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You gotta give Peter Tomasi some credit. In Green Lantern Corps, he focuses on a lot of minor characters. First it was the fly Bzzd in the Mongol storyline, now it’s Matoo a pregnaut green lantern.

This recent storyarc of the Violet Lanterns hasnt wowed me really. Maybe it’s because the Zamarons, or Star Sapphires have been introduced long before this ‘War of Light’ prelude. But I just havent really flowed with this new colored lanterns, especially not after the kick ass introductions of the Blue and Red lanterns. But Tomasi does something interesting that makes me like this issue more, he basically forgets about them. I know that sounds silly, but other then two pages in here, we are focusing on more then just those lanterns. Mainly it’s the Corps fighting this new Yellow Lantern, who is creepy as hell. Her saying ‘You’ll always be babies to me’ is just scary. I wont ruin the final page, but damn…that might win for ‘scariest final page’ if there was such an award. But again, like I said above, Tomasi is great in this series because he focuses more on the minor characters. Rayner, Gardner, and the others are as minor as your gonna get. But then Tomasi focuses on more Lanterns and it’s just great to see a writer focus on the little guys more.

What makes this issue so damn scary is Gleason’s pencils. I’ve been on and off with him just like the previous issues, but he draws some creepy characters. The Guardians, the Yellow Lantern, and agian that final page…Man he’s gotta have some bizarre nightmares to think of those drawings up. This Matoo character is creepy as anything as well so it’s hard to root for someone who looks so damn scary.

This has been a much improvement over the last couple of issues with this arc. The art is more definited and  not focusing much on the Violet Lanterns made this issue more fun. Probably the next issue will focus more on those lanterns but I really hope not. I wanna see more of the Corps and there fight against one of the scariest lanterns in the universe.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


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