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  1. Pretty sure that this storyline will be worth the wait!

  2. Its crazy the amount of teasing they’ve done for this arc.  Can’t wait to see what these orange freaks are all about

  3. I’m guessing they won’t play well with others.

  4. Looks like a decent jumping-on point as well.

  5. That is a great cover.

    It’s gonna be hard to top the Blue Lanterns; but I have a feeling in my gut that these guys are gonna be better.

  6. I just went back and reread all of Hal Jordan’s stories since Rebirth. I can’t wait for this.

  7. This new core should be the most fun one.  Greed and ambition personified, there is a lot that a writer could do with that. 

    I wonder if they will recruit Luthor?  I know that they won’t but it would be fun to see.

  8. I’m hoping to see Johns start showing that none of the emotions are inherently good or evil. He has teased in a couple interviews that when sides are drawn we’ll be astounded by which corps stand with the others. He’s also talked about how the further away from Green the light is on the spectrum the more extreme the members of that corps will be. Orange is further away than yellow from green, but not as far as red. Does this make them potential allies? I’m also excited to meet Larfleeze. Johns claims he’s his favorite character in Blackest Night. Let’s hope he really is that awesome. This is definitely the book that I’m most anticipating this week.

  9. See here’s what happened…

    The Orange Lanterns offered inappropriate and careless loans to space aliens without the means to repay these loans which resulted in an extended period of losses for the Orange Lanterns. Because of that the Orange Lanterns had to reduce the availability of credit and rise the interest rates on existing loans which resulted with the negative economic growth in the DCU.

    The New Kryptoians are rooted, they just brought a new place.

    Eventually the Guardians had to bail them out.

  10. So what you’re saying is the Orange Lanterns triggered the current economic crisis?

    I these tough economic times, that’s messed up.

  11. Can’t wait to see this new corps! I’m sure this’ll be worth the wait.

  12. Spoiler alert — One of the Orange Lanterns powers is to vomit chewed up cheetoes onto thier enemies.

  13. @WadeWilson I think pretty much everybody has that power. It’s only a big deal when someone decides to use it.

  14. LOL Point.

    Psst edward … stoke the fire again, about the Power Rangers … that was some fun =D

  15. Geoff Johns has nailed everything that makes Green Lantern great and he continues to add to the mythos of the characters.  I am looking forward to finally seeing the Orange lanterns and what there all about.  And then on to Blackest Night!!

  16. There’s only one Orange Lantern, right? Because if Orange is greed, wouldn’t there only be one Orange Lantern hording it all for himself?

    Also,  I would dig this cover more if it didn’t have "Mine!" on repeat in the background.  I think the art sells the point and emotion of it all just fine without the extra wording.

    /random blurbs

  17. On the cover it looks like Agent Orange got caught doing something naughty with his lantern. 🙂

  18. instead of writing "MINE" all over the cover… there should be those seagulls from Finding Nemo.

  19. yeah, so anyway. this looks like they going to introduce the orange power rangers in this issue.

  20. That’s a weird symbol for the orange lanterns. The other symbols look pretty cool, this one…..not so much

  21. @ottobott I agree. I liked it best when it was just out guy on a black background. That way it was really creepy and menacing.

  22. @Neal – Word. It looked really nice; did a great job of conveying what it meant to without the words.

  23. actually come to think of it, the caracter looks more like a stupid Jim Henson Dark Crystal puppet. that’s about a threating as a fluffy show dog

  24. @TNC I was gonna say that I really liked this symbol. If you lay all the corps symbols over eachother they make one image. I think that’s really clever. Kudos to whoever designed that one.

  25. @anson: Seriously? What does it look like?

  26. If I can find the image, I’ll link to it. Someone put them together online. It’s pretty great. Might even be Tattoo worthy (if the different corps actually stay around for a while)

  27. @TNC/Anson I think the yellow symbol looks a bit like an open mouth with teeth. Also, it’s empty inside. DEEP.

  28. @me and by yellow, I mean orange.

  29. @Neal — The symbol is also a warning about what will happen if you fuck with him — cheeto vomit.

  30. @wade you are right, there is a distict spraying outward effect, denoting, perhaps, vomit, specifically vomit that used to be cheetos. Regualr or Flaming Hot? That much is ambiguous. *removes and cleans monacle* On a related note, I’m pretty stoked about this issue.

  31. I wonder if Mongul will ever be an orange lantern.  He seems pretty greedy with all those yellow rings.

  32. @Handsaw-Yeah, might end up sticking him there after Sinestro whoops his ass, cuz Sinestro is awesome that way.

  33. @anson17 please find that image, i have to see it

  34. This had a very strong start; but I got bored of it by the time I closed the comic.

    I love this Orange Lantern guy, but I just didnt care for the Guardians or Hal trying to gain ‘hope’. Okay issue.

  35. I have to agree with TNC. This issue seems like it would be better read in trade. 

  36. I’m officially on the green latern train with this arc.  Now I just need to start catching up in trades.

  37. Did I miss the Origins and Omens back-up or was that just a misprint in the solicit?

  38. @parker  i didn’t see it either

  39. @Parker: Yeah that was a misprint. Cause we got another look at the very lame (and stolen ideas) of the new Power Girl comic.

  40. I thought this was pretty good. I’m liking tan’s art on this, though it is much better suited to the orange lantern stuff than the stuff blue lantern and oa stuff. Did not expect that bit with the controllers. Also, Larfleeze is super awesome name. So far this is my favorite new corps.

  41. I totally dug this eventhough I’m a bit confused as to who the Orange Lantern is…it’s currently only one dude?

  42. Meh, it was ok.  I found Tan’s art hard to follow at times.  Enjoyed the book enough, but hope the rest of the arc gets better

  43. I am so pissed at myself for not starting on this title earlier.  That was an awesome issue.

  44. Did anyone else notice the colorist/inkers had a hard time expressing Hal’s stuggle with the Blue mixing with the Green?

    I get it that it’s suppose to be in a conflict cause it’s two different rings on him. But sometimes it looked like he wasnt wearing the blue ring at all. If they stucked with a 50/50 costume or something along those lines it would’ve been better

  45. @TNC I saw that to but I took it to be coinciding with his flucuating emotions, but there really isn’t any way to know one way or the other.

  46. Enjoyed the issue, not great, but I liked Larfleaze a lot. Yes, there’s only one Orange Lantern, the rest are constructs from his lantern. Perhaps the "power"/"souls" of Lanterns he’s felled? I also liked that he’s been left alone of aeons.

    @TNC I don’t know, I think it was well conveyed. The reason the costume isn’t 50/50 is that the power isn’t evenly split. Hell has tremendous will power and can, as seen, even switch back to an all Green Costume for a brief time. But the hope ring wants him to be obey, so it’s exerting it’s power as well. I thought the scene where there’s colored steam coming off of Hal’s body and his chest symbol is glowing blue with blue smoke was an especially nice touch.

  47. @Prax/Spoons: Both of your arguments I like, and I can see that after a second reading.

    But it still feels like the artists had a bit of a confusion to show it in a good way. Sometimes it felt like: ‘Okay let’s make Hal’s right arm and left leg blue…..and switch it up for the next panel….and we’re done’. I did like the touch of the blue smoke instead of green; but other then that it still looks a bit sloppy to me.

  48. @TNC Fair point, it wasn’t exactly a logical response to the emotions Hal was feeling in the panels. I think the issue is Tan trying to indicate fluidity that didn’t necessarily show in the panels, as opposed to Reis’s last page from last issue that felt kinetic. However, his art on Hal aside, it’s clear Tan is here for the Orange Lantern Construct designs. (Looking back at Sinestro Corps War, the Orange Lanterns are colored a "flat" orange color like the ring contructs.) 

  49. I think instead of Mine being plastered all over the cover it should’ve said "My Precious!"  What was the big thing that ate the Sinestro Corp member?  Was that the greed entity like Ion for willpower?

  50. @JesTr I’m pretty sure that’s a construct of the Orange Lantern. 

  51. @PraxJarvin: I thought that but I’ve heard talk about there being a entity for each of the colors in the spectrum and that some where going to be revealed soon, so I wondered.

  52. Yeeees. Such a great issue. 5/5 without a doubt. I can’t wait to learn more about Larfleeze and the Orange Lantern Corps.

    Pure greatness.

  53. I really liked the issue but felt let down by the art. Part of it was the argument from above (TNC’s point of the fluctuation in the suit) as well as the facial features. Tan cant pull off a struggle like that of Ries.

    But overall the issue was great. 4/5

  54. I’m rereading Sinestro Corps right now. In the Parralax issue, Kyle’s final line has to do with his escape being possible because of hope. Anyone else think this might be a clue to him becoming a Blue Lantern?

  55. @Anson17  Yeah i really want kyle to become a blue lantern

  56. Kinda getting a little bored of the whole "this color means this emotion & this color means that emotion" set-up that seems to have been goin’ on for months. It’s OK, but I think it takes a writer of Johns class to stop this from becoming pure silliness.

    I’m more than ready for the war to start. There are no more colors left to introduce, right? Please say no …

  57. @WadeWilson There are still the Indigo (Compassion) Lanterns. But Johns has said they don’t show up until Blackest Night #1.

    It’s funny because I’m tired of hearing people complain about their being tired with the color concept. :-p It’s as if this wasn’t talked about for months, or that it came completely out of left field and was dumped on fans. 

  58. @Wade: I can understand the complaints. Cause yeah it has been a loooooong time for Johns to introduce all of these Corps.

    But there is a lot of them, and they all have interesting dynamics to them. If the majority of the storylines were crap then I would agree this has been too long winded. As for now it’s a great (and very long) prologue to Blackest Night

  59. orange lanterns are funny but i just want blackest night…

  60. I guess I’m only complaining because the longer it goes on & the more you have to think about it, the sillier it seems. The Green Lanterns rings were always the most powerful weapon in the universe, now all of a sudden there is all these other rainbow coloured corps that no one ever knew about? I’m not gonna piss on what Johns is doing (he obviously knows his stuff :P) I’m just saying all the coloured lantern’s origins seem a bit repetative & I’m ready for something new.

  61. @Wade: Well I mean give the orange dude some credit. He was banished on the most distant system and no one was allowed to go near there…So there’s one reason why he was just introduced.

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