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  1. I really want to see where Tomasi takes the Mongul story.  I think he might end up starting a war within the Sinestro Corp.  Good stuff

  2. Wow, nice ass on that Green Lantern guy on the cover!

  3. Finally! I have been waiting for this storyline forever! Mongul FTW!

  4. MONGUL!!!! YES

  5. Damn, Ion does have a sweet can

  6. I usually think this is the most underrated comic on the stands, but maybe people are starting to see how awesome it is?

  7. I jumped off shortly after Sinestro Corps ended. I might jump on at this point since its a light week.

  8. @RocketRacoon – You missed some pretty good stories.


  10. This was a fantastic issue, Tomasi might be the best writer on DC right now…..right next to Morrison and Johns of course.

    Mongul in this was kick ass!

  11. that was a great great issue for sure.  spoiler – the black hand on the ground with all the different color paint cans was a striking image.  looks like we might get Jade back as a black lantern.

  12. @speaknspell – I agree.  That backup story/Tom Sawyer homage was excellent.  The final image was haunting.  Is that the children of the Green Lantern couples dressed as Sinestro Corp members?  If so, that is a very interesting (and haunting) representation of fear.  Very solid issue.

  13. Yeah, very very solid issue.  Its crazy how Scar keeps getting more and more fucked up as the Origins and Omens progress.  I heart Tomasi ^__^

  14. OMG, and that Steve Busemi character at the end?!?!?!  Man, that alone might make this POTW

  15. @stuclach – I didn’t even put that together with the children.  I just thought they were odd Sinestro Corps members.  thats a neat interpretation though.  I actually really like the way they’re doing the Star Sapphire character, she’s really intriguing for some reason.

  16. Tomasi has written another winner . After the amazing job he did on Nightwing  DC ought to consider letting him write Batman .

  17. is this book *better* than green lantern? probably not, but the fact that i can even ponder it is impressive.

  18. Both Green Lantern titles have been doing great for quite sometime now, and it seems they’ll only be getting better for sometime.  These are the books I look forward to the most each month currently, and these characters never appealed to me at one time.

  19. With this issue I also question the betterment of Corps to GL main.  Then I decided that both are equally great and complementary

  20. the latern kids as sinestro corps members  are the kids kryb captures duh

  21. hmmm, I love both Green Lantern and GLC, but what’s been so fun about GLC is the group dynamic we get. Green Lantern is a Hal book and I like Hal, but I really really like all the different folks they’ve made in GLC.

    Man I hope they don’t kill them all in Blackest night lol.

  22. @speaknspell. How great is the buddy cop dynamic between Hal and Kyle?

  23. This was great. Just think, Action has more pulls than this, such a shame. Tomasi hit it out of the park with this issue. So many venues and he managed to make it all work.

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