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  1. This might be the only event that I’ll ever buy every 1 shot or tie-in for. I’m that addicted to the Green Lantern.

  2. Yeah, over the weekend I caught up on what I’d missed with Green Lantern. I read every issue from 26 on, and thoroughly enjoyed all of it. I was just going to dip my toe into this series/event (eww) and then go for the trade later, but now I’m buying at least this issue too. Had DC waited two more weeks before comic out with this issue, I might’ve lost active interest, but as it is they’ve hooked me for now. Thumbs up to them.

  3. Well I read a preview of this and let’s just say….

    *sings* This looks amazing!!!

  4. ^*In my last post I meant "before COMING out with this issue", not "before comic out with this issue." Oops/We need a edit button, please.

  5. Does this follow on directly from Blackest Night #1 or is it more of a tie-in? 

  6. I am so excited for this whole event. I am dreading a Wednesday devoid of Blackest Night or its tie-ins.

    @Garrett: I think it’s more of a tie-in. Geoff Johns has stated that you need to read Blackest Night to know what’s going on in GL and GLC, whereas Blackest Night can be read alone. So I would say it followd on directly from BN in the way that you need BN to make sense of GL, but not the other way around.

  7. I’m buying all the Green Lantern comics anyway, but just wondered. I like to know in which order to arrange my books. OCD much?

  8. @Garrett it is kind of both. I read the preview and it picks up where they left off with Hal and Barry. Essentially its the fight between them and J’onn. So while it isnt the blackest night exactly it will pertain to it in some way.


  9. I agree with Rustyautoparts.  It picks up where Geoff left Hal and Barry at the end of BN #1.

    I met Johns this weekend and he has me super excited for what he has planned for not just BN, but GL as well.  Bring it!

  10. I love major comic events.  They’re so much fucking fun…especially when they’re good.

  11. does anyone else get the feeling Nova will be the POW this week?

  12. @flapjaxx – I second your request for an edit button.

    That has to be one of the coolest covers of a Green Lantern book I have ever seen.

  13. @edward – [You do know you posted this in the Green Lantern thread, correct?] I don’t read Nova (and it doesn’t appear that you do either), so I can’t say.  Why do you think that?  Has Nova been exceptionally good recently or do you think we are reverting to the mean (so to speak)?

  14. @struclach: yes, i know i’m on the green lantern thread

  15. @struclach- its because the guys always try to go the cool hip route by not picking  the obvious POW

  16. @peterporker: You’re a classy fellow.

    @edward: NOVA has 0% chance of being POW because I don’t read it in issues and it’s my week.

  17. @conor: thank god!

  18. yeah, obviously it’s gonna be X-Force 17!!

  19. awww i kid cuz i love.   you must know that by now  🙂   cant be GL every week i understand

  20. I’m curious to see Hal and Barry working together.  Lets all hope they bring the beatdown.

  21. this event makes me wonder if bringing back chracters is a good thing because it would have been cool to see black lantern jason todd-barry-green arrow- or even hal.  oh well…black lantern jean paul valley anyone?

  22. do the black lanterns actually have powers other than the ones they had when they were alive?

  23. pulling your heart out and turning you into a ghoul is a power i think

  24. can they shoot black beams from their rings maybe?

  25. @edward: I think the heroes/villains can still use their powers. Cause Elongated Man still had rubbery powers when he fought Hawkman.

    Can we seriously have a Barry/Hal comic? When this event is over just cancel this and Flash and put a comic with both of them together. Johns writes these two really well together.

    (This just coming from a 4 page preview I saw)

  26. @TNC: i just said that

  27. wah wah waaaahhh

  28.  ha ha. wah wha who? wah wah me?

  29. i dont think they have any light powers, but the ring glows white for some reason.  they probly have they black gunk stuff tho instead of light

  30. Reading order so far for Blackest Night

     Green Lantern #43

    Blackest Night #0-1

     Green Lantern #44

  31. @jonwithana: Only 66 more comics to go!

    I just thought of that number randomly. But I’m not surprised if I am close to the actual figure.

  32. @TNC I think it’s closer to 30 something. Newsarama did the total calculation for all the revealed titles and it came out to something like $150 over an 8 month period for all of it. As events go, that’s nothing.

  33. Well im only picking up Blackest Night mini and the Green Lantern issues. I will wait it out to see if BN: Superman and BN: Batman are any good. Also gunna try and get all the Lantern Corp issues in the back issue bins and at cons.

  34. I thought Blackest Night #1 wasn’t too bad for somebody who only sees the DC Universe via the Batman & Superman angle, but I’m totally lost reading Green Lantern.

    So I’ll keep buying Blackest Night for a few more issues until I’m totally lost like in Final Crisis.  The Superman & Batman tie ins look great though!  I wouldn’t know where to start with Tale From The Corps or Titans though.  Screw it.

  35. Super excited for this, as always, especially coming off the heels of BLACKEST NIGHT. Can’t wait to see the interaction between Barry/Hal and J’onn.

  36. I’m gonna go out on a limb here & say that I think this issue is going to be good.

  37. @WadeWilson – That is a mighty shaky branch you’re on.  Don’t let the millions of other people on the branch knock you off. #sinceretynotdetected

  38. I have absolutley less than zero interest in the whole "zombie superheroes" thing and have been studiously avoiding Blackest Night.  But.  "Hal and Barry go to Gotham to investigate a crime" makes my ears perk up.  Damn you, Johns.

  39. @ohcaroline – I get the distinct sense that I know which crime they are going to investigate. If it is the one I suspect (based on Blackest Night #1), then it should be a lot of fun.

  40. I’m totally sucked in.  As a long time Marvel Zombie I am loving the DCU.  Re-reading Identity Crisis and Inifinate Crisis (the latter I didn’t understand at the time, but maybe I will this time) and currently reading for the first time Crisis on Infinate Earths, which has sat on my shelf for a long time before I finally pulled it down to read it.

    It’s not just Blackest Night, despite its bad-assery.  The DCU is just a very awesome place right now.

  41. Sinestro vs Mongul! Awesome!

  42. I’m loving all e Blackest Night stuff so far. Can’t wait for this.

  43. Just chiming in to say….CAN’T WAIT!!!

  44. just read 42 issue of geoff johns’ green lantern ongoing (check out issue 5, terrible art, but alot of blackest night hints, like black hand being buried and saying "my color") and all of rebirth.  i am so pumped for this its not even funny.

  45. Let’s play Conor’s PotW.  If its not this title it will probably be ASM #600.

  46. Double You Tea Eff?! Did Blackest Night start without me even noticing?!

  47. @JumpingJupiter  Did you miss last week man? or are you joking?

  48. This was fucking amazing. You can’t tell me otherwise something else was Pick of the Week.

    Hal and Barry banter was brilliant. Martian Manhunter as a Black Lantern was great. Finally, the art by Mahnke sealed the deal for me this week as the best comic out.

    Then you got this ended with John Stewart, and you know that isn’t going to end well.

  49. Wow.  That was excellent. Now I need to run to Wikipedia and read up on Xanshi.

  50. Mahnke as to stay forever on this book. Him and Gleason on corps makes the perfect GL team-up.

  51. awesome book!!!!!!

  52. I wasn’t entirely happy with Mahnke’s Flash, but overall it was a fantastic issue.

  53. @Roi: I’m totally serious man. 

  54. @drake: What didnt hook you in with his Flash?

  55. @TNC @drake – I thought Flash looked a bit too scrawny.  That happens with Manke’s work from time to time.

  56. I am 99.9% sure this is going to be my PoW and it’s the only book I’ve read so far. Sooo good.  Don’t see how ASM or anything else could top this book.

  57. @TNC@stuclach-Scrawny, and he didn’t look as dynamic and as fluid as Reis or Van Sciever’s renditions.  Not horrible, I’ve just been spoiled in the last few months

  58. @JJ: ha ha. too bad, man, too bad

  59. @drake: I don’t see it when it comes to the anatomy. Although Mahnke’s faces can be a bit off putting at times. But I see where your getting at.

    Although I think he does a great job when Flash is running. Love the panel of him punching J’onn’s.

  60. @stuclach Xanishi only appeared in Starlin and Mignola’s COSMIC ODYSSEY, a decent read, not great. Some rather odd character choices, truth be told. The only major thing to come out of it was the Green Lantern killer Fatality who was a Kyle Rayner villain for a time, then a Yellow Lantern during the SCW and now a Star Sapphire.

    Awesome issue. A Tie-In story that picks up from/repeats moments from the main story? One that has all of the characters in the same spots they were earlier in the time-line? (You’ll remember that John Stewart was said to be making his way to Xanishi in BN #1) 5/5 would have been my (clear) POTW if not for the fantastic job on Legion. Awesome book. 


  61. @PraxJarvin – Thanks for the info. I am glad John Stewart is getting some attention. I like the character.

  62. The panels in the fight scenes are great.  Many of them stand on their own as perfect pieces of art.  I applaud Mahnke.

  63. @ Stuclach: I never liked John Stewart’s character till Johns wrote him in Green Lantern Rebirth.

  64. That… was… AWESOME!

    The part where J’onzz saw Hal & Barry in the color of their respective energies was brilliant. If they do the same for the bulk of the DCU characters, I’ll be giggley for the entirety of this event.

    The Barry/Hal dialogue was also superb.

  65. @jumpingjupiter get the issues you missed!! you are missing out big time! CATCH UP!!!! granted you did only miss one week…

  66. What was Barry screaming in Spanish, I believe it was Spanish, when J’onn arrived? I didn’t get that reference.

  67. @TNC-Spanish?  Are you serious?!?  It’s Martian.  It was J’onn speaking through Barry

  68. @drake: I’m sorry. I missed that class in Junior High trying to learn Martian. 🙂

  69. Ridiculously good.  No drop off in pace from Blackest Night #1.  I am LOVING all this Barry and Hal action.  .. and Doug, Dougie, Douglas, wow.  WOW.  You rocked the art in this issue.  There were a few pages where I went …whoa.  Great stuff. 

  70. 4/5 stars. Not quite as good as BLACKEST NIGHT in my mind, and probably not a contender for POW, but it was absolutely fantastic. I loved the stuff between Barry/J’onn, and I’m loving how Barry still has to catch up on everything, ha. It ended a little weird, but that’s my only complaint.

  71. If you use iGoogle as your homepage, there are a lot of really nice comic-based themes including one for Blackest Night.

  72. i just noticed that J’onn’s cape forms a hand shape

  73. so i feel like i missed something. What was the significance when barry and hals head would have like a dead area on it. There were like grey stretches accross there faces at points and i feel like i missed what it was representing.


    None the less…amazing issue. Debated for a while wheather this OR tales of the corps gets POTW.

  74. @Fvckstick I thought the grey stretches on Hal/Barry’s heads was meant to indicate that John was using his telepathic powers against them in some way. 

  75. @Fvclstick I have a feeling it has something to do with the fact that they were both dead at one point. Or it’s possible it was J’onn attacking them, but I think it has more do with the former.

  76. @ Drake:  Relax dude don’t you now Spanish and Martian are both rooted in Latin.

  77. Purely awesome.  Hal head look weird throughout this though.

  78. So I still want to know who is going to tell Bruce (after he returns) that his skull was being raped by the Black Hand???

  79. @supertrackmonkey: It’s probably best he doesnt know. Although he will be sneezing black slime for a long time

  80. A good, entertaining issue all round. Johns is building the black lanterns up to be very powerful able to withsttand and brush off attacks and defences from Gren Lanterns. I wonder how he is going to handle their eventual defeat?

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