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  1. I’ve been sorta off on this whole arc. Dont get me wrong, it is still a great title to read….I just dont care about the Star Sapphires that much.

    Hopefully we get the ball running soon with another color.

  2. They could prove more interesting later on.  I’m with you about not really digging them right now.  But I find the baby stealing plot line pretty engrossing.  I am so afraid of what might happen to the preggers green lantern 🙁

  3. Personally, I think the lanterns are going to be absolutely pissed about the new rules.  I see a Guy Gardener temper tantrum in the near future.  And much rebellion.  Not something you would want on the verge of a huge war.

  4. Nothing scarier than a villain that eats babies.

  5. What about a baby that eats villains?

  6. or a baby villian that eats the villians of babies?

  7. Or a blue space-kitty that vomits red angry blood?

  8. Or a blue space-kitty that vomits red acid blood riding a villain that eat babies on an intergalactic motorcycle? Or is that the coolest thing ever?

  9. What if Lobo just put on some kitty ears and started eating children?

  10. Lobo: Meow Mix. 6 issues. Keith Giffen. Summer 2010.

  11. Yes we can!

  12. I had kind of a hard time caring about this issue.  Don’t really care about Kryb.  And for a story that’s supposed to be about the Star Sapphires, we get very little of them.  I guess that’s ok, because I don’t care much about them, either.  But yes, credit is due to Tomasi for spending time focusing on so many minor and mid-tier characters.

  13. I flat out loved this issue.  Tomasi is easily becoming one of my favorite writers.  The fight with Kryb really hooked me.  And the giant green baby!?!!??!  Man, I almost fell off my chair laughing as it played with Kryb like it was a dead bird.

    Wish we would have seen more of the star sapphires too, but I am happy with the issue nonetheless.  Easily a contender for POTW for me!!

  14. This what I call good comics.

  15. A little tough to follow this issue was..

    and for those of you not in the know: "You’ll always be babies to me" is a reference to ‘Mother’ from Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’.  

  16. Kryb is one scary monster. The yellow aura with little baby arms. Messed up.

    The giant baby beating. Great Sequence.

  17. I am really loving this story.  Parts of this issue were so creepy it sent shivers down my spine.  I like that this comic is not afraid of showing a little darkness.  The darker the evil, the more the light of good has a chance to shine and stand out.

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