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I am sure that being the artist on Green Lantern is no easy task, but thankfully Philip Tan is more than up to it. You really have to commend a guy who can make a book look so good while being responsible for penciling a wide variety of characters and locales. Unfortunately, the writing here does not keep pace.

The book starts off great by introducing us to Agent Orange or Larfleeze via some excellently done internal dialogue. From the start I am intrigued by and enjoying this Orange Lantern. Sadly the issue takes a plunge when we meet back up with Hal Jordan and the Blue Lanterns. Now, I love me some Blue Lanterns but their conversations with Hal here are a bit over the top. “–All will be well, Brother Jordan.” “Only if someone does something to make it that way.” The 1970’s are over, this isn’t Green Lantern/Green Arrow maybe something a bit more on the subtle side would have been nice. Things pick back up when Hal returns to Oa, and by the end of the issue I’m excited for #40. Hopefully we get some more info about the Guardians relationship with Larfleeze and the Vega System instead of just a big huge battle.

Not a bad issue by any means, but still frustrating because I know Johns is capable of much better. I’m worried that this book is losing steam at exactly the wrong time.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. if you view the Blue Lanterns as missionaries or religious fanatics, I think the "Brother Jordan" stuff makes perfect sense.  I have no problems with it.

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