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  1. Penultimate? I thought this was the last issue of this arc?

    Oh well it’s been very entertaining and maybe one of the best origin stories of all time…in my eyes…Still It’s just a tease until ‘The Blackest Night’ event next year.

  2. Yep just two more Secret Orgin issues and then we get into the stuff leading up to "The Blackest Night." I’m pretty sure that the next arc is going to be about the red lantern corps. First issue about the red corps is going to be a Final Crisis tie-in called Rage of the Red Lanterns due out next month as far as I know. After the tie-in issue things start to get rolling in GL and GL Corps toward "The Blackest Night"

  3. I say it every month… Cannot. Wait!

    One of the best books being put out by anybody at the moment. Johns owns this!

  4. Can I vote for my potw yet?

  5. Can’t wait for Blackest Night!

  6. So I just started reading this comics at the start of this arc and I have no idea what this Blackest Night talk is about.  Is there stuff that I should have read before this or will I be good for this Blackest Night thing?

  7. @Charlie: Oh boy….well we need to buy you some ‘Sinestro Corps’ trades so you can get the full gist of it. Maybe for a christmas present? lol

    Seriously it’s the Oa prophecy that all the colors of the spectrum will emerge and fight each other. There is red for anger, blue for peace, yellow for fear…and I cant remember the rest. Anyways, these factions will all fight one-in another until the Black Lanterns come and practically destroy the entire universe….At least until we get into 2009.

    Pick up the Sinestro stuff man, that is seriously why Johns and GL is so much loved right now.

  8. @TNC (I’m too lazy to type TheNextChampion… Yes I know this took longer to type but damnit it’s too late to stop now so I’m going with it)- So all I need to read is Sinestro Corps trades?  Theres like 3 right?  Or am I thinking of Sinestro Wars… arg.  I think its time to dive into the wounderful world of Wiki.

  9. @Blix: (No problem with TNC, I’m called that alot on the other forums I’m on). There are three trades for the Sinestro Corps Wars. Two are for the main series, and the third has all the short specials that ran during the event. So like stories with Superboy-Prime, Cyborg Superman, and others from the Sinestro Corps.

    I dont think there’s really anything else to read for ‘Blackest Night’ stuff for 2009. Although the Green Lantern Corps are trying to bring some ideas for that series and their last arc was really good. But hey wikiing it up is not a problem, just pick up the trades cause it’s all worth it.

  10. @CharlieBlix defintaly agree with TheNextChampion on this one and just pick up all the Sinestro War. I would have to say if you can definately pick up the trades of Green Lantern Corp. Its almost just as good as this series and way worth it!

  11. @Charlieblix Geoff Johns is a good writer so you probably won’t NEED to read anything else to get what is going in the Blackest Night.  You may WANT to however as all the Sinestro war books are great.

  12. The last chapter of Sinestro War was like the greatest movie trailer ever.  Definately pick it up

  13. This, as always, was a really good issue….But like any good arc, it’s hard to keep praising it cause it’s so good. I hope in the future Reis gets a bigger title to work with, not saying GL isnt big right now, I just mean like a Batman run or Superman run would definitely be cool though.

  14. This is my POTW.  Amazingly good (in my opinion).  If Warner Bros. is looking for the next superhero movie to make, all they need to do is create a screenplay of the Secret Origins arc.  It is ready to go and if they follow the arc they will be left with multiple sequel setups.

  15. I’ve only come on board GL in the last couple of issues (based on all the good things I’ve been reading) but I’d have to concur that this issue was underwhelming, if not boring.  Though I have hope that curious development around Hal somehow overcoming the yellow limitation will create for more and interesting plot developments down the road.  I’m also not used to seeing Hal portrayed in this way..wet behind the ears….and a bit of a whinny punk too.

  16. @stuclach – Couldn’t agree more. Taking this as a template WB could have another home run on their hands. If the world’s ready to embrace Iron Man as a hit, it’s more than ready for GL.

  17. @Eyun – Exactly.  This has the same balance of story and action that Iron Man has.  They could even swipe the whole testing powers for laughs scene (create a goofy construct and then laugh at it).  The big questions are: Who plays Green Lantern and (perhaps more importantly) who plays Sinestro?

  18. As always this was great.  I love this book.


    Geoff Johns can you write all my comics?

  19. Another great issue, but I gotta admit I’m ready for this story to conclude so we can get back to the present. I’m not sure we needed 7 issues to go back & tell an origin story right now & take out of the present after the awesome Sinestro Corps War, but what the hell do I know?

  20. @stuclach – It’s funny, I was thinking of the ‘learning powers for laughs’ scene too. Iron Man and Spider-Man did it so well, and Johns nailed the tone of it in this arc. And just like Iron Man, if they get the character right and cast it well, I think people would love it.

    Of course, now you’ve opened the whole casting can or worms, lol. For Sinestro, I’d like to see someone like a Gary Sinise type, authoritarian and believable. Not strictly him, but an actor of that ilk (even though he currently looks like Will Arnett in the comics!). Maybe even Guy Pearce?

    For Hal we need someone likeable and playful,but also with some gravitas to his past. I’m instantly led to think of Nathan Fillion, but he might be a little old for the origin. Can anyone think of a Fillion-type who’s about 5 years younger?

    I’d be interested to hear other people’s views on this.

  21. @Eyun – I submitted this movie question to for inclusion in the upcoming viewer mail show.  Maybe the big three will have some solid insite.

    I would love to see Guy Pearce in this in the Sinestro role, but I’m not sure he would be interested.  We definitely need someone with that grouchie, but very confident, demenor.

    I think Hal Jordan would be tough to cast.  I don’t really pay that much attention to the young, up-and-comer hollywood crowd, but I think Hal would need to be mid to late 20’s.

  22. @stuclach – The more I think about it, the more perfect Guy Pearce seems for Sinestro. Yes, he’s a "proper actor" but that doesn’t mean much these days if they get the script right (no one takes credibility from Christian Bale for playing Batman). Also, did anyone ever think we’d see Tim Roth and Ed Norton in a Hulk movie?

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Jamie Bell for Hal?

  23. This and GLC are just teasing me with Blackest Night Lead ups, I even went back and read Rebirth, No Fear, and Revenge of the Green Lanterns, and I can now say without a doubt that Geoff Johns has been planing all of this since 1999 when he turned Hal into the Spectre(Okay maybe not that far, but now that I know what’s comming it all matches up, all since Rebirth and even Identity Crisis.)

  24. @Eyun – Isn’t Joseph Gordon-Levitt the guy from third rock from the sun?  Has he done anything recently?
    Who is Jamie Bell?

  25. @stuclach – Yeah he was the kid from 3rd Rock, more of an indie actor these days. Was in a great film called Brick a couple years back. Jamie Bell’s probably best known for being in Billy Elliot as a kid, but was in King Kong and Jumper recently. Both have charisma and some serious acting chops to them nowadays, IMO.

  26. Wow, that kid isn’t in jail.  That is quite an accomplishment.  I will try to check out Brick.

  27. well I got to say, as much as I was really excited for the end of this arc, apparently, I’m going to have to wait.  Story was good, but I was hoping for at least a little closure. You know, it’s all good though, now I have another book to really look forward to next month!

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