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  1. I haver never read Green Lantern. Through iFanboy and others I have heard great things about this series. If I wanted to pick this up, how far back should I go? Rebirth? Sinestro Corp Wars? Thanks

  2. Oh, dammit.   Just when I’m standing firm about not buying certain Marvel books.  This looks like it could be a jumping-on point.  Someone tell me whether it’s a jumping-on point?  I have great love for Hal Jordan, but I haven’t been following recent GL canon (like, I still don’t understand why he’s not dead –)  and it seems a bit convoluted.  But I could get on board for a good Hal Jordan story.

    *conflicted cat is conflicted*

  3. At least Sinestro Corps, pretty much everything that is being played off of right now comes from that.  I really enjoyed all of it myself, some people thought that the first couple arcs were a little dry.  If you’re going to go back to the beginning go back to Rebirth, it’s a really good read.

    Does anyone know if Alan Moore’s Blackest Night story is collected anywhere I really want to read it. 

  4. Heres a few Green Lantern tales (That should all be collected):

    * Showcase Presents Green Lantern 1 and 2 (Old school Hal Jordan- with a great crossover with the Flash where they both go out to dinner with Iris and Carol and talk foursomes- No joke!)

    * Hard Traveling Heroes (Vintage Green Lantern/Green Arrow team up).

    * Emerald Dawn 1 and 2.

    * Hero Quest (The definitive Kyle Rayner coming of age story).

    * Green Lantern:Rebirth.

    * Sinestro Corp War.

    For Great Alan Scott read The Golden Age. 

  5. Rebirth is pretty much needed because it’s the story that brought Hal back, and also started to lay the groundwork for Sinestro Corps.

    Green Lantern Corps: Recharge introduces the new class of Lanterns 


    after that you can probably jump right into the Sinestro Corps war although both GL books have been pretty consistently good since the relaunch. 

  6. @ohcaroline: Marvel book? You do know this is a DC book right?

  7. I’m not really excited for this arc.  I’m also not that big of a fan of the cover.  But i’m prepared to be wowed as Johns usually delivers

    @ParkerRogers: I think if you start at Rebirth and read up till now it would be a nice run to read.  If you aren’t down for that big of a purchase, I would say go Rebirth and then read Sinestro Corps.  Everything in between the two is set up (solid good story setup …but setup)

    @ohcaroline: It’ll probably seem convulted because you haven’t been reading, but I think this is just an origin story, so I doubt it’ll involve too much of what is going on…at least not until the last issue of this arc.

    PS if you don’t want to know who may be leading the Black Lantern charge…don’t read Lying in the Gutters over at comicbookresources.

  8. @g00fgnewt — Yes, yes.  I just meant that I’m someone who usually buys a lot of Marvel, but I’m optiing out of some of the Avengers stuff to save $$.  And then I see a DC title I’m interested in.

    Based on the above, maybe I’ll look for Rebirth.  I’m generally familiar with Hal’s story up until his death, but I haven’t followed anything since he’s been back.  Except that one issue of GA/BC where he and Ollie were yelling at each other, which was AWESOME.

  9. I just got into green lantern and ordered all the sinestro corps issues and issues 26,27 and 28. But after reading all the comments here, it looks like I better read Rebirth first and then all the other issues or am I wrong? Nontheless am I looking forward to to this issue!

  10. @Nroa: Van Sciver has already come out a debunked the rumour that was posted on LITG

  11. Thanks for all the feedback. I’m going to start at Rebirth and work my way up.

  12. Expecting this to kick ass…

  13. @Balefuego: o nice… I read LITG, and I was kinda peeeeeved.

  14. @YannickV:  It’s not so much that you NEED to read ‘Rebirth’ before you read the Sinestro Corps War, it’s just that a lot of the seeds for what happen in the Sinestro Corps War are planted in Rebirth.  So it’s just a little more fun to read Sinestro Corps War if you’ve read the stuff in Rebirth.

  15. @ jstump:

     Find "The DC Stories of Alan Moore" it has the story whre Abin Sur, learns about blackest night and some of the prohpecy. 

  16. @Balefuego: gotcha.  Thats cool.  Sometimes I can’t resist spoiling things and then I’m disappointed that I did.  damn me!

  17. @Simmons – Sweet thanks!

  18. Rebirth is what got me interested Green Lantern. I can’t recommend it highly enough, it’s a f^&ing fantastic read.

    I really enjoyed this issue. It had a timeless, old-school feel while remaining fresh and interesting. Johns is probably my favorite superhero writer right now.

  19. Anyone else notice the address of the recruiting office??

  20. Just to throw my 2 cents in, I just recently read Emerald Dawn, The Road Back, Emerald Twilight and Emerald Twilight New Dawn and found it pretty crucial to understanding how Hal Jordan was consumed by Parallax which is what you’re dealing with in "Rebirth"

    I think this would be a great jump on issue, I think the Secret Origin will be very important.  At the very least start with "Rebirth" and "Sinestro Corps" is now required reading in most high schools.  If you find yourself wanting to know more, then pick up the 4 trades I mentioned above, the Showcase editions are all great fun and by all means read this entire series by Johns.  I even recommend picking up the 2 Ion trades, GL Corps recharge and the series, and all 3 volumes of Sinestro Corps.   

    Ultimately Geoff Johns has a brilliant expansive vision for Green Lantern and has done tremendous things in making this character and the Corps Lore a very major element of the DCU.   I was fairly new to GL just as Rebirth was wrapping up, I’m glad I jumped on board then because it’s been a hell of a ride.  Johns has the series mapped out to #50 at least, so by all means, delve in!  

  21. I was expecting to want to jump off this title with an origin story, but this was oh so good.  Something about Johns and Hal that has everything coming out just being gold.

    That run-in with John Stewart was awesome. 

  22. I’m a Marvel zombie and besides Batman never really read DC books but for some reason always thought GL was cool, so when ifanboy picked this book figured good time as any to read my first GL book and thought it was great and can’t wait for the next issue.  Guess I now have to add rebirth to the long list of trades I’ve been meaning to pick up.

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