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  1. Last issue was my first and it hooked me when I saw a Lantern that was a fly.

  2. Wheres a good jumping on point for this?  I’m okay with buying some back issues.

  3. @charlieblix

    this is probably a good spot for jumping on. Only GL Corps I read was during the Sinestro Wars so this is really my first GL Corps by itself. It’s supposed to start building toward blackest night in this one so it’s probalby a good spot to jump on. if you get confused, there is always wikipedia

  4. @charlieblix I agree with thefragilenin. the last arc was good but certainly not essential. Jump on. Enjoy.

  5. @CharlieBlix — I would say issue #1 was a good jumping on point! Almost every issue of this book has been awesome since then. But, the last issue was the end of a story arc, so jump on this issue & you should be cool. If you like good sci-fi — you wont regret it.

    Hey, didn’t this book come out like 2 weeks ago? Why is out again so fast (not complaining, just curious)?

  6. It came out about three weeks ago.  Yeah, it’s a little quick, but what the hey.

  7. Last issue was my first and it was the conclusion of an arc and I had no problem enjoying it.  So I would say jump on board, it’s a good read.

  8. Yeah, jump on in.  The water’s nice and warm…and green.

    On second thought, that doesn’t sound too inviting.

  9. Alright.  Book has been pulled.

  10. Anybody know anything about the new artists? I was really diggin the Patrick Gleason stuff.

  11. Last issue was great! Can’t wait for this one!

  12. Somehow this wasn’t in my stack when I got home. Guess I took for granted that it would be there. Did it even come out today?

  13. I am not a fan of the art in this issue.  Not on par with recent issues.

    The new lantern with the "sixth sense" is a little too convenient.  He just happens to show up right before his services are needed with the eyeballs.  It feels like he needed to be a background player for a few issues before becoming integral.

  14. I’m not well versed in Green Lantern lore, but was I supposed to go ‘OH SHIT’ when the bad guy was revealed on the last page.  Am I supposed to know who he is.

  15. @Kory.  I had the same question.  This was my first GL Corps comic and while I thought it was pretty good I’m sure it didn’t impact me the way it was written to.

  16. @Kory and CharlieBlix – I also have no idea who that was.  However, his eyes were really large and shiny, so he must be evil.

  17. I don’t think we are meant to know who that last page reveal is, at least I hope not, because I have no idea.

    Sweet isse, though.

  18. *issue

    lol, I gotta stop typing with my toes.

  19. As a new reader, I have to agree that the biggest drawback to this series is that you can only mix insect features with the alien grey look so many different ways.

    I thought the face in the baddie revelation was the crypt-keeper until I went  back and noticed they had different teeth.

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