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• HAL JORDAN and SINESTRO learn the horrific truth behind the members of the Indigo Tribe and their connection to ABIN SUR

• Also, the GUARDIANS begin their plan to replace the Green Lantern Corps – at any cost!

Written by Geoff Johns
Pencilled by Doug Mahnke
Inked by Christian Alamy
Colored by Alex Sinclair
Cover by Doug Mahnke, Mark Irwin, & David Baron

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 8.7%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. I’m done with this, this reboot didn’t reboot anything!

  2. This is really heating up now and I for one do not want to miss one thing and I for one get the true feeling there is something wrong with the Guardians because I can’t see how they would want to eliminate the Corps.!?


    • we for two, my friend, do not want to miss one thing. i’m with ya.
      dying to know who the 1st lantern was and to see the new army. not to mention the link between abin sur and the indigo tribe.
      finally, i think a writer has the balls to kill the guardians once and for all. we know that it is possible, at least for jordan, to kill a guardian. i think the end of War of the Green Lanterns foreshadowed the end of the guardians.
      if we’re lucky, they’ll all be face down in a gutter somewhere very soon with their guts all about.

    • 3rd! this is kicking so much ass. I wish Geoff Johns and Rick Remender could just write all comic books ever.

    • After an extended break, I’m back on the wagon and having a blast. Fun times, this.

    • I thought the Green Lantern Corps book already established the Alpha Corps were the Third Army.

    • Um, no

    • boo-urns?

    • @sitara – I would love to see their little blue skin ripped off and have thier skulls hollowed out and used for urinals at Guardians Bar and Grill. Grim huh??
      They are just so out dated and seem to cause more issues now a days then they fix.


    • Wait, wait, wait… ed, are you saying you don’t like this book? This is coming completely out of nowhere.

    • nah, he’s just saying that the alpha lanterns aren’t the third army.

      however he could dislike the book, but in that comment, he’s just saying that.

    • @flash
      yeah, they just annoy me more than anything else these days.
      i’d like to see their heads ripped off and their necks shat down.

  3. How can Blackest Night still be in continuity?

    • What’s even crazier is that the Death of Superman and Hal as Parallax are both still in continuity.

      5 years just doesn’t give them enough room.

    • It’s still questionable if Death of Superman is still the same story. No Superboy, Eradicator and no idea where Steel went after the 1st arc. As for Hal as Parallax, it’s still vague as seen in issue 1 of New Guardians. It’s probably been condensed. Green Arrow/ Green Lantern is out the window.
      To answer the first question: Blackest Night is still in continuity because it sells well and in the recent past. The exact events will be massaged to fit the Lantern side of the story.

    • They should have Max Landis write a Death of Superman limited.

    • know what else is weird? damian’s ten.
      isn’t bruce 25 in the new 52?
      he was like 15 when he knocked up talia?
      and hasn’t he been batman for only 5 years?

      not that it bugs me too much, i still enjoy the new 52.
      they should have made it a ten year window instead.

    • Apparently Batman has only been known about for 5 years, but he was working in the shadows for a longer period.

    • @skypants
      Oh, alright, thanks bro.

    • conor told me that bruce is around 32 or 33 in snyder’s batman.

    • Even having a kid at 22 or 23 is weird for Batman. He’s the scion of East Cost old money. Shouldn’t he have been in college rather than pooping out kids?

      Superman, on the other hand, growing up in a flyover state, I can totally see him knocking up a some corn-fed cheerleader.

  4. there are only certain elements that i enjoy but overall i’m done with it. I have a subcription till issue 14 then i’m out.

  5. it is a yawn fest
    I’m done

  6. I thought this was another great issue.

  7. Can’t wait to get to know the real Indigo and Munk!
    I like how Hal’s all surprised that the indigo’s are brain washed villians, he’s the last to know. haha

  8. Does anyone else thinks this needs to move past “the guardians are a bunch of A holes?” stories? I’ve been torn on this, i dropped it since issue 3, picked up the other parts of this story because of some lingering interest in the Indio Tribe, and the reveals are sort of interesting, but just seem like the same thing, over and over. Beautiful art though.

    • Ive really enjoyed the Indigo Tribe arc and I think as long as Johns wraps up the Guardians story in the next year it will be fine, but he needs to really wrap it up, major status quo change, no more guardians. And honestly I think that showdown with the Guardians could be a Sinestro Corps War level event which would be a lot of fun. So as long as he wraps it up soon im okay with it.

  9. I thought it was interesting especially Abin Sur’s ultimate plan. Next issue should be a lot of fun. I am enjoying Hal and Sinestro being together in a title, the longer it lasts the better for me.

  10. Also, for all the people who are sick of the multi-color corps, they seem to be droping like flies.

    • That’s one of the main reason why I’ve stopped after the first arc. I give it a try, more out of loyalty/trust of Johns’ on GL but in the end, I simply do not care anymore.

  11. this book is the shiz-nit. really good.

  12. Great issue, This book is really starting to get some momentum

  13. Good issue but it had almost nothing to do with Black Hand. Cover is weird.

    • i think it’s meant to be abstract. even a foreshadowing.
      gorgeous cover, really.

    • It’s definitely good art, it just has little to do with what’s in the book. All the previous covers have been on topic.

      It’s especially bad because they put “Awash in the sea of Black Hand’s Madness!” or whatever on top of it in the some of the ugliest font ever for no good reason.

    • Absurd font aside, I thought this was the best cover yet. Both Mahnke and Reis are A-list artists, but I think they are much better at interiors.

  14. This was terrific. The Indigo Tribe are finally interesting and I’ll never tire of the Hal/Sinestro buddy-space-cop duo.

  15. Still very good. Some nice reveals, a great cliffhanger, and I love powered-down Hal still being as head strong as ever.

  16. I’m enjoying it completely, but I agree with the poster way above that I hope this comes to an end sooner rather than later. I want those damn guardians dead! Dead I say!

  17. mrcozdude mrcozdude (@mrcozdude) says:

    Really enjoyed this thank god. But that just annoys me more that the first seven were quite shitty and now we’re finally going somewhere.

  18. batman was awesome, but this is my POTW. fo sho.
    indigo tribe, best work release progam ever.
    a closer look at sinestro’s past revealed tragedy and his motives for totalitarianism.
    hal’s the last one to find out that the followers of the indigo light are slaves to it.

    “You’re not wearing a ring.”

    “Because i’m not a sociopath.”

    abin sur’s involvement with the orgins of the indigo tribe was interesting and noble.
    i find this series to be very engaging and it is only gaining momentum by the issue.

  19. This was the issue that I have been waiting for. It had the feel of those Blackest Night issues. The first few issues were okay, but felt incomplete to me. The Indigo Tribe was always a mystery, and I am glad to see it coming out in the story.

  20. Can we hurry up and give Hal Jordan back a fully working ring? Anyway, I’ve been mostly enjoying this one. Been trying to stick with it in hopes it will get better since Green Lantern is one of my favorites.

  21. consafo80 consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    I’ve liked this but found it a bit lacking but this issue was brilliant. We finally get some answers about the indigo tribes and I wonder what Black Hand is gonna do now he’s free of the Indigo’s influence. My pick of the week.

  22. Finally got this today & just read it, what a truly great book & to be honest probably the only one of the New 52 DC relaunch that I will be sticking with!

  23. I’m just going to watch the show.

  24. I’ve been wondering where Geoff was taking the book the first few issues. At times, I was a bit skeptical, but this issue shows that even after the “Siniestro Corps War” and “Darkest Night”, Geoff Johns is one of the top writers in the comic book business. I’m excited to see where “Secret of the Indigo Tribe” is going and what is next.

  25. Green Lantern #9 was amazing. The secret behind the Indigo Tribe was not so secret anymore, but the details around it were pretty awesome. Also, Sinestro’s loss was quite moving. Thing I liked most in this issue were Alex Sinclair’s colors; he was terrific.

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  26. I thought this issue was a little confusing at points and I am a little lost on this Indigo Tribe; I mean I get it was created by Abin and some little dude that looks like a purple guardian but; why?? Really what was the real purpose of them creating this thing, to convert and punish the criminals?? I am starting to dislike the whole guardian thing way to much and it is spilling over into this title now and I really wish it would’nt. The Guardians need to be either fixed or completely eliminated and asap!! Sinestro has been through way more than any of us really expected and I think his statues is really starting to change since he really can not go back to the Yellow Lanterns since they are no longer in exsistence. Still this issue was right on track with Hal being the main man!! Get’em HAL!!


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