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BLACKEST NIGHT’S penultimate chapter is here, and you do not want to miss this issue. Trust us on this one.

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Variant Cover by SHANE DAVIS and SANDRA HOPE

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 15.6%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. I only know one thing about this issue.

    This shit just got real.

  2. Mad reals.

    Also, LOVE the word balloon on the cover. A lot of people hate to see them, but this one is just so perfect.

  3. Nobody expects the Sinestro Inquisition. So very excited for this.

  4. I just need this comic. Just this one. Not Nemesis, not Chew, not Walking Dead. Just this one.

  5. I still expect someone else.

  6. @JJ: What about Iron Man????? 

    I think the cover would work better without the word balloon. Otherwise, good stuff.

  7. The word balloon looks out of place with the variant. On here it’s fine.

  8. not a good jumping on point.  damn that Geoff Johns and his convoluted writing..

  9. i puked with some excitement upon seeing this cover

  10. @viceversa- what color lantern does that make you?

  11. well, by the mess on my keyboard, i’d say i’m a pale yellow lantern

  12. That cover is awesome… I’ve been catching up on my Power Rangers.. I mean Green Lantern in between issues and seriously one of the best comics… cant wait. 

  13. I’m actually waiting for the blackest night trades. But seeing stuff like this..makes the waiting even harder

  14. Great job Mr. Johns. Give the DCUs resident facist the white power.

  15. @Rift1128: be careful. I compaired the different coloured lanterns to the power rangers about a year ago and was torn to shreads over it. You have to admit they do kind of look like power rangers.


  16. Really hoping Sinestro as a white lantern isn’t a brief stint. The rise and fall of his story would make this epic transformation feel so right, I’m just worried because now there is no leader to the Sinestro corps now that Mongul has been dethroned. I am worried that this won’t last, but hoping that it will.

  17. The Power Rangers/colored lantern corps connection is really obvious and in your face. Bright colors help you immediately identify characters. Group them together and the color jumps out at you. The Japanese animators have been using this device for decades everywhere, not just Power Rangers. Voltron anyone?  Does that mean Johns is appealling to the kid in us with his Lantern Corps? Duh. Can he still weave interesting stories with interesting characters on top of that child-like glee over multi-colored rainbow people? I think so.

  18. @JimBilly4. Good comment. Geoff Johns isn’t afraid to mix the fun simple elements, from kids stories we used to love, with some more intriguing stories and characters.

  19. @jimBilly4: i never passed judgement on the power rangers or the contextion to this comic.

  20. Sinestro is bad ass in that cover. The dialogue is a bit awkward, though.

    I still wish it was Sodam Yat, though.

  21. Sinestro’s been hitting the gym, i think. he looks huge in that cover

  22. @Cedric: I’m trade waiting BN too.

    @edward: the white power is creatine.

  23. @edward – he’ll probably go back to being a toned skinny guy in BN 8.

  24. he still seemed way bigger in that last page of Blackest Night 7. he’s as buff as i am now

  25. The Cover rocks.

  26. let’s all just be glad Sinestro does not have a talking tiger sword.  however, I think I would have liked him better with a flute dagger.

  27. I hate that talking tiger sword.

  28. is talking tiger sword fundamentally more stupid than a green ring that talks?


  29. fundamentally more stupid, no.  but THAT particular talking tiger sword was dumb.  the dagger flute was somehow cooler.  transferable shield too.

    but I think we can agree that what was an upgrade was the hot brunette pink ranger for the hotter blonde (and Australian) pink ranger. 

  30. That Dagger flute…..I wanted that toy in the worst way when I was 5.

  31. Ok, how about this – Saint Walker’s head looks like a giant sperm


    this that more stupid than talking tiger sword? 

  32. Let Mongul have the Mongul Corps! White Sinestro Corps!

  33. well, if Sinestro were still a Green Ran… I mean Lantern, then Saint Walker would give Sinestro a power boost.  the dagger flute made the Green Ranger more powerful.

    therefore: if dagger flute > Saba, and Saint Walker = dagger flute, then Saint Walker (sperm head and all) > Saba 

  34. @TNC I was recently at the Disney Store, and they’ve re-packaged the Dagger Flute! Once in my AP Calc class in Senior Year, a friend of mine started whistling the song to summon the Dragonzord. Within in seconds, the entire class was humming "Dun-dun-dun, done-a-na."

  35. Love the Dagger Flute.

  36. @ABirdeyesView: I’ll be honest. I don’t know what a talking tiger sword is. Let alone a Saba

  37. @Prax: *gasp* Really!? My dreams of owning one can finally come true!!

  38. I still have the Dragon Dagger in my parent’s garage somewhere…

  39. Is it wrong that at 18 years of age I still love Power Rangers? Possibly even more than Green Lantern?

  40. This is definitelty the first thing I read on Wednesday!

  41. @DRAKE: Way up there. By my retarded comment I meant to affirm myself against the hype. Well other hype about other comics.

    Basically what I’m saying here is that I’m a moron.

  42. I am hoping for some really messed up stuff from white lantern Sinestro, like him going power mad and using the white light to permanently kill off some some lanterns and maybe a couple of other characters. I think he needs a big event do something really awful that affects the dc universe in a profound way to cement him as one of the darkest and meanest villains. In my opinion, he hasn’t done that much to be hated so much.

  43. @dirtyharry It’s important to remember that Sinestro is not pure evil (Space Hitler ‘stache-aside) but rather misdirected. He just wants to be the best Lantern he can be, and that means becoming a dictator, to him. Indeed, the whole point of the Sinestro Corps War seems to be to prove how hypocritical the Guardians are than for Sinestro go gain any real power.

  44. Oh yay! MMPR Talk! Sentai is awesome and I have in my glass case the Dinozord set w/ the DragonZord and Titanus.

    Sad part is I got them in the early 2000’s, putting me at my early 20’s to get them.

    Its funny how we’ve heard the parallels of Sinestro to Hitler. I recently heard someone make the comparison of Sinestro Corps War as an allegory to Homeland Security for the GL Corps. Really as readers we do pick up dots and try and connect them. I figure, as long as I’m enjoying it, makes no real difference to me.

    Looking forward to the final chapter in BN.

  45. Oh boy. Sinestro is a Hitler parallel? And now he wields the white power?

    Oh my.

  46. Yes, Johns must phrase things carefully here. The word "Power" should be banned for use in context with both the white and black lanterns. Lanterns and light, ok. Power, supremacy or panthers of any sort, no go.

  47. @edward- Saba is the name of the aforementioned talking tiger sword.

  48. In Johns I trust.

  49. @PraxJarvin: Good point, but that doesn’t mean he can’t totally lose it and notch up the nuts-o-meter meter a little bit. After all, he was a dictator on his own planet and he killed a bunch of Lanterns and civilians on earth during the sinestro corps war. That’s cold blooded and indiscriminate murder right there by him and/or his corps.

    I just hope that this doesn’t redeem him in any way. I personally beleive his character should be given the opportunity to really mess thingas up here. You can’t give a man like that such a powerful power and expect him to be able to hang on to the little morals he has left.

    I think the Sinestro War made it obvious that he and his corps are prepared to murder lanterns and cicilans and anyone else to get what he and they want. This new power should give him jsu the tool he needs to get what he wants any way he has to.


  50. Well murdering Lanterns is one thing, but murdering cicilians, that’s genocide. So I’d say that’s crossing a line.




  51. Which cover is everyone getting? Im tempted to pick up both but I’ll probably just go with Mahnke one. 

  52. I got the Mahnke one.

    i gotta say. I really liked this and it’s a pretty messed up issue.


    I really liked the history of the universe through White Lantern Sinestro’s eyes. Very cool! I love how they designed parallax and Ion and everything the evolution/creation issue, you gotta admit that evolution makes an excellent backdrop for sci-fi stories!

  53. oh and is the cover pictured above the variant? Because that’s the one I got.

  54. This was my POTW but I did have a few nitpicks. I think for a ‘penultimate’ issue, a lot of things seem to be fixed too easily. Xanshi was one of those things. I never felt a threat from that dead planet this whole event nor did ‘killing’ it felt too hard for the Lanterns. Then Nekron gets pushed aside so easily by Hal in this issue. Isn’t this the same Nekron who had dozens of Lanterns shooting at him with no effect?

    With those complaints aside, I still enjoyed this issue. Johns is great at writing a White Lantern Sinestro and the history of the corps entities was beautifully done. Also it’s nice to see John Stewart in this issue even if he has been underplayed for much of this event. Then we have Mahnke,,,,,oh god I love Mahnke so much. I want to marry him so he can give me artwork like this everyday. 

  55. Hal offhandedly stopping a tidal wave?  I’m assuming we were just supposed to realize that took more effort than we saw. 

  56. @TNC-Yeah, but in Hal’s defense, it was a pretty big wrecking ball he created.

    @magnum240-I was a bit thrown off by that as well, but didn’t really give it much thought afterwards. 

    This was a good issue, but damn the artwork was all over the place. It’s to be expected with 3 different inkers I guess.

  57. @drake: True, it was pretty big. But still it is a bit weird how he was able to knock Nekron off for a bit but we’ve seen countless times dozens of lanterns fight him and he doesn’t even flinch. Hell not even the Spirit of Vengence could make him flinch.

    It’s a tiny nitpick sure, but still bugged me a bit. Cause it bothered me a bit on how everyone was trying to save Sinestro…..and then I realized Nekron was suppose to be right behind him. Then I see that tiny panel and it puzzled me.

  58. Great issue. A few quibbles with the art, but where it counted the art was spot on. White Lantern Sinestro is pretty good, he’s got a giant white…. SABER! (See what I did there?) Loved the White Lantern history and such. The Xanshi thing was well handled, I thought, on the character level. Both John Stewart and Fatality came to terms with what happened in the past and were able to get over. And that’s the whole point of this event. It’s a little story about having experienced lost, having the loss confront you, and then finding someway to overcome it. And it’s clear with Johns’ background where this story has been coming from.
    @TNC If you think how they took out Xanshi here was weak, you should see how it went down originally. It was truly lame. (The fact that there wasn’t a black lantern bomb at the heart of the planet to taunt John did disappoint though.) Again the most important aspect of the Xanshi battle was John finally getting over it. After 20 years.  Because the reason he didn’t do anything with it before is that he didn’t want to destroy the planet again. (Imagine the psychological ramifications of that!) But Fatality offers him the only thing he really needs.
    @magnum240 The ring can do whatever Hal wants it to do. 😉
  59. Err… Excuse the big type. Don’t know what happened there. Also… forgot to say… 5/5 and POTW for me.

  60. I really enjoyed when John just cut off Black Lantern Katma Tui. Pretty much how I think everyone feels about the resurrected loved ones at this point. 

  61. Nice setup heading into the final issue of Blackest Night.
    Fantastic writing and artwork . . . but a much deserved pat of the back to all 3 colorists.  There’s a lot of creative color techniques going on in this issue . . . very impressive.

    I gotta believe Johns was heavily inspired by H.P. Lovercraft . . .
    The 2-pg. spread with Sinestro surrounded by the light entities could easily work as a Lovecraft cover.  (I would thought that the "Love" and "Compassion" creatures would have been more . . . shall I say . . . beautiful or at least slightly attractive looking. Right?)

    No matter how this ends up – there is no doubt that Johns has totally changed everything about Green Lantern.  It’s going to be interesting to see where this all goes in the years to come.

  62. I am so fucking awesome. My prediction about the one guardian on comicbookresources was right. Quick recap: I stated that there would be a white lantern who would proclaim himself guardian after the other guardians die. What I didn’t predict was the other entities being totally wierd ZORD-esque animals/spirit beasts. I feel like I’m reading a Power Rangers comic book. (Oh yes I did!)

  63. *facepalm!*

    >_< @edward & @jimbilly: …well… didn’t see you post there, kinda stole my thunder. Another witty retort wasted…

  64. See, I liked the explanation for how the creatures came to look like they do. They took on the forms of the first creatures to experience certain "emotions" so look like "in-between" beasts in the evolutionary curve.

  65. @Prax: But there was never a moment, to me, where Stewart gets over the fact of destroying the planet. He just acts all macho and acts like he doesn’t care. Even the issue focusing on him didn’t have anything where he felt truly upset seeing this planet come back.

  66. This was high quality, but there were definitely some downers in it. Seeing the conclusion to John’s whole deal with Xanshi made me think it wasn’t really well excecuted.

  67. love is embodied by… THE PREDATOR!! hahahaha

  68. @TNC I took the whole Hal hurting Nerkon as Nekron being distracted by the White Lantern and Hal just taking advantage of an oppurtunity. I think if Nekron had seen the wrecking ball coming it would have been totally different

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