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  1. Jumping on board with this issue. Super excited!

  2. @mrmister – You won’t be disappointed as this has been a great book since Tomasi came on as writer.

  3. That be one kick ass cover.  Can’t wait to see what happens with Sodam Yat, that guy is awesome.

  4. @mrmister: Yay!

    @drake: That is a pretty great cover.

    I’m always a fan of this book, can’t wait to see the outcome of the whole Sodam Yat thing. Hopefully he doesn’t die (Black Lantern?) because he’s one of my favorites. =[

  5. Hope the art can stay consistent in this issue. Cause I see a pattern of Gleason being great on one issue; then sucky on the next.

  6. I think I’m gonna give this a try as well.

  7. sodam yat probably doesn’t die – he’s in the future, still alive, in legion of three worlds.

  8. Reading the Green Lantern books have been so exciting. I can’t wait to see what happens this issue. Isn’t Sodam Yat mentioned as dying in the original War of Light Prophecy? I wonder how/if that will play out.

  9. hey! the little boys i give sedative filled candy to at the park call me ‘Sodom’ too!!

  10. @edward – I used to hang around schools & offer candy to little kids. I was seven at the time. *rimshot*

    Brown Lanterns Unite!


  11. This is on of my favourite books at the moment.

    I lreally like Patrick Gleason and Rebecca Buchman’s artwork. Emerald Eclipse has been the better of the ‘Prelude to Blackest Night’ run (2:agent orange).

    Corps is easily outshining Green Lantern, for me.

  12. Yeah Agent Orange hasn’t been bad, but it really could have been done in a one shot it seems. This story on the other hand has been nothing but bad ass.

  13. @Rustyautoparts –

    i don’t know that it will pay off anymore, the weird thing about the original prophecy is that it also had Mogo being killed by Ranx, and Sodom Yat blew Ranx to hell so I kind of viewed that as things being amiss with the actual prophecy.  Kind of why Sinestro getting the Green Lanterns to kill was actually so important, because its made the prophecy defunct just a bit…you know, unless Ranx is a Black Lantern now too in which case just forget what I said.

  14. Yea, I figured the story would diverge somewhat from the prophecy, otherwise the Corps would die out after Blackest Night. I’m just curious to see what they decide to do with it.

  15. I remember (not long ago) I was sayin’ how underrated this book is & this week it has the most pulls on by over 100 pulls! Big ups to the iFanbase!

  16. This was a pretty good issue, not POTW worthy but good. I’m shocked Gleason was able to do two great issues in a row.

  17. @ TNC: your right. Usually one issue is really good, then the next is ok, then back to good. But it’s also understandable. There is a lot going on in this book. You need time to set everything up. With Blackest Night on the way, I look for this book to continue this trend.

  18. Did not disappoint, very solid issue. 

  19. Really enjoyed this issue, there was a nice split between action and story, though maybe we could have split up the Sinestro/Soranik stuff a bit, otherwise the book seemed a little front heavy. Still good stuff. This was my POW. It wasn’t the best ever, but compared to everything else was weak. I thought Gleason’s art was better this issue compared to last.

    Also… the last panel is a pretty big development for the future! 

  20. I’m rather new to the GL/GLC books… anyone care to explain at that Ion stuff at the end for me?

  21. Very very solid issue.  I’m enjoying GLC far more than GL at the moment.  And, surprisingly, I am starting to like Sinestro more and more.  Freaky

  22. "I don’t need a paternal slap on the back from a murderous rogue dictator who dragged my planet & the universe’s existence to the brink of destruction!"

    Let’s be honest — we’ve all said this very sentence once or twice in our lives.

    Another solid issue, pretty text heavy too, it felt like about 3 comics worth of info/story packed into 1 issue.

  23. Totally my POTW. It was close between this and Secret Warriors but this pulled it off with the last page. Awesome art by gleason.

  24. 4-stars all the way. Not POW status, but a great look at Sinestro, and a very good issue all around.

  25. I went to two stores and didn’t see this anywhere. WTF?


  26. sinestro is going to sacrafice himself at the end. obvious

  27. Yeah this issue was totally packed full of stuff.

    There is only one problem. If Daxam has a yellow sun, and all the residents get their powers turned on, now you just have a planet full of racist supermen. Or is the whole pointgoing to be that Sodam showed them not all aliens are bad?

  28. love this book. there are so many good characters in it.

    @parker- a planet full of potentially villainous kryptonian-like people? wait for "World of New Daxam"

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