which is also badass.

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